Talking about drama… LimeRa1n was released minutes ago and the first reviews are not very good. Worst part is Geohot decided to screw the whole jailbreak community by revealing his exploit whereas the Chronic Dev had been working on their own SHAtter exploit for weeks now.

MuscleNerd just confirmed on Twitter that SHAtter will not be used this time for GreenPois0n. Instead of “giving away” 2 exploits to Apple, both iPhone Dev Teams have decided to hold on on the release of a SHAtter-based jailbreak and instead, they will use Geohot’s exploit. This is good, but this could also mess up the release of GreenPois0n…

The good thing is that Chronic Dev is acting responsibly and doesn’t want to give it all away to Apple so they decided to use Geohot’s exploit for GreenPois0n. The problem is they basically have to start their work from scratch, which means the scheduled release time for GreenPois0n might change.

With all the coding and testing both Dev Teams will have to do in the next few hours, I doubt they’ll be able to make it on time. Thanks Geohot!

UPDATE: Looks like I was right on that one. Chronic Dev still has lots of work to do before releasing GreenPois0n now that they have to give up SHAtter and incorporate Geohot’s exploit…

What do you think about the whole situation?

  • Ceg4

    Prick and Gehot should be trending on Twitter now.

    • Whammy!

      Let’s not forget that limera1n jailbreaks all iOS devices vs GP’s A4 chip only exploit.
      Geohot has been working on this for 6 months vs Chronics “weeks” – Geohot is my hero and did a great thing for the community.

      Everyone is saying that Geohot’s is not “ready”. GP isn’t ready until it does all devices.

      • MikeAlaimo

        Exactly!! Geohot rules!!!!

  • Dannywio

    I’m just jailbroke my iPad with lime what are the consequences please reply

    • Phosphorus

      The consequences will never be the same!
      Because I backtraced it.
      Just kidding, you’re fine.

      • Jeb Lawrence

        I lol’ed!

    • ghiles


  • DrDanchaz

    Am i the only one who thinks this is good? I don’t care about a couple of days extra waiting (feel sorry for chronic though… for their extra work), but this probably makes sure the next series of iDevices is also jailbreakable.
    The way Geohot did al this isn’t very classy… but he did make sure that jailbreaking lives on for yet another generation of iDevices…

    • Whammy!

      No, I think it’s legit as well.

      …It’s not 1 click, but easy enough for anyone who can read English 🙂

      I definitely wouldn’t call limera1n a “mess”

  • Nelson

    Yeah what’s so bad ? GeoHot released his first he finished it first so seems fair to me.

    • DrDanchaz

      Well he didnt really did all the work himself.. He “stole” the userland method @comex made to make it an untethered JB. That’s what i mean with not being classy… But the end justifies the means in this case i say

  • Iso

    This is great. It’s about competition and speed to market is key. Chronic has been blowing their own horn about their JB for weeks, milking it for all it’s worth. Well guess what, it isn’t worth much now that Geohot already released his. Presumably, as first released, Limera1n will get the bulk of the donations. Trying to build anticipation and drama about releasing on 10/10 is going to be a very expensive mistake for Chronic…how sad. Next time, release it as soon as you have it or someone else will!

    • Yboy403

      They didn’t release it on 10/10 because it’s a cool date. That was just when they estimated they’d be finished. And no, lying about leaving the jb scene to make limera1n in secret, ruining shatter and stealing comex’s untether really aren’t classy. Donate to Comex, it’s his work after all.

  • Z

    @Sebastien, I understand your frustration

  • PhayZer

    Well gotta say i tried limera1n and it worked perfectly. So cant complain against Geohot

  • Austin

    Screw Geohot! I’ve hated this man since his fake shots of iPhone 4 jailbreak back in july

  • Good work Geohot but how long until the 3gs bootrom exploit will be fixed ? all my phone is at the moment is a pointless paperweight lol but keep up the good work

  • devteamFTW!

    Props to dev team’s maturity.

    • Iso

      If this were a charm school competition, I’d give props for maturity. This isn’t. First one to market with a JB that works for me gets 100% of my props and a donation. Second place is first among losers.

      • Andy Mars

        Self-interested short-termism like that caused the credit crunch. 😛

  • Pedant

    WHy do you dickheads keep saying “first to market”?

    Noone is selling.

    What geohot, the attention whore, did was risk your 4.2

    • Iso

      How, exactly, did he risk my 4.2? Who was going to JB 4.2? How did Limera1n change 4.2?

      And first to market is exactly what it was. Why does that concept have anything to do with selling?

      And I have to laugh when you call Geohot an attention whore! He didn’t say anything about it, he just made and released a great product that works. Period. The attention whores are the people who have been releasing videos and talking up the “coming” jailbreak. Either release it (like Geohot did) or not, but don’t tease it for a month. That’s being an attention whore.

      • Andy Mars

        Maybe not attention whore, but releasing an untested jailbreak the day before sure sounds like petulant child to me, or at the very least unprofessional.

      • Z

        @Andy +1
        @Iso what about those unable to unlock? 3GS is being looked into, there are a lot of negative responses, which is an indicator of a buggy release. Jailbreaking is a business and when a 16 year old shithead, who said good bye to the scene, comes into the picture and ruins something devteam was working on, just cuz he felt like it, it’s not nice. He obviously rushed with his release.

      • Iso

        Z, fair point about the unlocks….but does Limera1n prevent the Chronic Dev Team from releasing a JB with Unlock? As they state, they’re using 2 different exploits. Even if Apple fixes Geohot’s exploit in 4.2 (which I doubt since it’s already in second beta…my guess would be a 4.21), would that affect Chronic’s release?

        Or do you mean it “ruins Chronic’s JB” because they’ll now prefer to hold GP until 4.2 comes out?

        And Andy Mars, I don’t disagree it appears petulant, and maybe it is, or maybe it’s profit motivated? I don’t know the answer

  • MikeAlaimo

    I can’t see what the big deal is?!! Can’t we all just get along?!!

  • Musti

    Geohot found a Bug what the dev Team didnt find and maybe would Never have found! Its a shame to make Geohot bad because he found the bug and released limerain. Why did the Chronic Team didnt found it and saying now that two Bugs are public now?
    That what geohot did for a weeks ago was not a good move but its also bad to make him responsible now!

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    Seriously I think DEV TEAM is way full of themselves! I think all of these guys including GeoHot get off by being the topic of conversation…
    Tell me… Why should GeoHot’s Release push back the release of GreenPoison!?

    GeoHot just released a BETA version of a JB using it’s first users as guinea pigs! So why not stick to your GreenPoison product and release it so the world can we all can see how much better it is if it is in fact better than LimeRa1n!??

    And stop with the old Meal at the end of a fishing hook bullshit! If your gonna release the JB or anything Just DO IT!
    And stop the fckin cryin like bitches leading us all on!

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    And Oh yeah…
    I read a blog on this Very site yesterday saying that GreenPoison may Not be available for 4.1 users because 4.2 was coming out soon anyway….

    So after weeks of saying the 4.1 JB was on the way they now were retracting…

    So Again….WTF is All The BITCHIN About!

    • Kepler82

      releasing 2 different jailbreaks will let apple put a cork in 2 holes instead of just one, making it harder for the dev teams (and geohot) to make a functional jailbreak for the next generation of devices. that’s what the bitching is about. thanks to geohot apple will soon know how his exploit works and be sure to remove it in the next revision of hardware. it’s called thinking ahead, something a 16 year old brat with skills and a huge ego, really don’t know how to do.

      • Iso

        Kepler82, I think you’re not considering a couple of key points:

        1. The second hole “belongs” to geohot because he found it. Apple putting a cork in it doesn’t take anything away from Chronic or their ability to use the hole they found. I get your point that you assume there are limited numbers of potential holes and it’s a shame to waste one but the finder has the right to do so.

        2. Assuming 2 exploits are “wasted” by being released on top of each other, why do you blame Geohot? He was able to come out with a working JB first, so isn’t the responsibility now on Chronic to not “waste” one? If Chronic came out first, it would be on Geohot, but they didn’t.

        Why do you think Chronic was entitled to be the ones to put out the 4.1 jailbreak and Geohot should have waited? Just because they announced it first? I’d rather see whoever can release first, do it, and let the slackers wait for the next version.

  • javed

    I downloaded Limera1n i done all procedure but nothing appear on i phone i got 3gs 4.1 sim free just wanna have fun with jailbreak.

  • ran

    Some of you don’t seem to understand the ‘for life’ portion of these jailbreaks. 4.2, 5.8,100.6 it doesn’t matter what version of the software it is. Without apple putting out new Hardware there is no way for apple to ‘plug’ the jailbreak

    Another thing that everyone seems to be glossing over is the fact that Green would only work on a new ipod 4g. Not the 3g, 2g or anything else. Just the pad and 4g devices. Lime works on nearly all models at this point.

    Yes, there looks to be some problems with Lime at the moment, and who knows about green. Really I couldn’t care less on who releases a working jailbreak. These people put in a lot of time and effort to help all of us out with our ipods. While Geohot’s release timing could have been better, the amount of hardware his jailbreak supports is much better. If he had not released it now, and Green came out first then a second exploit would have had to been made public so other devices could be jail broken. Allowing apple to fix that many more exploits in their next hardware refresh. As it stands now SHatter still has the possibility of being viable for the ipod hardware version. Which in my opinion is a much better solution than what would have happened had Green come out first, and Geohot’s exploit, or another like it, being needed for the majority of other devices that Green did not support.

  • Ciuh

    GeoHot is a fag – yet again ppl are stuck with iphones 4 that are locked – everyone was waiting for an unlock, which was a fab thing in Green. All the ppl who bought iPhones after the 4.0.2 release (2 months now) have phones that are locked. Now you have a prick like GeoHot making us, locked ppl, have a fuckin ipod for another month or two… congrats idiot.

    • Ned4

      Who said that greenpois0n would unlock your phone?? I only heard about hactivation. Don’t mix up the facts

  • Dantendo

    does limera1n work on the 8 gig mc model ipod touch?

  • I dot thinks it works I try jailbreaking my iPod 3G mc model… So fuck geohot he sucks