We all know the story. There’s so many can’t-live-without apps in Cydia. But once you install everything, your iPhone becomes a mess of apps competing for (system) power.

A few months later, you’ve sacrificed speed for functionality. Here’s my list of the 5 Cydia downloads that I could be happy with…

  1. Action Menu
  2. MultiIcon Mover
  3. SBSettings
  4. Wi-Fi Sync
  5. Notified

With these 5 apps/tweaks, I could continue to use my device as a high performing productivity machine and still get some of my iOS wishlist fulfilled.

What are your 5?

Optional: 3 Guilty pleasure tweaks that you know you don’t need but still love.

  • Ga

    After installing SBSettings or iBlacklist on jailbroken iPhone 3GS iOS 4.1, it’s on safe mode. I must remove SBSettings. Anyone has the problem like me?

    • AJ

      just remove iBlacklist.., I dont think it works with 4.1

      • Jasmeet

        I had a same problem remove iblacklist

      • Ga Che

        I removed SBSettings and iBlacklist, and reinstalled SBSettings and IP is always in safe mode. Have u installed SBSettings? Is it OKie?

    • XxL3THALxX

      SBSettings makes my iPhone crash everytime I use the remove background function.

      • That was a 4.1 bug. The dev updated it today, and it now works fine.

  • bro greenpoison jailbreak realesed. post the topic

  • Thierry

    Lockinfo also for me

  • Jar

    Why no post on Greenpoison release?

  • Beakhand


  • c0ntr0l

    Careful what you download some apps are not updated and can put you in dfu mode

  • Egro

    SBSettings, iblacklist, autosilent, mywi, byteSMS

  • Kixfan

    My pc crashed so I can’t update to 4.1 to jailbreak. Anyone know a way to update without my pc? Can I update on another pc without losing all my synced info?

    • c0ntr0l

      Yes you can upate just make sure you sign in with your iTunes acct on the pc your using and transfer purchase to that pc you might want to save photos and numbers before restore and you might lose your music if you didn’t buy from iTunes but you get to update

      • c0ntr0l

        To transfer purchases you go to you go to file on iTunes transfer purchases from iPhone

  • Twitef21

    As you haven’t mentioned this
    GREEN POISON is available

    Have fun

  • Tony

    I don’t even have these tweaks lol. But I do want to look into sbsettings

    Ones I always need are winterboard, installous, appsync

    Oh and get the greenpoison info up! 🙂

  • Wrhud447

    I cant install install0us is there a reason

    • Marco

      hmm should work, i installed it to and works just like it should

  • DomPerignon

    WTF is this? GreenPois0n is out!!!

  • Thing u

  • Chris

    In order:

    1. SBSettings (and assorted plugins)
    2. LockInfo (and assorted plugins)
    3. zToggle (I like having a wallpaper and the multi-processing available)
    4. TetherMe (stupid Rogers won’t allow people with data plans of < 500MB a month to tether)
    5. ShakeToUndo Killer (for the odd occasion where I am typing and walking)

    • I hadn’t heard about ShakeToUndo Killer. I need that ASAP!

  • Dina

    iBlacklist DOES work on my iPhone 4. I like Notifier, SBSettings and a few other lock screens & SMS ringtones too.

  • Logan.fr

    Thumbs up! for ‘MultiIcon Mover’. I did not know about this app, and I think it really addresses a basic use of the GUI. Thanks for suggesting it.
    Cheers from France 🙂

  • iKing

    also pkgbackup i just bought it and tested and it work