It’s funny. I had literally just checked Apple’s website yesterday to see if the shipping times for the iPhone 4 had improved any, and it was still on the 2-3 weeks schedule. Now I check today, and what do you know? Shipping is now an estimated 5-7 business days. Is supply finally catching up with demand? More importantly, does this bode well for the white iPhone 4?

Interestingly enough the wait time for a 3GS is now longer than an iPhone 4. How’s that for a turnaround? Hopefully this means that Apple’s suppliers have been able to catch up, the production process has been completely streamlined, and that white iPhone 4 is right around the corner.

What about you, are you still waiting for the white iPhone, or have you given up?

  • Had to wait for mine for 3 weeks since I wanted it unlocked. Ordered mine from the UK (I’m from Malta, Europe). Took exactly 3 weeks to get delivered to my courier, whilst the US orders where shipping 10 to 15 days earlier then expected.

    Good thing though! The wait was devastating but well worth it.

    • Tell me about it, the wait was horrible. I had a bad experience with AT&T online for my iPhone 4 order. It got cancelled without notice twice, and then they held the charges on my credit card for weeks after that! Eventually I was able to walk into an AT&T store and purchase them there. It doesn’t sound as bad as it was, it was a nightmare. I doubt I’ll ever fool with AT&T online again.

    • Mohammed Abdalkwy

      Hey Paul, I was just curious how did you order a unlocked iPhone 4. I want to do the same thing but I live in New York and don’t know where to order a iPhone 4 factory unlocked? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Theresia

    Hey sry but i live in lebanon and i want an iphone 4 can i know how much it costs and how can i get it from you?