Need a reason to jailbreak? If SBSettings isn’t enough of a reason, Action Menu sure is. Being my favorite jailbreak tweak, I now dream up ways that it can make the iPhone’s interaction with selected text even better. And it has an SDK, so anything’s possible, even though the developer is not taking requests.

Here’s what I’d like to see:

1. Bookmarklet support. Run any JavaScript action on selected text just as a bookmarklet would. Maybe even pull directly from a bookmarklets folder from Safari’s bookmarks.

2. Custom PHP ‘get’ or ‘post’ support. Specify your php variables in the settings, and automatically submit your selection.

3. Clipboard Sync. Clipboard History is available in the Plus Pack. Now how about a 2-way clipboard history sync to any desktop?

4. Rich text. It’s on the way.

5. HTML formatting. Maybe even list styles, automatically inserting numbers or bullets.

6. Search in AppStore/Cydia/Custom site

7. GV Connect/GV Mobile+ integration.

8. Encrypted password database. I save hard to remember passwords in my Favorites menu. I’d like a more secure option with descriptions instead. Password generator with auto adding to DB would be great.

9. Open in new tab for Mobile Safari. There’s a tweak for that, but I’m always trying to keep my Mobile Substrate extensions to a minimum.

10. Send to Quicksilver or LaunchBar on your desktop.

What would you like to see?

  • DomPerignon

    A smooth downloading of repos, a better GUI and a faster Cydia.

  • Sean

    For some reason sine 4.0 installed, the history clipboard feature only captures some, not all, clipboard activity. I’d like to see that fixed.

    • Gary

      I have the same problem, history was the best feature

  • Thesicilian

    Yes I love action menu! More actions would be great the newest I seen so far is txt to voice works amazing! No more reading lol

  • joseph

    you made me get this tweak from how much you talk about it haha

  • Perley

    I’ve wanted a date/time stamp feature for a long time. Also the ability to search the text in the field Action Menu is activated in.

    • I thought Find was a feature in the Plus Pack. Is that not what you’re looking for? I may be mistaken, since I only enable a few features from the Plus Pack.

  • Holden

    I’d like for Action Menu to work with biteSMS. There is currently a conflict in biteSMS’s Quick Compose and Quick Reply.

  • Zach

    Am I the only one that has an issue using the “Favorites” paste at the App Store/iTunes login prompt? It goes back to a blank login prompt. The only workaround is to hold my Favorites selection until I get a copy menu and Paste in the password. The CopyPasteFix in Cydia does not resolve the issue. Anyone else??? Never had this issue before OS4. Happens on my 3GS and 4.

    • John

      Just checked, and mine does the same thing. I’m on iPhone 4 (4.1 firmware). I never used Action Menu before now. Are you saying this used to work?

  • Zach

    Yes…in pre-OS 4.0. It’s the main reason I got the utility (to not have to re-type all my passwords all the tim) by using Favorites. I’ve left several tweets for the developer and his response was “I think the CopyPasteFix in Cydia took care of that”. It did not.

  • I too have had problems using Action Menu with the iOS blue bezel login popups of all/almost every type. I’ve always assumed that it was always like that, since I didn’t buy the Plus Pack until 4.0 was out. If that’s just a bug, then I’d be pretty excited to see it fixed.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like Action Menu to not crash Magellan roadmate