Yesterday we broke the news about the potential come back of Geohot and LimeRa1n, a new jailbreak-it-all tool that will supposedly be released next Monday, a day after GreenPois0n scheduled release date. At first I was very skeptical about it and to be honest with you, I still am.

However it’s been confirmed by all the big wigs that LimeRa1n is indeed for real and that it will most likely drop on Monday. Here is what we know so far…

StealthBravo explained why LimeRa1n will be released on Monday:

The significance of 10/11/10 is that its the one year anniversary of blackra1n’s release. 10/11/10 is the targeted release of limera1n

P0sixninja confirmed that Geohot is coming back with a different bootrom exploit that he wants Chronic Dev to use in GreenPois0n. No matter what happens, we’ll have a jailbreak. P0sixninja also confirmed Geohot is a little brat:

yes, the news about geohot is true, the day after we release ETA he decides he wants a piece of the #pie

and yes it is a different bootrom exploit, he wants us to use it in GP, but there’s no way we’ll make our ETA if we do

We are not changing our release date. If we can implement @geohots before 10/10 we will use that, otherwise we’re using ours. #roadblocks

i’m not mad at geohot, I just think it’s awful timing, and no his exploit is not better then ours, that’s why he wants to save ours

heh, geohot confirmed he only decided to work on limera1n when he found out we released an ETA #asshole

MuscleNerd made it clear that Geohot’s move is a waste of exploits and that he’s making Apple’s job easier in patching holes and making it harder for us to jailbreak.

As dramatic as geohot’s last-minute all-device JB is, still a shame that two bootrom holes will be burned at once.

The Chronic Dev Team also cleared the air and confirmed that no matter what, we’ll have a jailbreak on Sunday.

Note: greenpois0n will be released as planned. if someone decides to burn a different perfectly good exploit, that is entirely on them.

We are currently working the “situation” out. Don’t worry, you’ll still get the jailbreak in the end, nothing to be concerned about.

Comex didn’t really hide his feelings about what Geohot’s doing and clarified things up about LimeRa1n and GreenPois0n.

geohot always shows up at the exact right time to cause drama…

Reminder: the limerain thing is also tethered, so the pwned for life bit is only for a tethered jailbreak.

both limerain and greenpoison are using the same userland exploit to untether on 4.1 only.

Chpwn was also pretty clear that Geohot is wasting an exploit.

If we end up somehow disclosing two bootrom exploits this week, ruining chances for a next-gen bootrom exploit, I will be very, very pissed.

So what’s going on? Basically all the jailbreak community is against Geohot. They don’t want him to waste a precious exploit so they’re trying to use his exploit to implement it in GreenPois0n and keep the current SHAtter exploit for later.

You might think that in the end iPhone users will win because no matter what happens we’ll still get a jailbreak and maybe even a jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS. True and wrong. It’s true because we’ll indeed get jailbreaks for all devices. It’s wrong because once we’ve used these exploits, we might not be able to jailbreak iOS 4.2 when it comes out next month.

So what’s your take on this?

  • Juan

    I’ve always thought geohot to be rogue. which is why I never use his jailbreaks. ever. well, I did once and it was a disaster.

    IMO, I think the dude is an arrogant asshat. And to ask for donations while the dev team does it for free (and actually refuses donations)? He cam piss off.

    • Do u personally know geohot , u call him an asshat ! My my your vocabulary is poor, and u say piss off to him . Well mr Juan Aka ass face , what r u ? Can u program , can u do anything on a iPhone ? Geohot is a legend , stop your foolish atitude before I piss on u! So u had a bad experience with his tools , dev team also has ups and downs , but nobody shits on them …..,
      Give the geohot train a break , and pop a Prozac !

      • Z


        Nice jugs, but very poor judgement. Please don’t get defensive over someone who said a long time ago, and I just don’t have time to look it up, but as Sebastien and I said back in the day, when geohot dramatically LEFT the jailbreak community, that was not the last time we were gonna see his name in the scene.

        Now think about this:
        “heh, geohot confirmed he only decided to work on limera1n when he found out we released an ETA #asshole”
        And that came from the person who QUIT jailbreak scene over half a year ago?

        Going back to the vocabulary, oh my oh my, do you know Juan personally and yet you call him an ass face?! To me that looks like a contradiction of your own statement.

        Bottom line, I don’t know about Prozac, but I would recommend you some Valerian =) it helps to be more consistent and logical in your comments *hint hint*

      • Rex

        I perfectly agree with arampe. Am sure his jb were used by the very own ppl who are shitting on him. If his jb was the only tool to be released these guys wud have flocked to him fucking hypocrites
        Let me also clarify why his jb is better than greenpoison. GP is based on exploit of boot rom of all idevice using A4 chip. So it means 3GS guys are left in dark. Whereas Limera1n can jb 3GS as well. So chronic devteam was requested by geohot touse his exploit for tmrw’s release. But since these guys can’t use that in GP by tmrw they are cussing geohot. Tell me who is the bitch here then? A exploit which will jb all devices is better or only 4G devices? Moreover since GP uses exploit for newgen devices it will be only apt for GP not to be released tmrw. I donno why blame always geohot alone whn all other dev teams behave childishly and egohistically as well.

      • Z

        Noone said they CAN’T use geohot’s exploit. If they did, that would mean another extension to the release. Would you be willing to wait another month or so? If yes, then there will be a 3GS jb in a month release by comex.

        Where was Geo and his exploit when SHAtter was discovered? Where was Geo and his exploit when dev team started putting the jb together for the public. I’ll tell you where: he was no longer affiliated with jailbreaking!

      • gazza

        immense titties by the way, they would look great with my dong between them.

  • Phosphorus

    “You might think that in the end iPhone users will win because no matter what happens we’ll still get a jailbreak and maybe even a jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS. True and wrong. It’s true because we’ll indeed get jailbreaks for all devices. It’s wrong because once we’ve used these exploits, we might not be able to jailbreak iOS 4.2 when it comes out next month.

    So what’s your take on this?”

    They’re both Bootrom exploits so they will be able to jailbreak 4.2 regardless if apple tries to patch this or not. I am in favor of Geohot on this one, Greenpoison should be saved for a later release (Like when the iPad 2 comes out). In poker you have to know when to play your cards and when to fold. It would be wise of greenpoison to fold this hand and have Geohot release his limera1n.

    I know the dev team is pissed at the moment, but they shouldn’t let 2 bootrom exploits go to waste and blame geohot for that.

    I like how Geohot’s ego was a huge roadblock to them =), trolling really is an art and he’s doing it on an epic scale.

    • EgoHot

      However, the SHAtter exploit is more volaile and Apple could surely find it without greenpois0n’s help, while Geohot’s exploit is different and could be saved for next-gen devices

      • Yboy403

        Huh? Do you not get the point of a bootrom exploit? Even if apple knows what it is, they can only fix it with hardware changes. And I believe enough information’s been released about SHAtter that apple could fix it even if GreenPois0n is never released. And besides, soon iPhone 4 users will make up the majority of iPhone users. So why does it make sense to waste a future iPhone 4 exploit just to jailbreak the 3GS?

  • everybody quit crying over a fucking program. just jailbreak the shit and get on with your lives. everyone is going to get something out of this. everyone who has some sort of apple device will be happy when its all over with. you should be doing this for fun and to help out, not to whine and cry like a bunch of bitches cause someone else wants to get it on it to.

  • Clarence

    GeoHot is just a cunt. well, a smart cunt 🙂

  • John

    Don’t waste the exploit!

    • Tyler

      He shouldn’t save it. He should use, because from what I understand limerain will jailbreak all and greenpoison will only jailbreak 4th gens… So screw greenpoison. They should save the sHatter exploit for the 4.2 jb and then we can all use heights exploit and use limerain to jb. Save greenpoison for new devices.

      • Tyler

        sorry I meant geohot

  • I thought the new jailbreak was going to be base on a hardware issue not a software there for no matter how many updates came out after we would not loose our jailbreak. Was I missed informed?

  • Spoon

    GeoHot is good at what he does. If the DEVTeam cant convince Geo to hold off then the DevTeam needs to hold off and let GeoHot release. Either way if the DevTeam really cares THAT much about burning the hole they should let GeoHot go first. As for all the hardworking folks that worked on GP, we all know that they are capable of releasing GP, but maybe they should just let GeoHot have his way. He has always ALWAYS been super powerful and in his self driving lunacy toward world iPhone domination, he will keep annoying everyone just to prove himself. I think maybe he just needs a girlfriend or maybe should just get laid and maybe he’ll calm down.

  • rainrose

    Ahhhh Geohot may man, you should save your jailbreak for 4.2. Lol

  • Kingz

    Im pretty sure there is no exploit and geohot just wants attention/money. You guys cant always believe everything you hear.. Either way. The end result will be apple learning from its mistakes and eventually producing a device which is impossible to jailbreak.

  • xXx

    hey . dev team can’t blame on geohot . GP only JB iphone 4 and other new device . but how about 3gs ????
    they easily said that 3gs user must wait for comex in 4.2 release . what the F*%K ????
    we must wait 1 month again ????? what kind of people are dev team ? their ego must be worse than geohot . or they think they already have the iphone 4 so they don’t work on 3gs JB any more ?
    so i vote for geohot because he always make surprise for me . and i hope limera1n released earlier than greenpoison . and greenpoison better not out and be vanished .
    cmon geohot …

  • James

    Its a bit confusing but I thing the hardware exploit will result in the jailbreak being tethered, while when they can find other exploits they can make them untethered. So, while 4.2 will be eventually jailbroken also, its possible that by geo letting a second exploit out of the bag and into apple’s hands to fix, that 4.2 may be tethered for everyone is they don’t find something else.

    At least, thats what I make out of all thats being said.

  • Monkey

    @ the idiot Juan: you used the product for free and stop complaining bitch. Donation is optional and it is just a courtesy to keep thing spinning.

    You should be directing your anger to Apple, the company that cuts your throat with expensive devices and controls your usage over a device that you own. If it wasn’t for Apple’s restriction, you wouldn’t even have to resort to jailbreaking community

    Also, the problem is from you not Geohot’s being arrogant. He can be anything he wants and that is his problem, not yours. And since you have problems with him being arrogant, then you have a problem, a psychotic one.

    • My taughts exactly ….

    • Z

      “And since you have problems with him being arrogant, then you have a problem, a psychotic one.” said the MONKEY lol

  • Rob

    One thing ive never understood is why there isnt ot cant be “genrric” shsh that we can downgrade restore to

    • Rob

      I mean “generic”

  • James

    Rob, the device is coded by apple to accept only their signatures, each shsh is like a fingerprint to work only on a particular device. The methods now just save that shsh file so we can use it. If someone cracks the way apple sign’s them, then they can probably let you make one for the device. But no none has cracked the signature system to enable us to create our own, just save the ones apple is creating.

    • Rob

      Ahh ty that makes sense

  • Roberto

    Limera1n for all devices!!! GreenPois0n for A4 devices. GreenPois0n failed, 3GS owners won!

  • shutupnoobs

    The superior program is the one that jailbreaks all idevices, not the one that has the first ETA. If the dev team’s exploit can’t jailbreak all idevices, which it isn’t at its current form, man up, admit defeat and save their exploit for future updates rather than demonizing geohot.

    It’s lame to criticize a competitor when your product is inferior to theirs!

  • Apple everything

    Trust egohot to put a spanner in the works he done the same with blackra1n cdt were ready with there’s be stupid to waste 2 bootroms I do feel for cdt they have done all that work I don’t think peeps will hate them like last time cos we no shatter is defo there geo is a smacked arse shit but he is good at what he does I hope they save 1 don’t think geo will save his

    • xXx

      better you take your word back . cdt was a loser .
      better cdt not released the stupid greenpoison . GP = jailbreak iphone 4 . for what ? useless ! there was many of 3gs user than 4 .
      better greenpoison changed into a macromedia flash games in computer , and not be a jailbreaker again .
      limera1n = jailbreaks all device . it’s super man !! give thanks to geo , iphone 3gs users !

  • Hey idiot why did u delete my commeny

  • TCP

    I believe one of them should save their exploit , I don’t care which one..and should work together. I am thankful for all the hardwork all of them do. And am waiting on Jb of course 🙂 does this mean gp or limerain will Jb 4.2 also?

  • sucre187

    A4 can use GreenPoison.
    S5L8920 can use LimeRa1n.
    Geohot ftw!

  • Kixfan

    I’m willing to bet there are as many or more 3GS than 4s in use. Why bother releasing a jb that ignores at least half of the users? I’m not complaining about either of them but I think geohots makes much more sense than releasing one that a lot of us can’t even use! Just my opinion so flame me if you feel the need.

    • xXx

      i am agree brother ! lets vote that geohot is the best and GP is a scum .

  • Jason Madison

    Neat, he is releasing it on Gay National Coming Out Day.

  • Glinja

    Who gives a fuck, I assume they are both tethered so I’m staying with my jb iphone4 as is, until an untethered ver is out, I’m not wandering about with my phone wondering how long my battery will last

  • deeps

    well i m gettin to know all about this jail break thing so say me a noob no probs…

    well i hav a question can any 1 make me clear????
    so if i jailbreak my itouch4g with 4.1 in it and if another jailbreak is released say for 4.2 shuld i update that????

    i dont even know if my question exists…sorry 😛

  • jailbroken

    A few points:
    1. As far as I’m aware these are bootrom hacks, meaning a firmware update from Apple won’t be able to close the exploit, only a hardware update can. This means Apple would have to build a fix into future generation devices, and any new current gen devices being built: it won’t affect iOS 4.2 at all.
    2. As I’ve read elsewhere, the two bootrom hacks are quite similar, and it’s very possible that when Apple close the shatter exploit they’ll close GeoHot’s as well anyway, whether he releases it or not.
    3. LimeRa1n jbs all devices, not just iPhone 4, iPad and iPod touch 4. There are millions more iPhone 3G and 3Gs users than iphone 4 users. If only GP is released then all 3Gs and 3G users are screwed with no 4.1 jb.
    4. GeoHot might well have timed this announcement to steal the limelight, but ultimately his jb is better as it is a solution for everyone, not just iPhone 4 users.

    • Burge

      You took the words out of my mouth …
      Geohot said he didn’t have time to make his jailbreak so now he has , and what better way of doing it than jailbreaking all devices unlike GP. CDT only told us this week that it will do A4 chip devices.. Seems like thay forgot 3GS users.
      Well done GEOHOT…

    • Z

      Sorry, didn’t finish reading your comment, but already first paragraph puts an interesting question, why is everyone freaking out so much considering it’s a bootrom exploit.

      Good point!

  • dev team told us all devices would be jailbroken by this release but it wont, why not tell us at the time as they are know able to tell us it will most likely be after the update to 4.2 in Nov so fuck them i will take the first jailbreak for 3gs that comes out

  • Mac

    What you need to do is tell all the 3g and 3gs owners that there will be no jailbreak available. Then just as we have got enough rope together to kill ourselves, tell us that there will be a jailbreak available. What are you doing to us? God, my nerves are hurting…lol

  • Z

    All I can say @Sebastien, you were right back in the day when you said it was not the last of Geohot we saw when he left, and once again, another attention grabbing move made by that kid.

    • Burge

      But with out this jailbreak ( limerain ) do you won’t to wait another month ? For @comex to release his jailbreak for the 3GS ( I know you have one of these as do I ) all I can say is fuck GP and give me some lime. CDT just fucking us all over (3GS users) . Geohot might be attention seeking but at the end of the day his jailbreak is for all devices

      • Z

        Burge, I’ve been waiting for 4.1 jb just like everyone else for 3GS for one reason – format the phone and start over from scratch. I honestly could care less about game center and other new features offered in 4.1.
        I am a jailbreak, and iOS was my idea lol I’m happy on 4.0.1 for as long as I’m jailbroken.

        What I don’t like about this whole geohot business is that he is young and approaches everything with a very young perspective – immature. Another thing I don’t like is how everyone was saying ‘f’ geo… He’s a fruit’ blah blah when he SUPPOSEDLY left jb scene, and now he is a legend again?

        I’m happy where I’m at with my phone right now and I feel sorry for those who acquired a 3GS with a 4.1 fw (tho I really see no point in buying a 3GS when 5 is coming out relatively soon), but don’t feel bad for those who updated and now are complaining. They need to learn their lessons.

        Bottom line, I don’t mind waiting another month to upgrade to 4.1

        PS: that nolockscreen is definitely a keeper =)

  • Jake K.

    Greenpois0n was such a waste of time. Dev team spends 75% of their day replying to Twitter posts. I mean, come on. Geohot is the real deal. I can’t thank him enough for being able to JB my 3GS. Hoping for untethered.

  • Rizo g

    I think the limera1n jailbreak will be tethered like blackra1n… If u look at geohots pic of all the idevices they are all connected via USB …. Mark my words

  • Rizo g

    I think the limera1n jailbreak will be a tethered 1… If u look at geohots pic of all the idevices they are all connected via USB …. Mark my words

  • Rizo g

    Excuse the duplicate comment

  • Burge

    Read above both lime and GP are unterthed, same userland exploit

  • DialTone

    They’re both tethered JB – As I understand it, the difference is that GP is exploiting a weakness in the A4 chip, Lime is not. They’re both bootrom exploits, similar but not identical. What makes the JB untethered is Comex’s userland exploit (which should work on both JB), so imho I don’t understand the fuss about 4.2 – seems that a (new?) Comex exploit will be required for this regardless of device, so it makes more sense that lime should be released over GP as more devices will be JB and save SHAtter for later usage (assuming that either JB are even likely to be relevant for 5th Gen devices – who knows how similar these will be anyway? Same bootrom? Same A4 processor?)

  • Seriously, ungrateful bastards making that SHAtter exploit.

    Geohot is the man, your’ all lucky he doesn’t just come out and release it a day ahead of you guys and burn your whole exploit/Devteam up in flames.
    I’m sure geohot feels the same way, with all this “brat” name calling going on.

    Mad props to both Dev teams, but seriously? ya’ll gonna cry about it? you gonna cry? awwwhhh pooooor babies.

  • and, wait, so when Chr0nicDev team guys finally, FINALLY made an ETA for greenpoison, geohot THEN decides that he would go n and find an exploit, and release it within a day of greenpoisons ETA?

    man.. 1 man team doing in a week, what sounds like a whole team of ppl took weeks to do.
    sure sounds like an idiot to me.

  • Simon

    My guess is that both jailbreaks are going to be tethered because they are both bootroom exploits. Hopefully chronic dev team is able to use Geohot’s exploit instead of using both.

  • b1nd

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Lol, The Chronic Dev Team waited until the last possible minute to correct their original statement on SHAtter working on ALL current iDevices.

    GeoHot who’s always cared about the iPhone community and has always been at the Pinnacle of the iPhone Reversing Community, decides he’s going to release a JB that works for ALL devices. He then has a conversation with the Chronic Dev Team and says, “Use this in GP before your ETA” Basically like a “Here, have my exploit, use it with GP so it will JB all current iDevices”, thusly making both look like heroes. The Chronically Retarded Dev team Said no, declining GeoHots humble request because,
    “we won’t be able to make our ETA if we do that”. That’s totally not the reason however, it had everything to do with GeoHot making a return and stealing the thunder of the Chronic Dev Team. I highly doubt GeoHot had negative intentions with his announcement. The Chronic Dev Team says the “real reason” is because GEOHOT is the one burning an exploit on top of GP…. How is that remotely fair to put that on GeoHot when he was the one who offered to work with The Chronic Dev Team and integrate his JB into theirs. How does that make any sense at all….

    Now the Chronic Dev Team has the nerve to be upset at GeoHot when his original intention was just to get a JB out to the community that worked on all iDevices? Seriously?

    As far as I’m concerned even with what the Chronic dev team pulled a while back when they promised a release and failed to deliver, they can go screw themselves. Millions of third generation iDevice users were being potentially screwed out of the GP JB and not one of them at any point cared to make that announcement earlier on in the development stages. I don’t care if you’re doing this for free or not, you basically showed to the community what type of people you are. GeoHot prevails once again, if anyone needs to be thanked for ALL he’s done, it’s definitely GeoHot. I’m so sick of the flak he’s incurred from perusing other business ventures in the year or so he’s been “out of the scene”. The point is, he’s never fell out of the scene entirely, he’s been doing public presentations on his findings with the iPhone in addition to working extensively on future iDevice JB’s.

    In closing, the Chronic Dev Team could care less about the community, for each and every one of their members with the exception of MuscleNerd (because he’s cool), all they care about is public imagery, fame and this false sense of empowerment. GeoHot has earned the nickname “EgoHot” however, I fail to see how that applies to him. Have you read the guys bio and seen all of the stuff he’s done with electronics with his father? The guy’s a genius. Who cares if he decided to release his “Better” JB alongside The Chronic Dev Team’s.

  • big voodoo

    hey seb should we also belive about the limesn0w to unlock the new BBs?

  • …..

    limera1n, 6 months in the making
    iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G
    4.0-4.1 and beyond+++
    limera1n is unpatchable
    untethered thanks to jailbreakme star comex
    released today to get chronicdev to do the right thing
    brought to you by geohot
    Mac and Linux coming soon
    follow the instructions in the box, sadly limera1n isn’t one click
    that’s the price of unpatchability
    as usual, donations appreciated but not required
    still in beta, pardon my ragged edges
    zero pictures of my face

    Download link pending discussion

    its there …..

  • Nick

    Very interesting issue there… as much as I would like a JB for my iPhone 3gs, I guess Geohot should consider the all work he put in, working on this JB, and the short lifespan of this exploit if he releases it on Monday.

  • Lots of good choices and a lot of bad ones. Thats not for me to judge. But. This drama only hurts JB users in the end. Get your shit together and quit fighting like bitches in heat.

  • Santtu…


  • Santtu…

    Now only thing for me to work out is how to get it work… I did it couple times but now I have to figure out how to get cyndia (ps pardon me I haven’t done any jailbreak before…) so if some one could help me out now…

  • anon123

    Is it safe to use? “limera1n” or i should wait for greenp0ison to be released?

  • kism

    at this point in time i think geohot is being a real douche since the guys ar cronic have been waiting for the time to release a proper jailbreak tool such as green poison since the greenpois0n project has been going on for so long.

  • tbui123

    I thought that all the articles written before suggested that the Shatter Exploit will not allow Apple to patch any more holes untile Apple comes up with a new hardware revision? Why blame Geohot for screwing up Greenp)ison jailbreak? Limera1n JB is a different exploit from Greenp0ison, is this not true?

  • Gh0st

    Look the dev team is just pissed off that GeoHot got it out faster then them and he’s getting all of the downloads. Fuck they have to stop bitching about it and save theirs for another time. I thought they did this as a hobby not as some sort-of race to see who becomes JB Zen master. I agree with GeoHot, he saw that GP would only be 4G and it will leave the 3g people out, which are more at the moment. Everybody should stop their bitching and shitting on him. I remember when he was getting praised for Blackra1n. Bottom line is it’s just fucking software. Besides, nobody here owns it, it’s all apples. So JB your stuff and be happy that there’s something that works. If the dev team is so pissed, maybe they should work faster next time…… My 2c

  • bldxbill

    will limera1n able jailbreak 3g????