After a couple of days delay, the greenpois0n jailbreak was finally released early this morning. As you all have probably heard, the highly anticipated jailbreak was delayed due to the fact that Geohot released his jailbreak — entitled limera1n — shortly before greenpois0n was scheduled to be released.

As a result the Chronic Dev Team opted to use the same exploit Geohot used, instead of simultaneously releasing their infamous SHAtter into the wild for Apple to eventually stamp out.  The release, though, hasn’t been without it’s fair share of problems…

Amid reports that the exploit isn’t working exactly as expected, The Chronic Dev Team is looking towards end users to help resolve the issues.

As you can see from the above tweet, and strange absence of any file downloads when clicking the Mac link (the Windows link has since reappeared, but I have not had any success getting the jailbreak to work thus far) on the greenpois0n homepage, the Chronic Dev Team appears to have hit a few snags with their highly anticipated jailbreak solution.

Remember, though, that the team was sent scrambling when Geohot released his jailbreak — entitled limera1n — shortly before greenpois0n was due to go live on Sunday morning. This has resulted in the team having to shoehorn this exploit into the greenpois0n package, instead of sticking with their original plans.

Likely, this is the number one cause of the issues that users are reporting this morning.  Of course if you can’t bother waiting for the download links to reappear, you can always use the aforementioned limera1n which we have covered in detail.

Which jailbreak solution will you be choosing, and why?

Additional info:

  • Zajber

    When i´m trying to use GP it just say jailbreake failed.
    And when im using Limerain it says that everything is ok and the jailbreake went ok.. but when i restart the iphone i dont have the green drop in the menus?
    And by the way i dont get the green droppicture on the iphone during or after the breake is finished!
    I think i´m doing something wrong when i´m trying to enter the DFU mode.. holding down the sleepbutton and homebutton in the right order..
    I dont know!!!!!

    • vickram

      When I used , even I did not see the GREEN drop, but I saw a white icon saying limera1n.
      By chance if you overlooked , do you see any white icon saying limera1n?

      I dont think there is any problem with you getting into DFU otherwise limera1n wont say everything ok

  • WhiteKnight

    Hey everyone i have a really important question (it is to me) that i really need an answer for. First, i have a jailbroken iPod Touch 2G, 8 gigs, version 3.1.3. Basically i am thinking about restoring and rejailbreaking because my iTouch freezes up a lot and it is very random, and i am hoping the 4.1 update might fix that, especially since i’m still on 3.1.3. I have a lot of stuff that i don’t really want to lose on it, including Cydia apps, themes, etc. Is there any way i would be able to transfer EVERYTHING, if not the Cydia apps, tweaks and stuff, to iTunes, then restore and rejailbreak using either limera1n or greenpois0n (btw, which one is better?) Also, i do have SHSH files saved on my iTouch now, would those go away after the restore, and what would be the penalty of that, if any? Would i still be able to jailbreak it? I think that is everything for right now, if anyone could answer any of this, i would be highly appreciative. Thanks again everyone.

  • WhiteKnight

    “Is there any way i would be able to transfer EVERYTHING, if not the Cydia apps, tweaks and stuff, to iTunes, then restore and rejailbreak using either limera1n or greenpois0n (btw, which one is better?)”

    Sorry i meant “Is there any way i would be able to transfer EVERYTHING, if not MOST OF the Cydai apps, tweaks…”

    Thanks again to anyone who replies.

  • Joey Johari

    Hi I’m Joey…I’ve been using my Iphone 3G for more than a year now…..can I jailbreak my Iphone 3G running IOS 4.1….with modem firmware 05.14.02 using GreenPoison…..Pls advice…Thanks

    • vickram

      yes you can jailbreak

    • Nigel

      Joey if you have a pc use limera1n much easier 🙂

  • Nigel

    In my opinion I think that limera1n is the best even if it has a beta version because easier greenpois0n froze my MAC 8 times that I tried btw I have baseband 01.59.00 is tha unlock able I’m on 4.0.2 also any ideas downgrade possible? Get at me if you can

  • joe

    i have a 3g with 4.0.2 with 5.13.04 baseband can i update to 4.1 and keep it unlocked??????? cause my phone freezes everytime im on it?

    • vickram

      yes you can do that.

      1.) Download 4.1 firmware from,2_4.1_8B117_Restore.ipsw

      2.) Add following entry in your hosts file
      If you dont know where to find the host file here is my location,


      3.) Open itunes and take backup of your phone (this will backup your contacts,mail,sms,pictures etc)

      4.) Put your phone in recovery mode by follwing steps
      — disconnect your iphone from computer
      — switch off the iphone
      — press the home button of iphone and while keeping it pressed connect the usb cable to the phone.
      — Keep holding untill you see itunes logo on the phone screen
      5.) after above step itunes will tell you that the phone is in recovery mode

      6.) SHIFT+RESTORE (This is very important , use shift button and then click restore) it will ask you to browse a ipsw file from your system, point to the file downloaded in step 1.

      7.) wait for the restore to complete

      8.) Now you are on os 4.1 without updating baseband.

      From here I am sure you know how to jailbreak and unlock it.

      use redsnow latest version for jailbreaking and ultrasnow for unlocking


  • always

    does anybody know when the unlock for 3 G baseband 5.14 will be released..It is really hitting me hard…

  • Joey Johari

    Hi Nigel Thanks….i’ve downloaded both the limera1n and Greenpoison……my PC is running window XP SP3…that should not be a problem right……Thanks for the tip Nigel.

  • Both sound good tbh, still undecided! D:

  • pbx

    3gs 4.1 after running limera1n i dont get the limera1n icon on my phone

  • WhiteKnight

    Everyone just use greenpois0n it works. Or if you are like me and want to have random cool stuff, use redsn0w and enable the verbose boot. Just youtube verbose boot if you dont know what it is. It is pretty cool, or enable custom boot logo, you can change the recovery and boot logos. If not, then just go with greenpois0n, my iTouch used to crash all of the time and freeze up, making me reboot, now it has only done it like 4 times since i jailbroke with greenpois0n so GET IT.

  • Didnt see any answers on this.. using version 4.1 (8b117) and band 02.10.04.. Can I use greenpoison or no?

  • Btw im using Iphone 4

  • Joe

    I have a 3gs with 4.1 abd baseband 06.04 can i unlock it

  • moneek

    y cait i enen dl the softwear 🙁

  • Opeth

    Hi ppl, i have an iphone 4 running ios 4.1 which i have recently jailbroken using limerain and a lot of help from videos on youtibe. I just wanted to understand what would be affected in the phone if i were to update to a newer ios (whenever it is released)? (i.e. will my apps still be intact? contacts? pictures? music? etc etc…

    Also, i have an ipod touch 2g running on firmware 2.1.3 (i think) and has also been jailbroken. However i want to update the firmware to the 4.1. Will i be able to jailbreak it again? if yes then what should i use?


  • antwon

    i cant f8************************** download it what do i click

  • Raunak

    wen are you guys releasing the unlock for the baseband 2.1O.O4
    i ve been waiting since 19/9/2O1O its been more than3 months.
    Now i m worried

  • .-“T341”-.

    How the hell do you jailbreak your damn i phone

  • b0lin

    I just got a new iphone, it is V4.1 (8B117), and Baseband Modem Firmware of 05.14.02 right out of the box without any “legit” updates applied to it. What would be the best to use to unlock/jailbreak? Also, I would like to be able to un-jailbreak and reset back to factory if ever I need to too. This is my first iphone and first attempt at jailbreaking, so keep that in mind too, lol I’m a n00b. Please HELP.

  • precious

    i was trying to jailbreak my iphone 3g iso 4.1 with Limera1n it got to were i was told to release the start bottom and that was it, it never passed there again, when i turned it on i saw an itune and usb logo, pls some one should help me out, and i have already unlocked it before this happen. please i wont love to loose the unlock as the case may be

    • vickram

      hi precious, your iphone is now in recovery mode it seems.
      Use tinyumbrella to come out of recovery mode .