LimeRa1n came out yesterday creating a bit of controversy in the jailbreak community. Because it revealed a different exploit from SHAtter, releasing GreenPois0n today would have given away those 2 exploits to Apple for them to patch in a near update.

Like I expected yesterday, Chronic Dev Team decided to do the right thing, and postpone the release of GreenPois0n so they have time to work on it while including the new exploit found by Geohot. Today the Chronic Dev Team officially spoke about the whole situation. This is what they had to say. No need to say they are pissed…

Thanks to the irresponsible antics of geohot, we will have to delay the release of greenpois0n (new ETA = as soon as possible), so that we have time to clean up his little mess and integrate the exploit he uses in limera1n into greenpois0n. This way, we can save SHAtter for future devices that may still be vulnerable to it.

We know that this is not what some people want to hear, but due to geohot needing to feed his ego (as usual) and revealing his limera1n exploit, we do not have any other responsible options.

I do believe the Chronic Dev Team did the right thing. What’s you take on the whole situation?

  • Yboy403

    Yeah, they did the right thing. They’d be no better than egohot if they released it just to spite him at our expense.

    • Irha

      I agree, except that I thought SHAtter exploit couldn’t be fixed without modifying the hardware, so what gives?

    • William Douglas

      My only concern with this and I have nothing against Geohot is unless I am mistaken wasn’t shatter supposed to be able to do all versions of iOS 4.x and Geohot’s can only do 4.1 and older. So since my iPad is already running 4.2 I can’t jailbreak it yet.

  • Smoke

    Fucken geoflop had to fuck it up, I have a Mac n was too exited to get it jailbroke today.

    • icon

      Geohot didnt fuck anything up.
      Greenpoison is not better than limerain.

      If Greenpoison came out, 3G and 3GS users would be out of luck.

      • Jon Garrett

        which is why 3G and 3GS users need to get an iphone 4 !!! fuk geohot.

      • Totally agree. HOW is greenpois0n better than Limera1n? For iPhone 4 users – might be, but those are either new iP users or juppies that have too much cash… Respect to geohot, ChronicDevTeam – good luck 😉

  • Unimpressed

    Why don’t you actually put a link to something else besides your own website?

    • Because I link to related articles on my site. That’s how bogging works.

      • YES

      • thefallen

        Understanding blogging FAIL lol

      • AppleBits

        LOL – who asks that kind of question?
        May as well be asking why AT&T doesn’t hand out a map to Verizon…..or vice versa…

  • p0isonbreak

    as expected, coz they have to integrated with geohotz exploit. Need time to repack the whole apps again~ but they are doing the right thing! thanks! they will be on top for IOS 4.2 next month~

  • Shnitzel

    I’d rather have a JB that works on all iDevices rather than one that only works on the iPhone 4, everyone’s acting like something horrible has happened but truth is we all got a working JB for all iDevices (minus the 3GS bug) a day earlier and apple is only getting 1 bug to fix.
    Quit your whining

  • joao

    I Hope that the next greepoison comes out w/ unblock avaliable for iphone4 4.1 bb 02.10.04

  • James

    Yet, another reason people should not announce release dates, just put it out there when its ready. That way you don’t need to worry about people being childish and rushing something out just so they can be first and beat your date.

    • Cojendo

      Great point. Not saying that are wrong by any means but if tge dev team didn’t announce the date then this would be a non-issue. Just a good lesson for next time.
      Btw, I’m with the dev team on this one and I’m happy that at least they are taking the higher road and waiting.

  • DomPerignon

    I installed LimeRa1n and it worked fine but after a few hours playing with it, I decided to uninstall it because some apps were not working properly or not at all. I’ll wait for a GreenPois0n so the developers can correct the bugs in their apps. By the way; Yes, Chronic Dev Team did the right thing and luckily for us, geohot released LimeRa1n earlier than expected otherwise Apple would have had two exploits to correct instead of one.

  • ghost

    they ha the wright to be pissed but thers no questio they did the wright thing too why waist two good options when you can save one for latter. shame really that geohot came last minute. today is a day of days so cheer up. those moning should know better how to apreciate the hard work this guys put up with
    just get windows running on bootcamp or ask someone on pc to help you out.people like you make me sick. remember your shiny iwhatever is just an old brick without the’re better off playing with barbies not iphones.good day

    • Osx86

      remember your shiny iwhatever is just an old brick without the’re better off playing with barbies not iphones. Nice poem.

  • Vik071

    I find that initial plans for GreenPois0n were insufficient, to say the least. Delaying support for 3GS sucked. So, the only positive thing from the release of LimeRa1n is that it allows untethered jb for all devices and hopefully will force the same from GreenPois0n.

  • Dan

    Agreed. Let’s wait for the jb plus unlocked

    • icon

      Greenpoison has nothing to do with the unlock.
      A baseband unlock for 4.1 is unavailable for any jailbreak.
      When the unlock is out, it will work fine with limerain.

  • J Dog

    Why are you idiots getting mad at Geo? Yes this is only for windows at this point in time BUT it jailbreaks EVERY DEVICE. Greenpois0n only jailbroke 4th Gen iDevices.

    Face it. Cdt were a bunch of brats and look at them now. Acting like little children because someone came out with a better jailbreak before them.

  • msxy

    lollll greenpoison is peace of shit

  • Chimmay

    I thought green poison was to be a hardware exploit, so that unless apple changes their hardware the JB would be permanently available even with updates? So y wouldn’t they release it? Plus limerain works fine

  • AppleBits

    I’ve been patient this long. I can wait for GP to release.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    What’s funny in all of this is that people have been bitching and whining for a JailBreak for 4.1 since they updated to 4.02, or even 4.1 and then when they finally get one, SOONER than expected (mind you it was only 1 day), they complain even more.
    I don’t care which iDevice hacker you’re hating on, it’s the users are the brats. “Gimme gimme gimme” is all I’ve read on boards for the last few weeks, and now that it’s out its “bitch bitch bitch you ruined it for all of us”. Grow up.

    • Shasha

      i agree with you only reason im on this site is to stay in touch with the JB news of sorts. and help out here and there

    • DomPerignon

      Well said.

  • Brian

    They said it best!! What more needs to be said? As usual, GEO screws things up for COUNTLESS people all in an effort to feed his ridiculous ego as well as his wallet. Can this guy not keep a promise? How many times has he said “im gone, thru with this and wont be back, so dont ask me to”..only for him to come back everytime with some buggy azz exploit? GEO’s latest BUGFEST was just released and already the blogs and forums are filled with people saying it is BUGGY AZZ CRAP…..Why would anybody think it WOULDNT BE BUGGY? Thats all this guy knows how to do….Put out CRAP and take donations for a BUGFEST. Donating to GEOHOT & using his exploits are akin to paying to screw up your device!

    And now he really screwed people because ALOT of people put ALOT of work in to a RELIABLE exploit that will now NOT BE RELEASED due to GEO’s release of his latest bug convention!

    Geo just keeps on proving what a complete and utter egomanical, greedy douche bag he really is!!

    From Chronic Dev Team:

    “Thanks to the irresponsible antics of geohot, we will have to delay the release of greenpois0n (new ETA = as soon as possible), so that we have time to clean up his little mess and integrate the exploit he uses in limera1n into greenpois0n. This way, we can save SHAtter for future devices that may still be vulnerable to it.

    We know that this is not what some people want to hear, but due to geohot needing to feed his ego (as usual) and revealing his limera1n exploit, we do not have any other responsible options.”

    • J Dog

      You are just like the rest of the spoiled brats. Be thankful Geo released a JB. And not everyone has a 4th gen device so greenpois0n is obsolete. Why? Because LimeRa1n does everything GP does and then some.

      The Cdt had a fully working jailbreak for almost two weeks but they waited because all that advertisement profit was to much to pass up. Geo did the right thing by giving a big FUCK YOU to the losers for holding it off.

  • why were they talken the talk that about shatter not being able to be closed because its a chipset exploit? what would be the harm in releasing it if its un-patchable by apple?

    being safe than sorry? or the exploit just isnt all that badass as they made it sound..

    seems like the latter to me…

    dont get me wrong, im more than grateful, but get over your childish games, all of you/dev teams.

    • ^dumbass

      ._. Dumbass even if it’s a hardware exploit, apple could decide to alter the WHITE iphone4s hardware or the upcoming ipads and future devices to make SHatter obsolete that’s why they don’t want to release it

      • oh thats right, they can just put a few million phones back through the hardware upgrade process and change out a vital component with a newer upgraded one that they just pulled out of there asses.

        must of forgot how technically advanced they were.. seeing how they can keep up with demand, let alone make huge hardware alterations at the last minute, due to some hax0rs hard work.

        right.. right.. silly me.

    • SuperSartre

      You ever hear the phrase iPhone 3GS “new bootrom”?

  • ProbS0lVer

    Actually geohot is right, not the dev team first of all, if greenpois0n made the exploit work on older models of the iPhone, limera1n probably wouldn’t be existing. So geohot shot out his jailbreak for people with the older models of the iPhone To make it fair for us.

    And we do not want to buy a new 200 dollar iPhone just to have a bootrom exploit, when the dev team can make the jailbreak work for iPhones of previous state.

  • TheRose

    Why is it geo’s fault?
    In the past he pissed of a lot of people because he constantly post that his jb will be ready and stop asking and such.
    This time, he kept quiet so people will not bother him.
    In the end, a free jailbreak comes out for all you whinners. A better one than greenpoison because it works on more devices and he fixed the bugs with two new versions within a day.
    Yes the dev teams did the right thing to retract their work but the dev teams really should man up and admit that geohot won this one. Just because the dev teams Vltava been working on this for a while doesn’t mean that geohot didn’t put any effort in it.

  • Kaya

    Geohot did nothing wrong. Haters talk too much. Its better like this, then having two jailbreaks and both exploits be patched with 4.2! When Apps installed from cydia crashs, it’s Not because of the jb, its because the App has Not devoleped for 4.1. Please think before you hate. And think twice before you write. Its not cool to read biaced Blogs

  • SuperSartre

    First, the are both hardware exploits that cant be patched except by a new bootrom chip. That is why they are talking about it possible ruining chances to pwn 5th gen devices for life. Apple can and will put new bottoms in 5th gen devices that fix the exploit(maybe even in newer iPhone 4s like they did with 3GS ala “new bootrom”). The thing is that there probably would have been a userland jailbreak before too long for all devices. There was no need to burn a HARDWARE exploit that would probably have made next gen devices pwned for life. Musclenerd had already hinted that there would probably be a comex jailbreak for 4.2 on all devices(a MUCH more important update) and therefore burning a rare and valuable bootrom exploit just for 3GS instead of waiting a month was stupid. I don’t think it’s about “you should buy a newer device” as much as it is about the fact that a hardware exploit with VERY strong potential to jailbreak future devices FOR LIFE is not worth burning just to support older devices
ESPECIALLY when other, non-bootrom jailbreask were almost certainly being developed(or going to be developed) to support older devices.

  • Lima Rain

    Greenp0ison did the right thing, but Limera1n did nothing wrong, who is to blame for Greenp0ison to have taken so much time to release his jailbreak? Next time, be faster and come FIRST instead of complaining! I just jailbroke my iphone 4.0 4.1 iPhone with Limera1n and it works perfect, no hassle, all iPAS installed correctly!!!!

  • so how much longer? im waiting patiently to be able to use my phone on my own carrier..

    ive had this peice of shit sitting in the box for the past 2 months.. with the occasional rounds of angry birds my girlfriend plays..

    if the chr0n dev team takes donations, fuck it ill buy them nugs.

  • ism

    I just hope that the greenp0ison is released sooner than later before the iOS 4.2 update from Apple. I cant wait to have my new ip4 4.1 jailbroked. I have so far resisted using the limerra1n jb.

  • ZedBoi

    im on 4.0.1 and im jailbroken. im glad limerain made this jailbreak because its showed that hes a wanker, and i bet all you people that are biggin up the limerain we’re actually ready to jerk off on the greenpoison. but because your premature ejaclulators your thinking forget posion and il have some lime. idiots. but its good tho becuase when this greepoison comes out i bet you any money its gona come with a full package. it will jailbreak all idevices, include the exploit, no crashes or anything. they will take theyre time and work on limera1ns mistakes and correct them in theryre version. your all trators really because you all wanted the green posion lol idiots

  • Avery

    Geohots a loser. Skrewed us all over, waiting for Greenpois0n. I’m glad Greenpois0n team is doing the responsible thing. I just hope they fix what he did and get GP out soon

  • b0ssyme

    Could it be possible that GP is gonna copy geos exploit so they can enable a jailbreak for older devices?! Whatever the case, why don’t people stop complaining and use geos exploit till GP is ready!

    • SuperSartre

      That’s exactly what they are doing

  • Bosco Mitchell

    Geohot should go fly a kite! First he wanted out and now comes back to jump the gun releasing an exploit (his exploit sucks btw) and everyone now has to wait for the real deal of GreenPois0n. Geohot, please stay out and don’t come back, no one misses you.

  • jay

    fuck the dev team…
    am tired of waiting their asses..
    limere1n Is perfect and am using it now…

  • tbui123

    Dev Team of GreenpoisOn is no less ego than Geohot, they had the jailbreak all along, just want to be dramatic and announce the release date to be 10/10/10 at 10:10:10, every one that is dying to have a JB have been waited for a while now. May be Geohot did stick one to Dev Team, so what? Just a few days ago a lot of people was making fun of Geohot, even one of Seb. articles said that could Limera1n be real or just anothe publicity stunt? If GP was so good, go ahead and release it now and see how good it is? They don’t have to save if for 4.2, they probably already worked on a solution for 4.2 since the day Beta 4.2 came out long ago. I don’t need either JB right now, but I do enjoy all the articles about iDevices, this is comical to me about all you winers out there, what’s funny is after all the bashing, you will download which ever Jailbreak solution that is right for you, it’s not like you are so loyal that you will sit and wait forever for the Dev Team only, (the only thing you really worry about is not to brick your phone). So next time, if the Dev Team are not egotistical like Geohot, just release the JB when they have it instead of teasing us with blogs, twitter, utube video, etc., they don’t need to release any dramatic announcement on dates that people have to wait hours and minutes for. I myself was so curious and was waiting for 10/10/10 to see what happens, then to be disappointed. I don’t buy the idea that Geohot screwed up GP, Dev Team should have just released it when they have it. It’s not like they still working on it until the last minute before 10/10, or else they wouldn’t make such dramatic announcement since last week. And if you read back a few weeks ago, I remembered one of Seb. articles also questioned if Greenpoison is real or not? or if it just a logo on a website for publicity stunt. Seb., I am a fan of your website and I do read all the articles you posted…
    All your winers, if you don’t like Limera1n or can not use it, wait some more for Greenp0ison, I am sure if some one else comes out tomorrow w/a jialbreak that works for your phone, you’ll try it any way, it’s not like you will only wait for Dev Team. By the way, all these Jaibreak solutions from these people are free for you anyway, it’s not like you paid them to work for you, they do it because they enjoy it, if you appreciate them, make donation to their websites, that’s all, other than that, shut up and enjoy what’s available to you, they don’t owe you any thing. I bet you out of every 100 people that download the JB, may be one of you make a donation, the rest are free loader anyway.
    I haven’t hear any wining about unlock solution lately, might as well spit it out while every one is on a roll. Ask Saurik what’s going on with new unlock solutions for iphone 4 from 4.0.2 and up?

    • Shasha

      To be honost I didn’t read that lol it’s too long on my touch I like then shorter hehe

    • SuperSartre

      Wow, you really have no idea what you are talking about. It’s delayed now because they are changing the exploit that GP uses from Shatter to the limera1n exploit so 2 bootrom exploits don’t get wasted. Geohot didn’t stick one to the CHRONIC dev team, he stuck one to the community and hurt the possibility of a permanent jailbreak for next gen devices. Just because Seb. questioned if it was real doesn’t mean anything, he isn’t a dev and has no real connection to them….in fact there has been NUMEROUS things he has said in articles and in comments that were blatantly wrong. You may not have gotten a iPhone 4 or iTouch 4 but many will probably get the next generation and we may not have a bootrom exploit we could have had because of geohot…the utter lack of information and knowledge on the subject of creating and releasing jailbreaks is staggering by this community considering the invention of google and wiki. I guess it shouldn’t be so suprising considering the probable average age the community….i guess I had just hoped the next generation of youth would be better at using computers to gain knowledge.

      • Tbui123

        Supersartre, thx for the education. I have 2 iphone 4, one 3GS, and an iPad, they all work just fine w/out JB. I did JB the 3gs and one iPhone 4, but from a point of view of a 49 yrs old business man, not a computer nerd or iphone techie, all the iDevices owned have more than enough useful apps that I can ever use. Also, after ventured in to the JB world, I have not find one JB app that I cant live without. Ofcourse, I am just an average Joe. Common sense from a layman point of view tells me that if u dont download Limera1n, and just want to wait for Dev Team, then it shouldn’t matter because your iDevice is not being altered. As far as beating Apple, I don’t think however many JB solutions are out there or will be released, apple will stop develop a fix. It’s a cat and mouse game. And if Apple is so terrible, people would spends Hundreds and even thousand of dollars buying the iDevices. So JB is for the curious and adventurous minds, and yes, ego too, because the developers just want to beat the system. There’s nothing wrong w/ buying a perfect brand new iPhone4 and use it the way it is. Face it, JB is a hobby, a community of enthusiast, not a neccessary of life, so loose sleep over it. All these chats are intrigue for me, thx fir the technical education.
        I think half of the people out there want to have JB because they want to unlock their iPhone to use it w other carrier, nit because all JB apps are so great, just like many Apple Apps are craps. So glorifying JB is kind a overkill don’t u think? The notion of JB is the only way to maximize the potential of your iDevice is a load of crap. You void the warranty of an expensive piece of equipment to satisfying your curiosity, that all. An iDevice us just a great mini computer, no more, no less.

  • Sol

    So when iS it going to be released for the jailbreak or I need a link where to jailbreak it

  • Sol


  • SuperSartre

    Just the fact that anyone can say fuk the dev team blows my mind…after all they have all done for the community for free…as much as I love my jailbreak I think they should ALL just quit for a year then see how everyone feels

    • Andrew

      Really guys? We’re still talking about this? No matter what happens, we’ll still have jailbreaks for 4.1 and 4.2. Sure, geohot released his jailbreak without
      anyone’s consent, but as long as chronic is fixing the problem, we should be kissing both their asses. We can use limerain to jb 4.1 now, and most probably in the next month or so, we can jb 4.2 using greenpoison, so everyone should get of their ass, live their life, and in a few weeks we can all come back here and see what awesome new tool the dev teams have for us, so everyone just calm down!

      • J Dog

        That comment was not directed towards you. Refer to the poster above you. Sorry for the mix up! =O

    • J Dog

      What have they done for the community? Oh that’s right! Nothing but absolute hard core bullshit!

      They never released a jailbreak before. They were working on a JB for 3.1.3 but gave up without warning and just said patience please. Patience up there asses. Not once did they admit they gave up, too.

      • SuperSartre

        You really don’t know what you are talking about…they have been involved in most of the jailbreaks since the beginning. The Chronic Dev Team members combined with the Dev Team found the 24k exploit!! Have you even read the iPhone wiki to see where credit was given…Geohot STOLE the method of implementing the exploit from the Chronic dev team to make blackra1n! I just realized that arguing with people like you is like arguing with religious nutcases who say the earth is only 6,000 years old and like arguing with backwoods racists….you don’t care about undisputed facts and just say the sky is green even when it’s so obviously blue. Think what you want to think, you’ve excluded yourself from the conversation and I have nothing else to say to you

  • Tbui123

    Now I agree w that, no mire JB for a year, then when there is a JB, sell them for $50 per download, per phone, will see how many loyal Jailbreaker out there. I am more than willing to pay for a good Jailbreak, no need for all the hooplas.

    • SuperSartre

      There are a few jailbreak apps that I use everyday..even more than regular apps. Bitesms, MyWi, 3G Unrestrictor, and SBsettings…there are many others but those are the ones that I would really miss. Also when cdevwill releases his cloud app…I think that will be an amazing addition. But I would sacrifice all of those for the JB Devs to get some well deserved respect and patience. BTW it does “technically” void the warranty but you can just do a restore before you take it to apple and you;re fine.

    • SuperSartre

      I do agree that it isn’t a neccessity though…nice (VERY nice) but not a mandatory and I would still love my iPhone without it.

    • Cj22

      We do not need the jb right now. If the dev team is wise enough they would bring out an unlock for the baseband 02.10.04 rather than complaining about geohot. What is a phone when u can’t make calls but stare at the screen playing games. A lot of people are getting frustrated as a result of not being able to make calls. Geohot has done his part of releasing a jailbreak so dev team should take their own praise and credit by releasing an unlock

      • Would be funny if geohot released unlock before Dev-Team…

  • Brian

    Nice to see all of geohots friends and cohorts posting away trying to defend this habitual nutbag. But, no matter how many of his buddies show up to defend him, it does not change the truth.

    Geo is nothing but an immature scumbag who screws far more people then he helps.

    I wont even bother discussing his past history of failures, lies, immature games and etc, etc as I dont have 3 days to type and that is how long it would take to list all of his B.S.


    Show us you are a MAN and keep your word for once!! GET LOST AND DONT COME BACK….!!


    The JB/UNLOCK community will be BETTER WITH YOU GONE!!

    Ok all you GEO FANBOYS…FLAME AWAY….I would expect nothing else from you douchebags as you are all cut from the same cloth.

  • Tbui123

    Hi Seb, your website is becoming the tabloid blogs for foul languages, in the last two days, I have read more F words, cheese D*ck, douche bags, etc. from this blog more than many places in a long time (and I worked with a bunch of construction workers). All you Fuckfaces out there, if you can not post an intelligent conversation, don’t waste the readers time. Is that all the vocabulary you all have to contribute? No wonder all of you are frustrated and wait for the jailbreak. Get over it, if you can’t write your own program then go with the flow, the jailbreak will come out when it comes… While you waiting, go read a book on personal improvement and language abuse.

    • I know, and I do not approve of it, but I do not want to censor the comments, unless they are spam.

  • Ok, I haven’t used limera1n but, WHY CANT YOU USE SN0WBREEZE ALREADY?!?!?! IT’s BEEN OUT FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS!?

  • syhas

    Jailbroken my 3GS with Limera1n, no problem at all until i download ultrasnow to unlock.. i have no service after that… restore my iphone thru itunes… get back original ios 4.1 from apple… jailbreak again using Limera1n…. still not facing any problem…. downloaded Greenpois0n for future use if anything happen….. Apple still restore the iphone after we jailbroken it…. why are we still blaming each other… Limera1n and Greenpois0n can live side by side… thanks to geohot for letting Cronic Dev Team improve their’s.

  • Alan King

    I have a question, when the iPad gets 4.2 will Limera1n work.