A few months ago we showed you how to turn your iPhone lockscreen into an aquarium. Turns out this tweak wasn’t free and was very buggy. The good news is that we now have another option. It’s called MultiFishLockScreen.

MultiFishLockScreen is a free tweak available for free on Cydia. This theme was especially developed to animate the lockscreen with a nice submarine view… 

It is optimized for all iPhone versions, and supports Retina Display.

  • Burge

    Got this yesterday looks great.. And if you use lockscreen dim delay you can set how long you would like it to run ..

    • brent

      You must be psychic my man. Every thing this blog posts about you installed yesterday, this morning, or an hour ago. Can you teach me ESP? 😉

      • Burge

        Go check cydia evey day ..I do it first thing in the morning ….lol..

      • brent

        So what’s the best way to find the coolest new things in Cydia? I find it hard to find things in Cydia unless I know exactly what I’m looking for.

      • Burge

        First of all you will need to go through cydia and find what’s in there now.. So you know just about most things that you like or would need… Next keep a look out for when cydia gets its main updates, for me ( in the UK) it’s 11 p.m. ) so I check first thing in the morning . Iam not saying up just to look at cydia,
        Next it helps to have ( cough cough ) hacked repos ..I use these just to see if I like a paid app and I’ll run it for 1 month , if I like I go and pay for it if not I’ll delete it .. There needs to be more then a few days with trial apps .. So I’ll use hacked copys.


    Is lockscreen dim delay a jailbreak tweak or in iphone4 settings? Thx

    • Burge


  • Rainrose

    Me too Burge! First thing I do in the morning is check Cydia. Lol! And check this site. :p

    • Burge

      For me updates on here start at 1p.m. GMT .. so far Seb/ others have only been late once. That was a week or 2 ago….All in all Seb/others do a dam fine job of keep us all informed of what’s what with the iPhone….

  • Cojendo

    I got it and its ok. It’s a bit choppy but I’ll keep it for a bit.

  • Jake

    So I installed this but how do i make it work? Help please

  • pigsy101

    Jake – enable it in Winterboard.

    Nice idea but the frame rate is too low for my liking.

    • John

      Buy an iPhone4!

  • deepu

    can some 1 plz help me…

    so i get any theme for my winterboard and they work fine on my itouch4 but thing is slider wont change along with any theme….

    • Burge

      In winterboard hold down on the side of the theme and move it up to the top.. Winterboard loads themes going down the list…top theme is priority …so if this has a slder on it it would use this.. And not the..3rd theme which has a different slider on it ..it’s the same with icons

  • installed, works perfectly, very cool theme 🙂

  • Gary

    this kills battery of my iphone, frame rate is slow, after uninstalling it , my email doesn’t work any more.

    • John

      All you say has absolutely noting to do with this theme! You probably uninstalled something else and framerate was supposed to work well in ipod and iphones, not museum pieces…