This one falls in the “very unusual stuff an iPhone can do” category. A father and his son decided to take on the project of sending an iPhone at 100,000 feet above our heads using a weather balloon while recording the whole thing.

The helium filled balloon went 19 miles high and finally burst before making a 150 mph descent back on earth, where it landed 30 miles a way from the launch point. This is a 7 minute video of the whole 90 minute flight…

Incredible, isn’t it?

[Brooklyn Space Program via NY Mag]

  • Leo

    Wow this is amazing and incredible ! Another most powerful iPhone yet!

    • This is fuckin bullshit as any phone could have done the trip, they just needed a phone with gps, how you can say the iPhone goes into space and records video is iPhone fanboy crap. Great video tho!!!!!!!

      • Rob

        He Was Actually Making A Statement, It’s Amazing That The iPhone Could Withstand The Temperatures And Wind Speeds And Still Work, I’m Sure Lots Of Other Phones Would Work Just As Well, But It’s Nice Too See Some Apple Tech In Space, Please Troll Somewhere Else As It’s Very Immature “Apple Fan Boy” That Term Is So Overused, Please Be More Creative When Insulting Troll.

  • Turbo

    Would have been really cool to use the iPhone camara for the video. But none the less very cool

    • Sandy

      He said the iPhone gps would track the camera that was sent up. The iPhone didn’t record it, a camera did. Rewatch it..

      • Scott

        Sandy I recommend rereading Turbo’s comment.

  • Burge

    Wow…and the best bit is thay got it back…wonder if thay turned roaming off … Lol..

  • Kit

    Any phone can be launched into space and record video not just the iPhone.

    • Modjo30

      Pointless comment there numb nuts, The iphone did not record the video, it was only there for GPS, this isn’t an advert for iphone it’s just thats the phone they had, why whould the buy a different phone just to say that other phones could go up too

  • rizo g

    this vid was on the dailyiphoneblog over a week ago ,,,, u slacking sebastien

  • GTtim

    incredible that’s all i have to say

  • @datrossboi


  • icyhotonmynuts

    That’s the most incredible and amazing video I’ve seen all week.
    I wonder how much it cost to send that puppy to space.

  • sk@tta

    Saw this on 9-5 Mac about a week and a half ago.

    Its great that the iPhone’s hardware and battery withstood those extreme temperature up there.

  • Vitaliy

    not sure of someone pointed it out, but the heading seems misleading tome: iPhone was only used for GPS tracking, not to capture the video.=D

  • Great video. Now iPhone has new roles to play.

  • A.Ghani

    haha crazy shit..

  • Frank B – Quebec

    Congratulations…bravo! This is amazing, c’est absolument formidable. Your kids will remember for ever…fantastic job dad.


    WOW any smart phone could of done that

    Good Idea tho Awesome Video

  • joseph

    Amazing video ;D

  • rick

    This was done with Android phone 2 years ago….

    • hax0rmort

      THATS NOT SPACE DUMBASS! 26,000 ft, wow you are stupid

      • Modjo30

        Who said anything about 26,000 feet? it says 100,000 feet dum dum, yes it’s not space, it’s the edgo of and the closest you’re going to get without going through the atmosphere which would take a lot of power, hence needing a massive rocket to get into space

      • Modjo30

        Correction, just realised you were talking about the linked page,sorry

  • Wowwwwww this is amazing and incredible wowwwwwwww

  • Yeah if it is true it’s pretty amazing and rightly big news as well!

    • Modjo30

      What do you mean if it is true? have you watched the video dumbass

  • WOW, cool video, thanks.

  • MTa

    Too bad the iphone didn’t record any footage

  • Erick

    Awesome video, but that’s not “space”.

    100,000 ft is only about 30 km. You have to travel at least 80 km out before you’re even considered an astronaut (about 262,000 feet).

  • Im fairly certain that the FAA and NORAD wouldn’t be too thrilled about people doing this. It’s way cool and all but could be very dangerous to aircraft. Even if unlikely to cross paths it could happen. Props no big deal..but you wouldn’t want this going through a jet engine.

  • Charles


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