If you have jailbroken your iOS device, chances are you’ve heard of SBSettings. For years, it has remained one of the staple applications of the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store. If you aren’t familiar with SBSettings, go read our original review of the app.

In my opinion, SBSettings is enough reason to jailbreak. The app is that useful. I’m not sure why Apple hasn’t implemented the idea into iOS yet. I love being able to quickly toggle my iPhone’s resources and settings on and off.

The two things I love in an app are functionality and aesthetics. And in most cases, I won’t use an app if it doesn’t have both. The functionality of SBSettings is undeniable, but I’ve found that finding an aesthetically pleasing theme for the app is somewhat tedious. So, I have done my best to comb the far reaches of Cydia to bring you five of the best SBSettings themes…

1. Serious Theme. This is my current theme. I just love the fit and finish. All of the edges are rounded nicely and and all of the toggles look great with each other.

2. Shwank Theme. A very nice, sleek theme. Shwank looks great with a dark wallpaper. The theme’s reflectiveness is very iPhone 4ish. What can I say. It’s Shwanky.

3. Gruppled Theme. I love the gray-scaled look of this theme. The colors and spacing just make it work.

4. iPhone Congruency Theme. This theme looks like it was meant to be there natively. Apple couldn’t have done it any better.

5. Metal-Tech Theme. The toggles and colors look nice. Not my absolute favorite, but a nice theme nonetheless.

So what do you think? Were there some themes that I should have included? What’s your favorite SBSettings theme?

  • Sickie

    Black UPS Darkness

    • Francis

      Try newly release “A iOS Style SBSettings Theme” its awesome

  • Burge

    Leave it standard . Themes make it look naff …. But that’s just my view of it

    • notheme

      agree!!! I’m using the orignal skin better to understand the icons! 🙂

      • luis

        so true, i just wish it was iphone congruency + retina, & default icons, woot that its wet dreams

  • Frank


    • luis

      dude, nice one, going to try it before buying it 😉

  • Awesome. As an Apple-Design fan I did not install SB Settings because of the ugly style… now there is a possibility once again (:

    • Francis

      Try newly release “A iOS Style SBSettings Theme” its awesome

  • vitruvi0ne

    Some nice ones there thanks.

    I picked out a theme called proPhone early on when I first jail broke my 3GS.

    Then when I got the iPad I found Black iPad to match!

    I might give Swank a try though.

  • Angi

    The Swank is really nice! I think I’ll go grab that one. Thanks Alex! I never even thought of changing the stock view on SB.

  • Delarge
  • Zenin

    booo serious is not retina, for those who want a sexy retina theme use iSuave

    • ryan

      yes it is. u just have to download the hd one

  • DomPerignon

    iRetina4, specially if you have an iPhone4.

  • James

    I use the Black Bold theme. It is nice and simple.

  • Robert

    I love sbsettings for the swipe qiick access. Amazing!

  • sombir

    hello, i m not able to see SB Setting in my iphone4 (4.1), pls help me.

    • Burge

      Open cydia and go to search type in sbsettings and install … Then after it reboots swip your status bar ( where the clock is ) and sbsettings will appear

  • Robert

    Sombir, make sure youvhave both sbsettings and sbsettingstoggle installed. Then merely swipe across the top status bar from left to right.

    PS Super Mario is another great reason to jailbreak ;), assuming you own the original roms!

  • Bensen

    Cool brushed is very nice too

  • Jason

    Black’n’Blue HD is the one I am currently using.

  • GarethDPhillips

    Whats the blue / cream wallpaper with rain drops your using please?

  • sombir

    Thanks for everyone for helping me.

  • RGG

    Glass Orb Color..the only one I use.

  • Enarth

    I use iretina4 too

    Anyone knows where i can find the wallpaper of the first theme ?

  • Z

    Pitty we can’t post images directly into the comment box

  • GP

    iRetina4 is deffently a must have for iPhone4 owners

  • @GarethDPhillips- A post that includes that wallpaper is in the works- so stay tuned. 🙂

    And thanks for sharing your favorites everyone! Keep it up!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been using Tenius Matte ever since I first jailbroke my phone and downloaded SBSettings. I liked it the most out of the few themes that I checked out one day when I was bored. Now, I’m totally gonna switch to Serious.

  • luis

    iRetina 4 is winning the battle- and my review 100/100 it pwns

  • GarethDPhillips

    Please could somebody tell me where I can find the wallpaper featured in the screenshot? I really want it !

  • A post is on its way featuring the wallpaper!

    • Tara

      Alex – You still haven’t released the post on wallpaper! What is the name of the blue/cream raindrops wallpaper at the top?

  • abanibi

    Loved the shwank theme, although it’s missing a few key icons (data?)
    luckily they’re not hard to make so i got all my icons back 🙂

  • thanks dude I am gonna use the first one thanks.

  • Tara

    Alex – You still haven’t released the post on wallpaper! What is the name of the blue/cream raindrops wallpaper at the top?

  • Gorgonphone

    I have Serious and BlackBold themes

  • Tobbz

    Seriously Alex! Tell us the blue/cream raindrops wallpaper…

  • cool…….

  • JGrapez

    i think another good one for black/grey backgrounds is the Timeless sbs theme.

  • victor

    thank for doing this really helped

  • teo

    Rust HD SBSettings is veeeeery nice !

  • Joe

    Ive been using “serious sbsettings” it looks very good, but now i just use A iOS style sbsettings, its just awesome.

  • Telejeesus

    My favorite is ‘Tenuis matte’ . Beats these 5 hands down IMHO 

  • alongside with activator this application can really help!

  • Premium Leather SBSettings Theme!

  • i used Premium Leather SBSettings Theme.

  • i found a super cool theme for SBSeetings that fits perfectly to iOS 5.
    Its called “NotificationCenter for SBSettings HD” and is avaiable in the modmyi repo.

  • @kreved_nemo:disqus

    hey the theme on the pic is no theme its an notification center app
    and the name is NCSETTINGS