In the battle of the jailbreak for iOS 4.1, we have 2 unique opponents: LimeRa1n vs GreenPois0n. LimeRa1n came first and kinda stole the show. GreenPois0n was released a few days later but was it already too late?

I am curious to see what you, iDB reader, used to jailbreak your iPhone. Did you wait for GreenPois0n or did you jump on the LimeRa1n bandwagon as soon as it got released. Please take a few seconds of your time to take this poll…

Personally, I’m waiting for PwnageTool to jailbreak my iPhone 4 while preserving the baseband.

As usual, if you have something to say, you can raise your voice in the comments section.

  • Suf_420

    I also preserved my baseband and I used lImera1n so maybe u don’t need to wait

  • LunnarWolf14

    greenpois0n for one reason. it’s reversable…oh, and iPod Touch MC Model Untethered Support as of last night 😛

  • critter

    Sorry, but new here. I have iphone 4 with 4.1 out of the box purchased in the US. I require jailbreak and unlock. Is it ok to jailbreak now and wait for the unlock or is it best to do both at the same time? Thanks.

  • Frank

    Option 3: Neither. Waiting for the bugs to be ironed out. 4.01 jbroken with jailbreakme is fine for the moment.

  • OS X User

    I used Tiny umbrella updated to 4.1 kept my baseband then used limerain but of course I first tested it on my iPOd touch 4.

  • numanair

    I was going to wait for GP, but gave up and used limera1n no more than 8 hours before GP was released.

  • Trudsøe

    I used both.

    LR made Cydia really snow on my 4, I installed GP and no problem.
    GP would not install on my 3Gs so used LR on it and then no problem.

  • Joey Johari

    Hi…guys….I have an Iphone 3G with IOS 4.1 modem firmware 05.14.02 that I’ve been using for more than a year now…….I wanted to jailbreak my iphone…since there are more than 1 software out there…I do not know which one is better…..GreenPoison,LimeRa1n or should I wait for RedSnow….Pls advice me…..Thanks

  • Makeitra1n

    as always! geohotz supporter here! and the tools are unbeatable!!

  • Bona P

    Anybody notice that? There ringtone not working right? After using limerain.

  • mr bogus

    limerain destroy my cam on iphone 4 default IOS 4.1 factory unlock everytym i open the camera it crash and reboot all the tym thats why i used greenpoison and it feels gooooooooooood to be jailbroken!!!

  • Jimbobpro87

    I used limera1n and have no problems ive always used geohots tools and never had an issue i think u guys need to get off ya high horse n realize that geohot left for a reason he got sick n tired of being hounded ………. Know theres no way of any one annoyin the shit outta him all credit to him he freed my idevice from steve jobs grips …….. Theres no doubt that greenp is good but so is limera1n

  • Andylin88

    How do you get battery percentage on greenpois0n???

  • nutnezz

    i used limera1n for my iphone 4 running on beautifully!
    except that now i cant seem to send MMS..any ideas why?

    but limera1n didnt work for my iPod Touch 2G MC Model..
    so for the iPod i had to use greenpois0n..
    it made my iPod go a little nuts for a while but worked eventually..
    and its installous apps aren’t appearing after installation, but otherwise syncing cracked apps from PC works well..

  • spedster02

    Just got my iphone 4 yesterday and installed limera1n. I’m a 1st time iphone user, so far so good, did not notice anything yet. Hope to explore more things… cheers

  • wtf

    im using limera1n and noticed battery loss. thinking to use greenpois0n. i have a sister that always cracks my passcode lock and i know hers and do not want her 2 reverse my jailbreak. is there a way to remove the greenpois0n app like u can uninstall limera1n? thnx

  • Joey Johari

    Hi guys….I jailbreak my ipod3G using limeRa1n without a hitch….but when I try to jailbreak my Iphone 3G running IOS 4.1 using LimeRa1n and GreenPoison I get so frustrated…wanna try RedSnow but could’nt download the software…..and I try SnowBreeze…wa lah….it works..!!!!!….I’m currently having fun with my Iphone and Ipod…..its great…no disrespect to LimeRa1n and GreenPoison though….I just couldn’t get it to work with my Iphone……..

  • Andrew

    Used limera1n the day it came out for a 3GS, had no problems doing it, no problems even installing countless Cydia apps/tweaks. I have also used Greenpois0n to jailbreak a couple iPod touches and another iPhone 3GS and it was just as easy. They’ve both been great for me.

  • ryan

    i tried greenpois0n for ipod touch 2g 4.1 and doesnt work just puts it on a blank screen and i have to restore it, wat do i do?

  • j

    Fuck limera1n.

  • JOe

    i have a jailbroken 3GS that i used blackra1n. still running 3.0.2 OS. I want to upgrade to the new 4OS. What steps or things i need to buy from Cydia. to upgrade my OS while still maintaining all my jailbroken apps and contact info? Thanks

  • madmatt

    just updated spirit jailbroken ipod touch 32gb with greenpoison
    backed everything up just incase updated to ios 4.1 via itunes & downloaded 4.1 ios file
    jailbroke with greenpoison
    installed cydia & installous no problem
    all my old jb apps & games are still on the phone, & all working perfectly
    only thing i lost is my ‘categories’ folder app from cydia but now heres full fodler support on my ipod I dont need it any more
    in theory you dont need to back anything up,everthing is still on the phone once updated & rejailbroken (but its good practice to backup anyway)

    happy as larry here,now have infinity blade up & running & its amazing) – the only thing i dislike about ios 4.1 s the multitasking,is there any way to turn it off completely??

  • Amber

    I tried jailbreaking my new iPod Touch 4g using GreenPois0n. It turned the gadget from into an iPod Brick. Had to restore everything. Really annoying, considering the fact that the thing was only 2 days old. Trust me, iBricks are no fun at all. I would try LimeRa1n but I’m afraid of it stuffing up AGAIN. And with everyone complaining about batteries and pixels and stuff…

  • Luke

    As soon as I got mine (iPod touch 4th gen), I used limera1n, my battery life is okay I guess. Only problem that I have is that dtunes and mobile terminal doesn’t work. I don’t think that’s a jailbreak issue though… everything else is fine.

  • euck

    I wanna kno which one I should use. I didn’t like blackra1n but I didn’t kno what to do after I jailbroke. I do know so Greenpois0n or limera1n?

  • davvvvi

    well i tried everything you could possibly use to jailbreak your ipod, after the jailbreak the program tells me my ipod is jailboken but my ipod isnt can anyone help me i have the ipod 4g firmware 4.2.1

    • Jayson

      Try greenpois0n RC5, it was RC4 at the time.

  • Froast

    Jailbroke my iPod Touch 2G MC with greenpois0n RC5, worked beautifully, I haven’t notices anything out of the ordinary.

  • eboy355

    I want’d to try the “Greenpois0n” Jail-break,but i Ca’t find the spot for the “windows Download” can somone send me the link please?
    Ps. I know im a Fail, please don’t insalt me,
    pss. srry for spelling mistaks, I’m just learning English