I am sure everyone now knows that the Chronic Dev Team has announced the new iDevice jailbreak code-named Greenpois0n will be released this Sunday 10/10/10 at 10:10:10am GMT.

The even bigger news is that according to the team, Greenpois0n will be the silver bullet that will make iDevices jailbroken forever. The team states that this new tool will be able to keep Apple from reversing the jailbreak on a permanent basis…

Now I would never call the Dev Team liars, as I have been using their tools since the beginning of the iPhone’s existence, but are they that certain that Apple will not find a way to plug this hole? I for one am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it’s true as it would solve mine and everyone else’s problem with having to jailbreak each time Apple releases a new version of iOS.

I am especially looking forward to being able to run iOS 4.2 with jailbreak on my iPad. I have a developer membership so I already have 4.2 Beta 2 and I now have all the great new features on my iPad as well as my iPhone 4.

I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to get here waiting for the release of this new tool and I am so grateful to the Chronic Dev Team for all their hard work. Even though the Dev Team gives away their hard work for free I would encourage everyone who takes advantage of Greenpois0n to stop by their site and make a donation for all they have brought to the iDevice community.


  • Nick

    Apple can’t fix the hole unless they replace the hardware on the iphone. the “exploit” is in the hardware and not in programming so an update can’t fix it. Sounds like it’s the silver bullet!

    my 2 cents…

  • Yboy403

    Yeah, remember the 3GS? As far as I know, they found a bootrom exploit that forced them to change the bootrom in later devices. I think.

  • iKing

    Does this mean we will be able to upgrade our ios device thru iTunes while maintaing a jailbreak?

    • sk@tta

      I thnk it means that we can use the same exploit to jailbreak everytime an update is released without having to wait for the Dev Team to come up with a new jailbreak. Correct me if im wrong

    • Nick

      No it means that the exploit is still workable on the new firmware but the jailbreak tools need to be updated for any new features that the new firmware offers. If you update in itunes you restore factory firmware. The “silver bullet” just means there will always be a hole for the dev team to take advantage of and the jb just gets updated along with firmware versions.

  • Sasan

    Silver bullet?!!!!! It is not even a tomato !!!! I know it is a free tool but they had promised to make the JB available for all devices through GP. now it just claim to support new generation iDevices not the previous ones. It is not honest. even I respect their efforts and I know it is free tool.

    • Nick

      use sn0wbreeze or redsn0w if you’ve got an older device since they can already jail break older 4.1 devices given that they’ve been previously jailbroken before…

      • William Douglas

        I agree, just use the other tools for the older units. This is a big coup for the newer hardware and if you are running older hardware isn’t it time to upgrade ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Nate

        Not my 3GS!

    • Steve

      It’s strange, I was wondering about how wide this JB would be when everyone was reporting about it a few weeks ago. I don’t think the actual devs gave any specific info about which models, just that it was a hardware exploit that promised JB for life. Everyone else just sorta ran with it, and then we started hearing that it was for all existing devices. Given that it’s a CPU exploit, it would seem to depend on the model of the device. Later they announced that the JB worked for the iPod Touch 4, but I don’t believe they ever actually announced it worked with earlier models.

  • theComer

    how lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • rainrose

    Wow! I’ll surely make a donation for all their hard work! I heart all the people behind every jailbreak. My iPhone is alive because of it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jb


  • smallking

    i believe the shatter exploit would always be there…but as what musclenerd mention everytime a new ios comes out the jailbreak would be a tethered one until they find a way to untether it just like what comex did for 4.1..

  • vik071

    I DON’T CARE!!! Since it won’t jb my 3GS!

    There, I said it… ๎‰๎‘๎€ฃ๎–

    • 2meu

      I agree with you @vik071 because I also have a 3GS, but let’s hope that who ever is working for a jb for our modle give us a surprise by the end of this month or even earlier. ๎€Ž

      • Nick

        You guys need to do some research… there already is and has been a jailbreak for the 3gs running 4.1. google sn0wbreeze or redsn0w….

  • Just a quick note for a friend (since I run iPhone4) – Does sn0wbreeze of resn0w also unlock? or just plain gve the option for installing 3rd party programs?

  • akasha

    Silver bullet my ass!!!

  • jbonatesta

    Sn0breeze or Redsn0w don’t work on 3gs 6.04 with 05.14.02 , need to be lower to work
    No way to lower bootrom/baseband. Stuck !
    Tried everything. Even downgrading itunes
    No blobs saved for 3.12 Umbrella can’t help either.
    I was able to downgrade to 4.0 but no lower and still with 6.04 and 05.14.02

  • rao

    Hello Every one,

    Happy to see daily update related iphone’s i am sorry but i am new user of iphone my question is always use jailbreak iphone’s now i am using iphone 4 factory unlocked after jailbreak with green poisi0n my iphone should be always jailbreaked even i update on os 4.2 ? please define in detail thanks in advance

  • Lucas

    Greenpoison will only work on idevice that have the a4 cpu where the exploit is in .. So Older decice wont work in greenpoison as its use this specific exploit (shattred……)to jailbreak !! Now no jailbreak ever will be able to stay on a device after an upgrade as your writing another os on the nand (if i can call it this way) so every little piece of jailbreak or anything on device is wipe . The only way i think it would be wonderfull is to have an app that do the jailbreak on the iphone so after the restore or upgrade you sync your jailbreak app and run it apple should allow that!!! Lol

  • Jason

    to nick..there is no jailbreak for 3gs 4.1 with new baseband..u should know better..

  • jacob

    green pois0n works great! i have a 2nd gen ipod touch running on 4.1 firmware and green pois0n worked great. iTunes syncs great excited for 4.2 to see if i really can update with the JB. great job Dev team