The Google Mobile app for iPhone was just updated to support Google Goggles, a feature that has been available on Android for awhile. So what is Google Goggles? And why is it a big deal?

Google Goggles is the next step toward merging the physical world with the online world. While it’s definitely a baby step, Googles is still groundbreaking in the search and mobile space. Goggles allows you to take a picture of essentially anything in real life: buildings, books, wine bottles, or just plain text, and get results from Google about that object…

For example, if you’re touring a city and you see a building that interests you, you can take a picture with Google Goggles and see the information about that building within the app. The service doesn’t work well with apparel and you still can’t recognize people like a Terminator can, but I’m sure those features are coming.

I tried the feature out this afternoon and it worked pretty well. There were a couple times that it couldn’t recognize what I was taking a picture of, but I got some good results after creeping around my local Penn Station.

I recommend you watch Google’s youtube video about Goggles on the iPhone. And go update your Google Mobile app to get this great, new addition.

Is this a feature from Google that you’ve been wanting on your iPhone?

  • Jason masters

    First!!! Oh and on the iPhone it’s not that good it’s better on android sorry fanboys!

    It works maybe 20% of the time

  • Justin

    I’ve been looking forward to having goggles. I get my app updated and go through all the startup screens and then I’m asked to sign in with my google account. Crap. I don’t have one.

  • Yboy403

    Yeah, I remember reading about it when it was in development and thinking, now that would be cool. Can you use a saved photo with it?

  • Justin

    Um, I guess I only need an account if I want the ‘search history’ enabled. It works.
    When you choose picture search, it opens a camera view and I can’t see anything goes to your saved photos, so I don’t think you can use photos from your album.

  • You are correct. The app currently does not support using saved photos from your camera roll. That would be a useful feature.

  • NickCFU

    It is NOT supported by iPhone 3G 🙁

  • Eldaria

    Baah, looks like it is only in the US store.
    We also have landmarks in Europe. 🙂

  • Waksta

    Meh, it’s only in the US

  • Yak

    Did you know oMoby? It’s like Goggles, but an dedicated app! It’s on the App Store for a few weeks.. THought this was an app using some kind of Goggles API.. Is that possible?

  • Felix

    For iPod 4 users, the goggles option is disabled. It says the option is only available for 3GS and iPhone 4 with ios4.

  • n808

    I have an iPhone 4 with the latest Google Mobile app, and Goggles does not show up 🙁

  • n808

    Never mind … Found it, I thought it was listed as an app. It’s a part of search.