Every once in a while I meet someone who has absolutely no idea the iPhone can do some very simple things such as moving icons around or even deleting applications. To most of you this will sound like basic iPhone features, however there are some really tech-challenged people out there. This article is for them!

If you’re brand new to the iPhone, then read on because you’re going to learn some simple and effective tricks…

1. Quickly Add A ” . “

In any application that lets your input text, you can quickly add a period (” . “) by simply tapping the space bar twice.

2. Zooming In and Out in Google Maps

Instead of pinching your finger on the screen to zoom in and out in Google Maps, simply double tap with one finger to zoom in, or tap once with 2 fingers to zoom out.

3. Rearrange icons

To move icons around, simply hold you finger on one icon. All of them will start wiggling. Rearrange them by dragging them around. When you’re done, press the home button.

4. Delete Applications

To delete an application from your iPhone, hold your finger on the app you want to delete until all apps start wiggling. Then tap the ” X ” on the app you want to delete and confirm. Note that you can’t delete the stock apps (ie Maps, Notes, etc…).

5. Create Additional Home Screens

While arranging icons, drag an icon to the right edge of the screen until a new screen appears. You can flick to return to the original screen and drag more icons to the new screen. You can create up to 11 screens.

6. Quickly Go Back to the First Home Screen

You can quickly go back to the first home screen from any screen by pressing the home button.

7. Adding an International Keyboard

If you sometimes type in a different language, it is wise to add this language to your keyboard. To do so, go to Settings > General > International > Keyboards, and choose the language you want to add. To change keyboards while you’re typing, simply tap the little globe icon at the bottom left of the keyboard.

8. Using Your iPhone As A Modem

There is a simple hack to allow you to get Internet access on your laptop using the Internet from your iPhone. See this for more details.

9. While On A Call

You can do pretty much anything while on a call, such as browsing the web, writing notes, etc… While on a call, just press the home button and feel free to open another application.

10. Deleting Lots of Text

If you have a lot of text to delete, hold your finger on the delete key instead of tapping it many times. By holding the delete key, it will start by deleting letter by letter, but after a few seconds, it will delete word by word.

Do you have any simple tips you want to share with us? Feel free to post them in the comments section.

  • Burge

    Here’s one to make a phone call press the green icon with a picture of a phone on it ………… Sorry seb. I do know what you mean with this. I get OMG how do you do that, show me again… That sort of thing …wish I had iDB when I got my first iPhone .stuff like this had to be found out , no one showed us when the iPhone first came out …..

  • Angi

    I’ve had more than one person ask me “Uh…how do I turn it on?” admittedly when I got my first one I turned it around in my hands looking fir the same thing. Back then the power button was almost perfectly flush.

    Top right corner folks 🙂

  • Burge

    Here is a good tip…. Save your ..SHSH.. as soon as you can

  • appletiser

    when i worked in electrical retail i used to get a considerable number of people returning their iDevices complaining they had frozen, were unusable and were demanding refunds. a simple question of “have you performed a reset?” was usually met with “I dunno”, “what is that?” or “erm, I how do i do that?”. showing and performing a hard boot often remedied their problem 🙂

  • Andrew

    Home button and sleep/wake button at the same time = screenshot. I’ve meet a lot of people who didn’t know that one.

  • Eric

    Tip 1- u must make sure it is set in settings app to work. Also with the number/sbol screen – if you tap the 123 button on keyboard and hold finger on it then slide to whatever(numbers, symbols,etc) then release it automatically goes back to letter keyboard screen.

    • Tony

      Thanks for this tip! This is one I didn’t know about 🙂

  • Eric

    And one more. Instead of holding down the delete key if you want to erase the entire text just shake your phone and and undo typing pop up will appear. You may cancel it too if you change your mind.

  • Ryan21

    Tap the statusbar when in safari or in anything else to scroll back to the top of the page

    • palotO

      Wow, we wrote the same tip at the same time =/

  • palotO

    Here is one almost nobody knows, when reading a LARGE (and short too) conversation in messages app, you can tap the top bar (that shows the time) and this will take to the top of conversation so you can press the call button or contact info so you don’t havr to slide up a lot of times to get there

  • R3alRom3

    If you tap the time on the top of the screen it scrolls everything to the top no matter where you are!

  • R3alRom3

    If you tap the time on the top of the screen it scrolls everything to the top no matter where you are.

  • Oliver

    How do I get CAPS LOCK? Anyone? Please!

    • Kel

      Double-tap the shift key. It will turn blue.

      • Weebsurfer

        Is this only in certain apps? Didn’t work for me. Would be freaking sweet though.

      • Weebsurfer

        Actually, just notices multitouch works. Holding shift while typing like on real KB. Go figure. Still no blue though. JB???

      • Dravalycai

        Goto: Settings-General-Keyboards
        And select enable caps lock, then the double tap “blue” will show.

      • Weebsurfer

        WELL HELL look at that. Thanks!

        And to those that say “if you don’t know already… Blah blah blah… These are pretty amazing little devices we got strapped to our sides here. To think everyone (that deserves one) knows all of this is actually pretty naive in itself. Thanks for the article and the resulting thread some good reminders here.

    • KillRoy

      You fitst need to put it on, it is set off by default. In settings go to keyboard and turn capslock on. then you can use it by doyblclick the shift button. Aa said, it turns blue.

  • Duetschpire

    Instead of clicking the shift button the clicking on the letter to make it upper case, simply click on shift and drag your finger to the letter you want, SO USEFUL when trying to write a long word all in upper case.
    Simply keep you finger on the “.” and “…” will show up.
    By keeping you finger on a letter, other styles of the same letter will show up.
    For UK and OZ users that use different of spelling, you can teach your iPhone to spell your way, ex “color/colour” by clicking on the (x) when the iPhone dictionary try to correct you. It might take few times, but it eventually will learn.
    Heaps and heaps more, I just don’t feel like typing on my iPhone longer for now lol.

  • Will

    Honestly , if people don’t know these functions on a iPhone , they really don’t deseve one in my opinion … Buy an android ! Lol

    • Z

      Lol +1

      when I got my phone, I got a thick manual book and a link to apple’s online how-to. Recommended to all new iPhone users.

  • SpideyRules

    For your caps lock to work, you have to make sure it’s enabled in your Settings.

  • Kosesho

    Here is one for all, if your iDevice screen goes black or something wrong with it hold power and home 4 a while that will force it to reboot.
    this didn’t happened with me on iphone4 only on 3gs + 3g i needed this so badly ^^

  • luis

    i know 1, when i had my 3gs, havent tried it with my iphone 4, i could scroll pages from safari, i just dont know exactly how it works, when you press like the middle of the right corner, and move ur finger up or down, it kinda scroll mega fast, but its not something i can get to do right whenever i want.

  • Felix

    One highly overlooked tip; on devices with multitasking turned on, double tap the home button to see the opened apps. Then pit your finger on top of any app and hold it. A red “x” will appear if you decide to close the app.
    My brother was complaining about his battery draining faster than usual and poor performance in his 3GS. He had a bunch of apps running in the background. He was very glad someone told him about this.

    • Burge

      Download removeBG and you can remove apps from the switcher in one go. If you would like to keep a app running you can set a app from with in the removeBG app it’s self….jailbroken only though

  • Andy Mars

    Here’s one it took me a while to find.

    Hold down a link in safari instead of tapping it and you can open in a new window. I use it all the time now. 🙂

  • Andy Mars

    This is why I like idb, people are usually helpful instead of abusive! 🙂

  • c0ntr0l

    At lockscreen double tap home button brings up music controls and for the guy with droid your in wrong blog if your reading this dumbass damn loser or you just miss your iPhone huh

  • Aian

    I didn’t know about tapping with two fingers to zoom out.

  • Thomas

    I actually know a lottttt of iPhone users who’ve upgraded to 4.x and do not know about the multi-tasking (double tap on home screen to access.)

  • Here’s on of my favs… When typing an email or web address (like in the “leave a reply” section), hold down the “.” and a few options will appear, including “.com”, “.net”, etc

  • When using the camera you can hold the “camera icon” (the button used to take the picture) and when your ready to take the picture just release.

    • Weebsurfer

      This tip is especially awesome when taking a self pic with 3G/3GS. Hold the button with middle finger 1st and 3rd finger will hold phone steadier. Flip the bird when your ready to take the shot. 🙂

  • Soto187

    To enable extra smileys like so: (^O^☆♪
    ♪(´ε` ) (⌒-⌒; ) ( *`ω´) (*☻-☻*). Just activate both Japanese keyboard and hit the globe button ’til you’re at on the Japan Keys an hit the number key and click on the face icon on the bottom right side (^_−)−☆

  • Rakshit Doshi

    Tapping text four times selects an entire para. Found it quite helpful when pasting references on mail etc.

    And yes, JB your phone and open a door to a million new possibilities… activator, action menu, SBsettings… to name a few huge boons to the iphone.

  • Joel Bean

    don’t update anything until you KNOW it’s jailbreak friendly.

  • Yak

    Go check the free iCademy app. Gave me all I needed to know about the iOS!

  • Burge

    And don’t use VoiceOver on the device if you have it. It’ll drive you mad .. Good fun though

  • T-Mizzle

    I’m not embarrassed to admit that I JUST learned by accident that I can zoom in and out with my camera by tapping with two fingers. A plus/minus slider appears on the screen. And I’ve had this phone since February. Dang! LOL!

  • Rob

    I can’t figure what this does… I know when you double-tap the shift key (up arrow), it turns blue and you type in all caps. But when you are in number/character mode (by tapping the 123 key under the shift key) and then double-tap the shift key (which says #+= at that point), it turns into a blue 123 key. I cannot figure out what (if anything) this activates. Help?

  • weepsweep

    Quick number
    Hold your number key on the keyboard 123.,. and then drag your finger to another number

  • jonathan

    press home button and power button at same time to take a screenshot and put finger on image and hold to save photos from web