A blog by the name of Richy Rich has posted what they claim to be spy-photo’s of the upcoming CDMA Version of the iPhone 4, which is reportedly heading to Verizon in the near future. The device in the shots are said to be running a test operating system, which is a lot like what we saw from the GSM version of the iPhone 4, when photos of it inevitably leaked online earlier this year.

The blog also reports that the new CDMA iPhone 4 will retain its GSM micro-sim slot, which would indicate that the device could become a genuine “world phone” were it to be unlocked.  A few already existing phones on Verizon’s network, most notably those in the Blackberry line, already offer dual CDMA and GSM connectivity…

The iPhone line has remained exclusive to AT&T in the US up until now, but rumors have been heating up as the year has progressed that the exclusivity could soon be coming to a finale. This can only mean good things for consumers, seeing as it lessens AT&T’s “iPhone monopoly”, which will undoubtedly result in stiffer competition and potentially decreased cost for customers.

What are your thoughts?  Would you buy a CDMA iPhone on Verizon’s network, or would you stick with AT&T?

[Richy Rich]

  • KitKat_71

    I’ve been a Cingular customer for 10 years and am happy with what I have…though if I traveled overseas alot I would consider switching since Vodaphone owns like 40% of Verizon which would mean cheaper international rates.

  • Staci

    I will be jumping so fast to Verizon, there aren’t enough words to express how happy I am to hear this!

  • Attis1

    Stay with AT&T

  • Arma

    Look at that pic , that pic doesnt say nothing , come on people , this is bs

  • Nelson

    Why do people wanna go to verizon? their service is slow in LA. My Droid friends always complain.

  • Nelson

    And I wanna wait for a 4G phone, even better :). I’m sticking to AT&T .

  • w

    Buy it use it on tmo

    • Doc

      Tmobile has sims…u can use any iphone w/ them already…

  • Juan

    I stay with AT&T. iphone resell value much higher. 🙂


    People have come to rely on the iPhone for it’s browsing speed on safari on AT&T 3G. Wait until it gets on verizon then people will see verizon 3G network is much slower. Then they will complain about that. I’m sticking with AT&T. Faster 3G

    • Garypsu

      Staying with ATT, with hope that the many defectors will leave more bandwidth for those who remain.

  • sk@tta

    Well i see the pic but what is the pic saying? That could be a regular iPhone 4

  • -alex

    if verizon got iphone it would be using 1x/evdo/lte. it would so be a 4g phone cause of lte <3verizon<3

    • c0ntr0l

      Bull the iPhone 4 is not let capable nice try though

  • Fr3ddy

    I will stay with AT&T since they will become 4g the start of next year and well verzion who knows when they will be 4g hahaha kinda by like 2014 lol

    • OZ

      Verizon’s 4G network is starting at the end of 2010.

  • MALdito

    No…oh no… But if this is true then… we’re for an influx of iphone illiterates the like of which we’ve never seen before. All other phones will fall by the wayside and then, the iphone will be, the ONLY PHONE. God Help Us All!…lol!

  • Dracossaint

    Any proof of AT&T going 4g behind of next year ?? Like a blog post ? Some crediantls to claim would be nice

  • Rainrose

    Ive been a happy loyal customer of AT&T. 🙂


    Aperantly ipad is goin to VERIZON ON OCT 28 SO IT WONT B LONG B4 THE IPHONE
    Johnny Cabrera http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/splash/ipad.jspUnleash the iPad on Verizon Wirelesswww.verizonwireless.comMon 12:32 PM

    • Yes but it’s the WiFi only model to it means nothing. That’s like thinking Best Buy, or Walmart or Target having them means anything other than another place to buy them.

      The current CEO of Verizon has already stated that there are NO PLANS to have iPhone on Verizon anytime soon. Verizon wants to wait until it’s 4G/LTE network is at least up in major cities and that won’t be till the end of 2011 not 2010.

      He also stated that once they do have the LTE up it would be entirely up to Apple if they want to give Verizon a shot. Many people seem to also be forgetting that Verizon was offered the iPhone first but passed. Apple and Verizon couldn’t reach an agreement because Verizon wanted control of the software and the App Store and Apple said no way in Hell.

      People also forget that a Verizon iPhone won’t be as good. No Visual Voicemail (which I love having), no data and voice at same time. Also CDMA phones are way more software restricted. I have hacked and messed with phones for years and a prime example is the Motorola V3. Motorola offered Mobile Phone Tools for working with your ring tones, music, photos and contacts. But the software didn’t work with CDMA V3s and you couldn’t do anything with them. With CDMA phones about all you can do is flash them from one carrier to the next which requires special hardware and then a copy of the other carrier’s software. Chances are a Verizon iPhone won’t be jailbreak-able either because of the severe hardware and software lock downs that all CDMA carriers use.

  • Angel

    I have an idea. Why dont buy one iPhone for verizon and 1 for Att?
    That way if you are not happy with one, stick with the other one. LOL

  • Thomas

    I don’t think the sim card slot is for GSM.
    Outside the U.S many countries using CDMA Sim card
    In china & taiwan using CDMA Sim card both.
    so I guess the sim card slot is for the CDMA sim card only.

  • cmarcolette

    I carried around a Verizon phone for 2 years that was employer issued and I always used my personal AT&T phone because of the superior speed and coverage in the Four Corners Region where I was working at the time. AT&T for me!

  • Medic1

    Give it a break already!!!!!

  • lmao ….. VZW doesn’t even support simultaneous voice & data …. GHEY!!!

  • Misc

    Hmmmm, I should take a blurry pic of my iPhone and post it up as the “CDMA iPhone” too….

  • johny boy

    I been with verizon for three(3)years.Ive never had dropped calls or slow web browsing before untill i tried tmobile and at@t.I admit the internet was fast but than it would stop,as it lost signal constantly.verizon calls are much cleaner and clearer.I tried tmobiles galaxy s(vibrant) when it came out because i didnt know when verizon was getting it.I liked the phone so i bought it.Worst service ever,the internet would drop ALOT,i had more dropped calls in a day than i had in three years with verizon.So i returned the vibrant.And the android app store would take FOREVER to load apps.verizons loads up almost instantly.i had cingular and sprint WAY before verizon.So i know their service.tmobile customers and at@t just dont want to admit that they have crappy service.I have friends that have the iphone and when we talk the call drops.iam happy with my galaxy s from verizon,big diff from tmobiles version.I love apples products and own a imac,4th generation ipod touch,and a macbook.But i hate the iphone on at@t service it sucks ASS…come on people admit it.i know for a fact verizon is getting the iphone because they are the better network.Verizon had said they have NO PLANS on selling apple products,than after a month or two there are offering the ipad..And apple wants to surpass android sells and prove they are the best.every provider has android phones so is why they are passing apples iphone.So steve jobs wants another provider to offer the iphone.And they know almost EVERYONE wants it on verizon…i sure as hell want it too

  • JB buddy

    I just got AT&T again since T-Mobile wasn’t helping me with their drop calls and Internet cut offs. I will say my iPhone’s 3G network and EDGE is beyond slow and T-Mobile’s was quicker. Like someone said, I’m waiting for those defectors who will go to Verizon and watch the Drop rate and slow 3G rate increase, which is why AT&T started cutting off unlimited plans. Every company will do this as well to maintain fast speeds. It will only be time before Verizon needs to do it as well.

  • Gotta call fake on these pics. First of all, they are just pictures. ANY iPhone4 could display these same screens CDMA or not. If this was real they would have at the least provided a video rather than a handful of poorly lit pictures of what appears to just be an iPhone4 displaying a photoshopped image.

    With that in mind, who in their right mind would release these pictures(if they were real) to some unknown iPhone Blog(Richy Rich) they could have gotten a lot of money selling the photos to a real tech blog if they were real so that also seems very fishy to me.

    I’m gonna have to go ahead and say these are definitely fake pictures.

  • T-Mizzle

    I have been with AT&T for a long time. I have not had any problems with them. When I told them I was switching to Verizon because my
    new job gave us discounts for being Verizon users, they (AT&T) matched the discount!
    I’m staying with AT&T!!

  • Jok3r08

    I’m all for it. I like at&t and If there is a war with the phone company’s then hopefully that should mean more competitive rates. I’m all for lower rates.

  • Juan

    having been a Sprint, Verizon and AT&T customer for over 2 years each, I’d have to say AT&T has better service. Verizon sucks, so does Sprint. Also, it’s my understanding that CDMA networked phones can’t use the phone and data service simutaneously. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.