It’s not the first time we see artists playing music on iPhones, or even iPads. Of all those bands playing with iDevices, this one has to be my favorite.

The name of the band is Atomic Tom, and apparently, the story behind it is that they got their instrument stolen and decided to keep rocking… on their iPhones…

True or fake, the story doesn’t matter. What matter is what came out of these iPhones and how this band was able to really sound like a rock band.

Do you like what they did?

  • @datrossboi

    we want jailbreakme 4.1

    • Alan

      Go complain somewhere else

  • Monk

    That is just plain awesome

  • Eric

    That is awesome these guys are jammin out! with iphone 4’s who cares bout jailbreakme 4.1 use limera1n or greenpois0n they work fine. Jailbreak me is still being implemented each one of these jailbreak tools to make the bootrom exploit untethered……….

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    That’s fucking Amazing!!!

  • iKing

    Another 1 Up for y the iphone is the best

  • Yasser

    Why not use ipads? lol thats pretty cool, they got skills

  • Z

    The song ain’t bad either, but that just raises a question ‘Anything an iPhone cannot do?

  • Z

    Anyone knows what apps they are using?

  • Grable

    what is the name of that song/band. aside from the singers tight pants thats pretty damn RAD. yeah i said rad.

    • Grable

      nevermind. automic tom. my bad.

  • Dookie

    Smacks of viral bull#%t to me.

  • boolan

    the apps they used…any1 know?especially the guitar..huu..

  • Mirbek

    Super awesome!!!

  • GTtim

    Wow. That’s cool

  • Vincent


  • Goofygreek

    That was awesome.

  • J. Herrera

    Awesome!!! What apps did they use??

  • Alan

    That is awesome!!!!!!

  • Bob

    Wow! What was that guitar app???

  • Alex

    What was the guitar app?

  • Alex

    The guitar app is an app called ishred”

    • Jer

      … and it’s on sale! “:^)

  • j dubular

    the old guy looks pissed