Here’s a neat little jailbreak tweak that’s finally jumped on the 4.0 bandwagon. LiveClock makes your home screen clock icon – you guessed it – live! The second-hand ticks along, and the icon displays your current time rather than it being eternally 10:15 on the dot.

It might be tiny but it’s accurate, and that’s what counts! It looks pretty sharp on the Retina Display, too…

You can find the app in Cydia, just search for LiveClock and you’ll be on your way to tickin’ and tockin’. If you find yourself fond of knowing what time it is down to the second, check out Lock Seconds which adds seconds to your lockscreen clock.

Anyone else as happy as I am to see this update? What other tweaks are you waiting for to update to 4.0?

  • c0ntr0l

    Folder enhancer for iOS 4.1

    • FE11

      yes exactly!!! end of this month ver 1.1 that support IOS 4.1…. now my icons are so messy without being arrange accordingly hahahahaa
      why the mobile terminal never being update? i can’t use it since IOS4.0…
      APN setting too, can’t use it to manually set my carrier network..
      ibluenova .. can’t use it since IOS4.0

      wait almost a decades~ hahaha

      • Irha

        Download the beta from here:

        It looks and feels different from the last release, but it will get the work done. The easiest way to install that I found is to ssh into your phone as root and extract the downloaded zip under /var/stash/Applications (I used wget to download after logging in via ssh).

      • FE11

        mobile terminal finally works!!! thank you very much friend 🙂

  • Alex

    ibluenova ios 4

  • Condios

    and if this clock would log every time you tap on it, then it would also be very uselful 🙂

  • David Dalby

    Like it!

  • Burge

    This and live weather look cool together…
    As for app that works on 4.1 ..I so need remove BG to work again..I know there is going to be a update I’ve had a email from the dev..I found a fault with it

  • Frank

    It just crashed my 3Gs (4.0.1) had to restore from backup.

  • Jason masters

    I’m still on 4.0 I have found absolutely no reason for me to take a couple of hours and update and rejailbreak/unlock to join 4.1 and redownload over 240 applications no thank you I’ll wait till 5.0 or till the next update has a built in cash dispenser.

  • GarethDPhillips

    I cant find “liveclock” in Cydia, only themes for Liveclock?
    I dont have Winterboard, do I need it?

    • You will need Winterboard. Make sure you have the BigBoss repo enabled as that’s where the LiveClock download is. If search isn’t working for you, you can go to the BigBoss repo under “Manage” – “Sources” and scroll down to it.

      • You don’t need Winterboard.

  • Juan

    so stoked. Petrich dumped the project (sad face) but now someone else has picked it up (happy face). It’s a rad little tweak.

  • GarethDPhillips

    Actually the latest version doesnt need Winterboard (which is good as I dont use it).

    I just needed to add the ispazio repo

    • Dadditude

      iSpazio Repository isn’t working for me. Anyone else experiencing this?

      • iSpazio is not a reliable repo these days…

  • DomPerignon

    I don’t get it. Who needs two clocks on the same page? How useful is it?

    • Dadditude

      For me, it’s not so much that I need two clocks on the same screen. It just bugged me to have a non-functional clock as the clock icon. This is the same reason I use WeatherIcon. No sense having an icon that shows weather information if it’s not going to be accurate information.

  • Does this turn off LockInfo? I can’t get it to display on my homescreen. I want both 🙁

  • lee

    waiting for fontswap to update for iphone 4