You knew this was bound to happen sooner rather than later, though you probably didn’t expect the first iPhone 4 Film Festival to come from Korea. To commemorate the recent launch of the iPhone 4 in South Korea, local carrier KT decided to create the very first festival that requires all competitors to film and edit their entries exclusively with an iPhone 4.

Twelve shorts by Korean directors were screened yesterday night for the opening day of this month-long event. Apparently not everybody was pleased by the capabilities of the iPhone 4…

Writer-director of “The Scam” Lee Ho-jae told the press that he had difficulties with setting the white balance and anticipating unpredictable focus shifts of the phone’s lens.

“There were problems with setting the white balance and getting the auto-focus to keep steady and consistent but that was taken care of by an application called Almost DSLR, Lee said.

Hey guys, I’ve got news for you: it’s just a phone. So no, you don’t get to bitch about how a $400 iPhone is not as good as a $6,000 video camera.

[Korea Herald]

  • Jason masters

    So where are the samples??

    • I couldn’t find a link to them.

  • Steve

    It didn’t seem like a complaint rather than some comments about actually trying to shoot a short with a iPhone 4, and how he was able to solve problems through software.

    Everyone compares basic image quality of iPhone 4 vs. point-n-shoot digicams. I would say it’s not quite there (digicams will always have larger sensors, plus camera phones are more sluggish to use), but one great advantage of the iPhone 4 is the versatility that can be added through software- manual controls, HDR, image enhancement (Clear Cam), etc. Not to mention how fun it is to fool around with filters and effects right on the phone, vs. waiting to download and then tweak on your computer. On the balance, it makes using the iPhone 4 camera a lot of fun (and reasonably practical) to use.

  • OfficeJunky
  • Yeah.. in south Korea… woohoo~~~

    here is a link to a cnet asia.

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