The greenpois0n jailbreak has proved to be somewhat buggy for some users, including us. Fortunately, we’ve been able to navigate around a few of those bugs with a little bit of tinkering.

One of the biggest reported problems is the lack of a Cydia icon on your springboard following a successful jailbreak. Look inside for a step-by-step guide on how to add Cydia back to your springboard!

Step 1: Jailbreak using greenpois0n.

Step 2: Download either iFunBox or iPhoneBrowser, and plug in your iPhone.  This will allow you to navigate your phone’s directory structure if the jailbreak was indeed successful.

Step 3: Navigate to /var/mobile/Library/Caches directory, delete ‘’ and reboot.

Step 4: When you reboot you should see a Loader icon on your springboard.  Access Loader to download Cydia, and reboot.

Step 5: Once you reboot you should see both Cydia and Loader icons!  You can uninstall Loader if you want, as explained in the jailbreak tutorial.

This appears to be a springboard caching problem that is resolved by a simple “clearing” of the cache, as done above.

If you were experiencing this issue, tell us, did this work for you?

  • BigDaddy

    Complete newbie so don’t hurt me too bad. I bought an Iphone 3gs 32 gig which was jailbroken and that was all I knew. After a week it was somewhat sluggish so I decided to restore it (shoulda read up on that, I know now) and the phone crashed. All I got was the usb cord and an Itunes cd on screen.

    After 24 hours I FINALLY got Greenpo1son to go rejailbreak the phone (I think) and it aused the apple logo to come up, load, and I got Ireb to kick me out of recovery mode. Not knowing any better I tried to update from Itunes then which sent me back into recovery mode so I did it all again.

    I have a functioning (minus the GPS on my Ikitt..I can live with that) Iphone 32gig 3gs, but I want Cydia and Winterboard back. I have no loader on my springboard.

    I tried to rejailbreak with blackra1n and I got recovery mode again which was fixed by a reboot and that’s all I’ve tried.

    Kinda gun shy..that’s why I’m asking you knowledgeable folks. Under the “setting-about-tab my modem firmware is 6.15.00 and version 4.3.2 (8h7).

    I downloaded Ifunbox and it saw the phone and got me to the var directory where the only folder was media and said my phone needed to be jailbroken to have full extent of useage or something to that effect, but I thought it was already jailbroken?

    If anyone has any ideas or has been through this please help. I’m slowly trying to learn this stuff and am perfectly happy having an iphone how it is if that’s how it has to be, but I’d like to have the bells and whistles if at all possible. Thanks for your time

  • Shane Bronxy

    Thhe file u said to delete isnt there wat do i do i havbe a loader on ymscreeen that doesnt work

  • nate

    thnx that was very helpful i got cydia back

  • shahin

    That was great, it solved my problem with loader thnx

  • Gryphon

    reboot?? how??

  • Gryphon

    as in step 3 reboot

  • hazer

    i cant find the thing i need to delete plz help

  • Jake

    thank you u helped me so much i had jailbroken with greenpois0n like 20 times and no loader but u helped me thanxxx

  • Anonymous

    Surely you should write a warning stating that this is recommended only if the iPhone is in a blank state otherwise all the installed apps icons will be lost.

  • Does this work on an iPod touch 4.2.1?

  • Courtney Weeks

    i can’t find so i can remove it. ?

  • didn’t work. I found the file and deleted it, then rebooted my phone. Loader never showed up. I did this twice. Each time I rebooted I had to re-delete that file, but still no Loader. I had to just restore my phone entirely and re-jailbreak it. Pain in the ass.

  • 2noc

    didn’t work. Cydia can be accessed via ipad search. i just don’t see icon.

  • jordan12333333



  • paul

    this crap didnt work but it did succeed in deleteing ALL of my apps

  • Steven Southfield

    WORKS!! I used Greenpois0n and no Cydia or loader Icon appeared. I restored and re-jailbroke still nothing. I used ifunbox and worked perfectly.