Geohot just released LimeRa1n, a jailbreak for all iDevices including the iPad. This step by step guide and tutorial will show you how to use LimeRa1n to jailbreak your iPad iOS 3.2.2.

LimeRa1n is still very buggy and I don’t actually recommend using it, so proceed at your own risks…

Step 1: Download LimeRa1n from our here.

Step 2: Plug your iPad in and launch LimeRa1n then click “Make it Ra1n”.

Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions: hold the Home and Power button together.

Step 4: Release the Power button.

Step 6: LimeRa1n will have your iPad enter DFU mode and will then work its jailbreak magic.

Step 7: Your iPad is almost jailbroken and you should see the following messages.

Step 8: If you don’t see the LimeRa1n icon on your iPad , simply reboot it, then launch LimeRa1n on your iPad and select Cydia to install.

Step 9: Once Cydia is installed, you can uninstall LimeRa1n from the LimeRa1n app on your iPad.

Let us know how it goes for you.

  • Michael

    I wish I didn’t have to downgrade from 4.2 beta to jailbreak it. But it works great nonetheless.

  • Lucky

    Who can tell me how it work? Is it beta version?

  • Guest

    Tried but dun seem to be working.. Can’t find limera1n after jailbreaking

  • Lucky

    What matters if failure of jailbreak? My iPad is originally version 3.2.2, I reluctant to test it.

  • Delano

    Did everything as listed but no icon anywhere. I rebooted too. Any ideas what’s wrong? Looks like I’m not only one to not find icon on screen.

  • Michael

    Geohot’s initial beta was broken. Try going to and downloading the latest beta.

  • If you don’t see the limera1n icon on your iPad, simply reboot a couple times. You should then be able to see it.

  • Ingrid

    Worked on this too took multiple tries to get Cydia on the board, but I am up and running now. Hopefully I don’t have to reinstall every source like i did on my phone.

  • Delano Jennings

    deleted limeta1n and downloaded again from his site. still getting same problem. no limera1n icon showing up after DFU mode and no icon on ipad after reset.

    whats wrong?

  • Lucky

    To sum up, this tool does not work, right? Need to wait till full version available.

  • Delano Jennings

    thats correct lucky. im just gonna wait til greenpoison does theirs. geohots just a waste of time and its already having problems

  • Lucky

    To sum up, this tool doesn’t work, need to wait full version available.