Here is some good news for jailbreakers and unlockers waiting for the GreenPoison jailbreak, which should now come out anytime soon. According to tweet by GreenPois0n developer P0sixninja, the new jailbreak tool will be able to hacktivate the iPhone.

This is particularly interesting to those of you who don’t have an official SIM card to activate the iPhone, which is a necessary step in being able to use the iPhone… 

Activating is the process during which your iPhone “talks” to your carrier to make sure it is registered with the official carrier. If it’s not, your iPhone will not be activated and will then be useless. Just like the name suggests, hacktivating is a workaround that let’s you hack your iPhone to make it believe it’s been legitimately activated, and give you access to the iPhone spingboard.

Now the question is when will GreenPois0n be available? We’re all crossing our fingers hoping it will be sooner rather than later.

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  • gp

    Wow! can’t wait any longer man!!

    • Shreyash Lonkar (twitter)

      same here. can’t wait to get my hands on my beloved jailbroken apps! 🙂 <3

      • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

        Yep, so can’t I lol

    • palotO

      Yes. I REALLY need bitesms. Had almost 5000 credits!

      • Cojendo

        Is it better to buy bitesms credits than ATT ones since I only make domestic texts in the USA.

  • zo1o

    so what ur saying is with GreenPois0n ill be able to jailbrake it and unlock it at the same time? if that it, i cant wait to use it! 🙂

    • Tony

      Not unlock but activate, with 4.1 comes a new baseband and until now there is no unlock.

      Hacktivate means u will get passed the “slide for emergency calls only” screen, that doesnt mean u will be able to use ur non official sim card with it.

    • Stink

      Redsn0w And pwnage tool do both to

      • Tony

        Ultrasn0w does the unlocking, but to be able to get that, yes u have to use either Redsn0w or pwnage tool to jailbreak and hacktivate

  • JAK

    I guess what I do like about all the jailbreaks between each Apple update make keeping the iPhone an interesting device… An the android such a well.. You know… An Android…

  • Jasmeet

    It means we will be able to unlock and jailbreak at the same time from greenpOison itself

  • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

    Damn can’t wait to jailbreak my IPOD TOUCH 4G why every section is about an IPHONE why can’t it say both of their names????

    • Smoke

      Cuz no one cares about the iPod 4g. Waste of money when u can have a phone that does all things.

      • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

        Well but ppl still care about their iPod not only because they don’t have an iPhone cuz of various reasons so they can afford a iPod touch so I’m just saying this not only me thinks like this maybe other feel the same way

      • Yboy403

        Actually, I could afford the iPhone 4, but I decided not to. It costs, over a 3 year plan at $50/month, $1800. That’s not including the phone, a further $199. Is the phone worth so much more when for $2000 I could buy a 64 gb iPod touch, good headphones, and still have enough money to get a cheap cell plan at $20/month+$0. That’s why I have an ipt4g. Which I want to jailbreak. And I hope they’re not delaying the release because of this hacktivating feature.

      • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

        Well actuall I wish I had an iPhone but it’s five in ma family sothat would be alot of money to pay and ATT&T doesnt accept me as a customer kkk so that is why I can’t get an iPhone, well I could get it in Ferry St, Newark, NJ, USA unlocked for $500 so I could open up my sprint phone to get the SIM card and he put it o an iPhone but I don’t fell like waisting $500 on an iPhone

      • Yboy403

        So? I have 6 in my family. I have a part-time job that pays only $10 or so an hour, but that’s enough to afford an iphone. I have enough saved to pay for the phone itself, and I make enough to pay the bills. If you manage your money right, you can afford a lot more than you think.

    • Rumor

      Since when Sprint phones have SIM cards?

      • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

        well they do of course but it’s inside the phone , so to get the SIM card out of the phone u need it to open the phone itself trust me i tried with ma phone to discover it’s was inside soo yyeaa

      • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

        Well ATT&T doesn’t accept me as a customer because u can’t afford to pay I can cuz I work Im literally paying for ma college right now with my current job it’s that ATT&T has a policy with certain ppl that try to join ATT&T Like my dad’s friend he can’t go to ATT&T cuz they’re not American they’re immigrants so last rme I check immigrants can’t open a phone plan with ATT&T right???

    • Rumor

      Are u sure? Sprint as well as Verizon, work on CDMA. As far as I know they don’t have SIM cards. I just took apart my old sanyo piece by piece and could not could not find anything that even looks like a SIM card.

      • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

        Well if u open my like I did then u’ll find a SIM card inside my phone

    • Felix

      I have the iPod 4g, but this is an iPhone blog. That’s why the title of any section is titled with iPhone. I personally have bad credit. Last time I tried signing up with AT&T, they wanted $1000.00 deposit just to sell me a plan an the iPhone. I’m happy with skype and textfree app for voice and SMS. $40/month for 4g wireless from clear and no contract. That’s a lot of money saved.

  • Jason masters

    Hopefully it will keep until 5.0 so we can update without fear !

  • sounds great,,,,, 4.02 sucks

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    • Go to, create an account, upload a picture. Done! After that you have to make sure you use the same email address when you leave a comment.

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        I google something yesterday and bam IDB forum, i registered immediately….looks great also , I hope you
        have some way of checking member stats cause I am running for a moderator position, I hope I can make the cut ….lol . Any way great blog , and best forum……

      • Burge

        Evey now and then seb has said to someone …please ask in the forums…take it that you’ve not seen that. ? …

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      • TheChosenOne

        Stunning looks, then again its only upside down, LOL

  • 42womenwe5t

    To hacktivate is not equal to unlock. Please people read the blog again. Meaning, you won’t be able to unlock unless you preserve a baseband compatible with ultrasn0w.

  • Jason masters

    No ultrasn0w is being updated again to be compatible with the new basebands so you’ll be able to activate and unlock

    • Jasmeet

      So it means this will not do the carrier unlock so after jb we hav u wait for ultrasnow jailbreak

      • Jasmeet


      • Jason masters

        Should be released at same time maybe a day or two delay for the unlock maybe it will be earlier it’s all in the air right now.

  • Tewman

    Begining to think it’s all hype to get the crowd all worked up, will there ever be an actuall release???

  • Max

    Come one green poison

  • chimmay

    ;lkadsjfpane….i want to use my iphone!!! hopefully with in the next 2 weeks

  • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

    nice lol

  • Andrew

    I’ve contact my carrier to get them to unlock my phone so i can use it overseas and with any SIM. If i update to 4.1 and then jailbreak with GP, is my phone still unlocked as it was before? Currently still using 3.1.2, had the phone unlocked by carrier, followed by jb with blackrain.

  • I know my g/f will kill me .lol

    • Z

      Well you better hurry up then, cuz I still see jugs lol

  • steve


    Please hide our ugly breasts. God damn.

  • There is not a SIM card in CDMA phones. Anywhere. At all.

    Atleast not the EVO, ive taken it apart twice, every single piece.

    Children these days…

  • Z

    Arampe – Adesh??? Different names but still same jugs! Me likes lol

  • c0ntr0l

    I don’t care for unlocking my phone but cant wait for Jb

  • Iphone Lover

    oh man..can’t wait for the day which ios 4.1 can be jailbroken.

  • Seon

    come on come on, i really cant wait anymore