In case you’ve got an extra $8 million to spend on some very special accessory for iPhone, you might want to consider this diamond covered iPhone 4. Wrapped in over 500 diamonds totaling over 100 karats, I sure hope this iPhone doesn’t have any antenna issue….


  • My Mom got a Vertu for $80,000 dollars, but those are like crappy “Gold” Nokia Phones. Wondering if Vertu ever does the iPhone. That’s going to be awesome.

  • Burge

    Just about to order one now .lol.

  • Micheal Jackson

    eBay is selling them for $5 million!!!!!

  • six4seven

    that’s f*ckin retarded and ugly.

  • They probably voided the warranty doing so.

  • jessica

    i only dream to have this phone its sweet i have wifi love try it out.. omg its nice

  • jessica

    i love have that in my hands

  • Diphone

    how about one piece of the diamond fall out without your notice? hahhahahahha

  • You can use that diamonds much better then on the iPhone

  • Z

    I hope someone loses an iPhone like that, and I’m the one to find it =)