Geohot just released his Limera1n jailbreak for Mac. OS X jailbreakers – you know what to do. Up until now, LimeRa1n was only available for Windows.

While you’re waiting for your phone to jailbreak, read about Limera1n and about how to jailbreak with Limera1n.

Fire off in the comments below about how the LimeRa1n Mac download works for you!

  • Burge

    Get ready for the …I carnt get it to work..lmao....Are we going to see if the post break the 400 + replys …

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    Im JB’n Now! Will report back as soon as im done!

  • Albion

    And dont forget to thank Geohot.
    And please if possible tell the devteam to fuck off.

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    Just Finally Jail Broke my IPHONE 4 (4.1)!
    Works Perfect So Far! Cydia Installed and Now My Iphone 4 Feels like a Real man after his First BJ!

    Now who is ready to answer a few questions?

    • Burge

      Youve changed your tune Afew days ago it sounded like you where about to kill someone …... Have fun with your new jailbroken device …

      • Pissed_Off_NERD!

        Yeah buddy i just wanted to taste the cake like everyone else! lol

      • Pissed_Off_NERD!

        Hey Burge gotta Question….The instructions say Uninstall LimeRa1n once you have completed downloading Cydia…whats the reason

      • Cojendo

        He’s just upset because he was missing iSteamy 

  • Cojendo

    Yes! Now I just need to get home. Thank you GeoHot and I’ll report back when I do.

    • how does ti work & can ya advice me on if its free or what &can ya tell me please of cource. if U can then go2the itunes store aan get free games with out having2sign in a credit card or is that unavoidable????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? thnks

  • Andrew

    is it compatible with 2nd gen mc models yet

    • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

      Pls for iPod touch 2nd GEN use sn0wbreeze 2.0.2 to jailbreak iPhone os 4.1 its pwned4life but its (a tether jailbreak) so u have to keep booting up everytime u reboot ur devices sucks but that’s life right >=) lol u nv knw wat ur gonna get

  • im facing crash when we access contact..we select some1 n within detail,we can directly msg him rite..when i selected it,i cannot proceed to jus go to message..not direct screen to msg that guy..
    there r some time..when i select phone..i got this black screen..crash again…
    do u guys think it is bcoz limerain i used?mayb bcoz it beta?

  • ArtCore

    I have just proceed to it and it works pretty good ^^Iphone 4 4.1 Jailbroken !!!
    Thanks Geohot for this one i was waiting for it and now i can really enjoy my phone !!

  • Mike

    Used limera1n beta 4 on my iPhone 4 a few weeks ago. Only problem is my bitesms doesn’t work properly. I can still quick compose and rey but the app itself kicks me out everytime i click the icon.

    This aholen to anyone else? Should I re jb?

  • hahaha once again, geohot has beaten the greenpoinson team and released the mac version of the jailbreak

    perhaps greenpoinson team can now copy this limerain and change GUI and logo and release it on their website as greenpoinson mac version 😛

  • just donated to geohot as well

    chronic dev team = EPIC FAIL

  • Cojendo

    So what option should I use for an iPhone 3G that I want unlocked?

  • EndGame

    Im new to this so just a quick question.
    Just bought a used Iphone 3Gs with 4.1 already on it. I was planning on waiting for the pwnagetool as i have heard lots of good things. It mentioned something about saving your current broadband to, but as i have not unlocked or jailbroken this phone before is there any point to waiting till sunday for the new pwnage tool?

    Or should I just get to it and go with limerain?

  • Cojendo

    ok so I’m having an issue. I downloaded it to my mac and opened it but it opened iTunes and nothing happened from there. Would appreciate some help.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Cojendo

    Ok, so I’m a re-tard…forget my last post.

  • worked flawlessly for me on a 3GS in about a minute

    no point in waiting for greenpoison if you ask me

  • Cojendo

    Worked for me fine just needed to reboot. Now the tricky part is figuring out which apps still work on iP4 with 4.1

    • Cojendo

      Thanks alex. If something was compatible with 4.0 will it be the se with 4.1?

  • Most likely, but in some cases no. You kind of have to go on a case-by-case basis unfortunately.

  • Bona P

    done in minutes! holla!

  • Laurens

    I’ve downloaded it on my Mac and opend it i’ve done what it says and i’ve seen the limera1n icon on my iPad. I’ve starded my iPad up and it did nothing. Please help me

  • iPhone Mike

    JB newbie and this worked like a champ on my 3Gs 4.1…. If I knew it was this easy I would have JB months ago…. BTW I am typing this from my new tethered iPhone… Thanks for all the info in this blog… Extremely helpful

  • Bobbi

    I jailbroke my iPhone 3GS to OS 4.1 and it says it did it successfully. However, when I sync it, my .ipa applications won’t move from iTunes to iPhone. It says it can’t because an error occurred. Why this ? Can someone help me please ?

  • Courts

    Hi there recently I jb using windows at one of my friends house. But I do have a Mac. I Was wondering if I uninstalled cydia and did it through my Mac. Would it make any difference or not ??

  • Courts

    And I don’t know if anyone knows but I have installious on my iPad and it works great but I have to be on it for the downloads to still ge downloading if I come off it they just stop is there any other way around this?.

  • Rainingit

    Dev teams are more talk then the work had followed them on twitter it was a waste of time I bet they jus copied everythin limera1n ….
    Geo hotz jailbreak is jus too easy f u k the other gronk aka greenpois0n sucks dick

  • great