I love the iPhone. Really I do. I love most everything about it. Most. But like any other iDevice geek, I have found some less than desirable aspects of the iPhone, namely tone alerts.

Imagine walking into a crowded coffee shop. Now imagine someone with their iPhone volume turned all the way up and that particular someone receives an SMS. With the default SMS [tri-tone] sound, odds are some owners of iPhones in the coffee shop will glance at their screen to verify whether it’s them or not. In a nutshell, every stock iPhone on the planet has the same tri-tone sound when it comes SMS. Boring huh?

ToneFXs, by Efiko Software, isn’t new by any means but it let’s you say goodbye to stock ringtones and alert tones. With ToneFXs, you can shuffle your ringtones and customize up to 10 different alert tones.

Yes, you read correctly. You can shuffle your ringtones and customize 10 alert tones. With ToneFXs, you can customize:

  1. SMS tone
  2. Voicemail tone
  3. Mail (incoming and outgoing) tone
  4. Calendar tone
  5. Keyboard tone
  6. Camera shutter tone
  7. Lock and unlock tones
  8. Charging tone

The best part is you can upload your own alert sounds using ToneFXCreator, a free companion application for Windows or Mac that lets you choose and upload custom sounds. While ToneFXs comes with a handful of stock tones, all you need is a little creativity to set your device apart from others.

ToneFXs is available in the Cydia Store with a price tag of $4.99 plus a free 15 day trial. What about you? On the fence about buying ToneFXs? Do you use ToneFXs? What do you think about it?

  • geoces85

    is there an app out there that does the same thing….. but for free?

    • Tony

      What he said.

      • Burge

        Yes……use hacked copies if ToneFX…lol…

    • soccerkrzy

      Really, you’re that much of a cheap ass?

  • whatchasay

    You can also try Ringtone Designer Pro v1.2

  • Ryan

    I have had ToneFXs for over a year now, and I must say that it was $5 well spent. I’ve loaded tons of my own ringtones to the phone and instead of assigning each one to a contact, I just shuffle them. It’s great! Of course, customizing all the other tones is a great perk as well, but that was the main feature that I was excited about.

  • Z

    Unlimtones is free, but has less customization options.

    ToneFX sounds like a cool idea, though ringtones and SMS tones are of different format. I don’t see that being implemented in the creator.

  • Justin

    Does this actually work on the new iPhone and iPhone software? Because if it does, then this just made up my mind on jailbreaking! i hate those stock SMS tones. anybody know how it works?

    • tom

      dont know if it works with iphone4 but do know if you jailbrake you can put 6 of your own straight into the phone or make multiple folders contaning 6 each for sms tones or whatever and then drop them into the themes section and use them that way.

      • Ryan

        It does work for iPhone 4. I’m using it right now. It’s really simple to use too!

    • works for me on iPhone4/4.1 and thanks for reminding me… I need to start adding minimum requirements to posts on software.

    • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

      and it does work on iphone 3G,3G[s],4 and ipod 2G,3G,4G as well 🙂 just letting ppl knw if they ask

  • six4seven

    SSH you own tones in for free.

    • Ryan

      But no shuffle =/

    • the average iGeek has no idea what you just said.. hehe. =)

  • tom

    save $5 and just make same tones and ssh them into the UISounds portion of your phone. same end result, takes mere minutes to do it and you can use itunes to create 90% of the process to make them as well.

  • teresa

    i dotn understand how to make my own tones and transfer to the hone

    tonefx on my pc says to enter a code after i created a new tone, but i cant see where to enter thta code on my phone.. i used the cracked version of tonefx

    • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

      mine either it’s doesn’t show it 🙂 i had the same question

    • Z

      Try ringtones designer from AppStore or unlimtones from Cydia.

  • Eric

    I dint care if 40 people have iPhones and we all havev the same tones. I know when a phone 2 feet away alerts it’s not mine. That’s the lamest excuse ever. The vibration might be a clue. Idiots.

  • Polemicist

    Make an SMS tone. Post it on a free site like mediafire and then download it directly to your phone then move the tone into the correct folder using iFile. Pretty simple and free and has been around since the dawn of time and doesn’t need SSH for the simpletons who don’t know how to use it…

    Also I understand that ToneFX runs as a Daemon. That’s a resource I’d prefer not bothering with. I used this and it’s a bit of a Meh for me…

    • ism

      ^^ what he said

  • Postb8822

    Yes you can create custom tones many different ways. But the real advantage to tonefx is that you can assign different tones to different alerts. The default iPhone os only let’s you choose text or ring tone. Everything else is preset. I have become so immune to that alert tone I miss calendar reminders at work because all push alerts sound the same. And I hear the iPhone cal reminder from. 100 people all day long and the next cube over sounds about like my pocket distance wise. Vibration is far from fool proof too. I’m with he author. I love most of my iPhone. But my 6 year old windows phone could do all this out the box without any jailbreak. Steve Jobs is a control freak.

  • neodd

    For those that are not seeing the “Get a ToneFX” selection at the bottom of the screen while in the ToneFX App, it is most likely because you do not have the most current version. ToneFX has just recently been updated to ver 1.610 and that is a new feature of the app. Try following the directions here, http://www.sinfuliphone.com/archive/index.php/t-36679.html I had the same problem then followed these directions and now it works.

  • Kat

    So I just got ToneFX on my iP4, sent over a SMS tone, and assigned it. Problem is, I have my iPhone set to silent and the tone is still playing. Any clues? Thanks!