Some of you have been waiting for 16 years to see the day when Sega finally releases the sequel of its most successful game: Sonic the Hedgehog. Available in the App Store for $9.99 (*choke cough*), Sonic 4 [iTunes link] picks up right where Sonic and Knuckles left off.

It’s as fast as it ever was. The only downside I can see to this so far is the price. Let us know what you think about this new game if you decide to download it.

  • Spizikes

    It’s quoted as $12.99 on installous. *Wink*

  • Spizikes

    Damn, I love mediafire!!!!!!

  • six4seven

    God I need a 4.1 Jailbreak.

  • Tony

    I played the 1st zone so far. Not bad. Only quirky thing is speed dashing. You have to stand still, press down and then press jump to start spinning. Which is just fine, it’s just sometimes the virtual pad thinks you want to press down/left or down/right and that doesn’t trigger the spin dash. Also sucks when you are running and want to spin to kill something in your way, but you can’t.

    Other than that, great so far

  • Jason masters

    Lol got to love installous I once saw an app on this blog called Helios it was 29.99 needles to say instalouss saved the day lol!!!

  • Sega just doesn’t learn. They just don’t! Even if the game is the best game they’ve produced in years, it’s not going to fly at $9.99. Sales figures will be interesting to see.

  • Andy Mars

    Especially when Modern Combat 2 was released today as well. I’m tempted to get it still, but my girlfriend would screw if I spend £10 on iPhone games in one day!