Well, maybe not an official trailer… but wow. MuscleNerd was right, GeoHot does have some devoted fans. Maybe he should keep trying to make it in the music industry after all…

What do you guys think?

[9to5 Mac]

  • TCP

    Goehot was the one who started all the unlocking and jailbreaking from what I’ve read he’s the reason we all have our phones the way they are 🙂

  • zaba

    i know i dont understand why people talking negative things about him!!! he does not deserve that!

  • iiyama

    I liked it, when’s it released. 😀

  • In any society there are always people who doesn’t see the big picture, the super talented kid fucks with all apple devices. It takes an entire team (dev) to do what he does, only he does in a fraction of the time .
    So geo haters , rock on….but this kid is a iKing !!!

    • @Carlos_hitier

      Hmmm boobies

    • ismail

      i agree with you he is smart man and not kid any more he is 21 people

  • rainrose

    Geohot fan here! Hehehe! He is so effing smart and amazingly talented!!!

  • Burge

    You have got to give him credit for what he can do ! He might be arrogant and has pissed off a few people , but with out him jailbreaking the iPhone in the first place these devices would not be as good now.. And let’s face it even this blog might not even exist …

  • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

    wow nicely put 2gether lol i would pay to see this i like when he talks to the news cast about it how he did it and stuff liked it

  • thefallen

    LOL @Adesh avatar

  • Sillybear

    From what interview were those clips about Steve-o and jailbreaking?

    And yeah, GeoHot is a total dick, but you have to hand it to him. Jailbreaking wouldn’t be what it is without him.

  • Tbui123

    I wonder how many of you bashers out there knows Geohot in person? Like a friend, a neighbor or a classmate or have work with him in person? The guy gave the community several good jailbreaks through the years and thousands enjoy and benefit from his jailbreaks. Some of you egging on and criticized him just because some one else write a blog bitching and moaning. Unless you know him in person, why do you bashing a guy you don’t even know in person? I myself have no idea who this person is (in person), all I know is he has provided jailbreaks for my phones through the years since I had my first 3G, then several 3GS and now my iPhone 4. I don’t know what kind of person he is in real life, all I know is he only does good things for me by providing free jailbreaks, so I thank him instead of being an ass and calling names. Have some of you thoughts of that? How would you like it if I call you an ass even if I don’t know who you are… Think about it.

    • brent

      Good point. I guess there is a whole sub-culture that is the nerdy-programmer-hacker world (sorry if I’m not using the right terms) And much/most of their human interaction is done over the internet. I think it’s those that are more likely to get emotional or personally offended by a person they’ve never met. But I don’t know…I’m no expert.

  • dmzer

    I actually Donated to him

  • I’ll donate wen I can to Geo. People who hate on him can piss off. They have no reason to hate him nd are idiots. I’m sorry but it’s Tru.

  • Tazah

    Geo’s a genius .. Nobodies prefect. Dude gots mad talent .. Freaking smart.. I would so copy off his school work.

  • paus eit at 2:30. Tell me that shits not funny…

  • Z

    Seems like instead of “Social Networking” we are gonna have a movie soon called “Jailbreaking” lol

  • bonneville1992

    Geohot is a amazingly brilliant young man, i wish him success in his court battle with sony. Someone so smart and brilliant will not be shut down, i am a proud supporter of this individual!! good luck Geo!!