Every once in a while we come across some very original accessories that really make your iPhone look even better than it already does. That’s exactly what this $13 iPhone 4 beveled silver back cover does.

Apparently it just takes a couple minutes to set it up as you just need to remove 2 little screws in order to remove the back cover of your iPhone an put your new one on…

I really like this back cover but the one thing that’s stopping me from buying it is that it seems to make the back of your iPhone a bit thicker. I really don’t need to add some bulk to my iPhone. But that might not be a problem for you.

You can get it directly from China via a website called cnn.cn (not related to CNN). If you do order it, I’d like to hear from you once you set it up.


  • amit

    if only that were a super thin lithium battery…. one can dream

  • David

    They also sell flat backs. I’m with you on the beveled back but at $13 I might give it ago.

  • KP

    I don’t use a case with my iPhone so this will be a nice accessory to try. I just ordered one. I will let you know when I get it. Thanks for the link 🙂

    • vik071

      Did you put your real pic for avatar??? For real???

      • KP

        Yes, for real 😉

  • Irha

    Nice, this also means, it would be as easy to replace a broken back panel.

  • Saice

    I ordered this earlier today before reading this post, I hope I receive it soon.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    I checked out some of their (cnn.cn) other iPhone backings, there’s cork, slate (style), and felt (in red, white, black, neon green, neon orange, and yellow).

  • six4seven

    I actually think having a rounded back is what the ip4 needs. I don’t really like the feel of the metal edges when holding it in my hand.

    This looks like a nice solution.

  • QuantumZ

    I ordered a flat brushed silver back with a black logo from them a couple of days earlier. Looks interesting. Will give my impressions after I receive it.

  • I guess with the new antenna design the backplate material doesn’t matter so much but is anyone else concerned a metal backplate might interfere with signal? Metal and radio waves don’t mix as a general rule. I would prob go wood for something custom even though I love how the metal looks. If there was a carbon fiber one I’d be all over that…

  • KP

    Hey guys! My Beveled Metal Back Cover finally arrived from Hong Kong.

    I ordered it on Oct 18th but it wasn’t shipped until Oct 29th. and arrived to my door on Nov. 10th
    They were nice enough to give me a free screen protector for the long wait (back ordered).

    Check out the pictures: http://bit.ly/d6RTcq

    So far, I am loving it! It feel very nice, cool to the touch and no finger prints.

    • Good for you 🙂

      It looks like it make the back of the iPhone thicker. Does it really or is it just me?


      • KP

        It does make it a bit or slightly thicker because of the beveled edge. I compared it with my brother’s iPhone and if I run my finger across the two iPhone side-by-side, there is a slight raise. I don’t think it is really noticeable.

  • Jessica

    where did you buy yours from?