We just shared the news that the GreenPois0n jailbreak will only work for the iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod Touch 4G. However a random tipster just pointed me to this tweet from MuscleNerd saying that even though GreenPois0n won’t work for the iPhone 3GS, Comex is working on developing a new jailbreak for this device.

That’s indeed some good news for those of you who have an iPhone 3GS. At this point it is still unclear whether this new jailbreak by Comex will work with the iPhone 3G as well. There is absolutely no ETA for this jailbreak. I guess time will tell…

Update: MuscleNerd told me on Twitter that to jailbreak the iPhone 3G you will have to use RedSn0w or PwnageTool.

  • Jerry

    Will it work on ipod touch 2g?

    • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It


  • Josh

    I wish greenpois0n would have done this.

  • Venus

    Will comex jailbreak be shatter like also?

  • eils

    now they tell us i was waiting one hole goddamn month just to get shafted. thanks comex, the CDT are bunch of D*****bags

    • Chris

      Wow. If you don’t like it…develope your own goddam jailbreak tool then…smart ass!

  • Saz

    Tell me about it! I need 4.1! And for it to work on my 3 gs! Grrrrrttr!

  • @cansforjasper

    Just remember you can “jailbreak” 4.1 on your 3G with redsn0w on Mac and with sn0wbreeze on pc

  • vik071

    Here is another answer from @chpwn when asked if my 3GS will remain stuck on 4.0.1:
    “@chpwn: @vik071 At least until the next 3GS jailbreak.” 

  • Salvador

    Don’t forget if you do with redsnow can’t unlock and with snowbreeze you can upgrade to 4.1 and preserv the previos baseband and can unlock with ultrasnow it work on my 3g

  • Mike

    very dispoint at greenpoison,,,,,,they the reason lots 3gs and other update to 4.1, at first they said support every devices for life and now only for new devices. seem to me like,,,,,greenpoison and apple are on the same boat. You never know,,,,,greenpoison might get a big F-check from apple…..thats why they screw us up…….waiting for shatter was very big to me til NOW….NO hope at all………purchased lots apps from rock and cydia and won’t be able to use them…………………….F-ken greenpoison ! ! ! !

    • toobie

      I totally agree with you !!
      Theres something really twisted about this!
      Pissed to devteam – keep your fuc€ing tools!!

    • Nadd

      I agree with u too man. They probably just want everyone to fork out £600 for an iPhone 4 :@

      • TheBruce

        You’re all so smart complaining about the CDT being in league with Apple. I imagine this is a big incentive for the CDT members to spend even more time creating jailbreaks for all you ungrateful bastards *NOT*

        So stop whining and grow up. The only reason greenpois0n doesn’t work on the 3GS is that for this jailbreak to work they needed to use an exploit found in the A4 chip, which earlier iPhones and iPods don’t have.

  • t00bie

    They just gone too greedy as apple himself..jobs is very clever in marketing and i think he is not hesitating use this kind of “marketingploy”. I just starting to adapt to situation that i stuck with this os 4.0.1 jb and its enough for me. I dunno comex but i wouldnt trust too much releasing of jb..

  • Burge

    Comex did spirit jailbreak and jailbreakme so you do know that he can and will come though for us

    • uncleho

      agree its will happen. Us 3GS / i pod 3 owners have always had jb problems but but we always pull through

      • Burge

        Iam starting to think I just might buy a i4. Because it looks like all the new jailbreaks are going to be more i4 related . If you know what I mean

  • rob jones

    when is the 3gs 4.1 jailbreak going to be out please let me know as my phone is useless untill then email me
    thanks guys

  • lucy

    Sorry to be a right girl about this but its confusing me can i or can i not jail break my 3gs???!!!! Its 4.1 please help!!!