A quick post about a tweet that MuscleNerd sent out a few hours ago explaining that Geohot has another untethered exploit up his sleeve but he didn’t use it so he can save it up for a future iOS update.

This is pretty good news for all iPhone users as it seems no matter what happens when iOS 4.2 comes out, we’ll most likely get a jailbreak pretty quickly. Now if only we could have an unlock…

  • sk@tta

    What does it mean when a jailbreak is untethered and when its tethered. Sorry for the noob queston but the learning has to start somewhere.

    • Burge

      Tethered need a computer to turn on the idevice and a untethered does not. Just turn it on … The untethered is the one that 3GS users and ip4 users won’t

      • Burge

        And iPod 2G Mc model ipod 3G and 4 .iPad

  • Burge

    Comex is ment to have a jailbreak for 4.2 (3gs) and the is still shater from CDT and now this.. Looks like we are good for a few updates 

  • Eric

    tethered means you need to be plugged into your cimputer every time you have to reboot the phone. untethered means once it’s jailbroken, it’s jailbroken.

    • Burge

      Once it’s jailbroken , it’s jailbroken.. WTF.. Read above (2nd)

  • Monkey

    Apple iOS has many security flaws. Lucky enough those guys are only use those exploits for JB purposes and not instilling virus and spyware. But I am sure you will see the day.

    • Z

      Don’t be stupid. Who’s willing to sacrifice a multimillion business for some virus

  • MALdito

    I agree, now if only we had an unlock :-/ SMH.

  • autorun

    So untethered means when the device is jailbroken i cant turn it on unless i plug in the USB cable?

    • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

      No, tethered jailbreak =(plugging it in on the computer to reboot)
      Untethered jailbreak =(doesn’t need the computer to reboot)
      We want untethered jailbreak on iPhone 3G,3G[s],4G, iPod Touch 2G(MB/Mc),3G,4G, iPad (wifi/wifi+3G)

  • Elisabeth

    UNLOCK PLEASE!!!!!!!!! :-)))

  • Ghost

    Really need an unlock. My iphone is like an itouch without the unlock.

  • HiP

    Obviously I’m a noob and I don’t know anything about iOS hacking, but I’m just curious whether it is wise to reveal that an exploit was found. This only alerts Apple and they will start looking for it.