Yap is a new application available in the App Store that will turn your iPhone voicemails into a readable text. If you think listening to voicemails is a waste of time (I do), then Yap will be the perfect companion for you.

Google Voice already offers the option of receiving transcribed voicemails but not everybody has a Google Voice account. Yap is available in the App Store for free. Give it a try.


  • Drake

    If it works, it would be very nice

  • Drake

    Voicemails take too long to listen to.

  • Jlowry

    Requires 4.1 to install. Will have to wait I guess.

  • pn2bade

    Aww.. It requires 4.1

  • Eric

    Works decent. If the person talks fast words are skipped but its pretty good. Option to hear the message is nice. Notifications just as fast as phone app. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Felix

    I don’t see it in the app store. 🙁

  • I like your page layout. It’s clean.

    • Babe, if I didn’t know it was you who wrote this comment I would totally flag it as spam. Is it really the first time you visit the blog since the redesign?

  • six4seven

    It has been removed from App store. I don’t see it neither 🙁

    • Are you guys in the US? I can see it fine in my App Store. Maybe you cannot download it if you are in Canada or outside the US.

      • Felix

        I’m in the US. I still can’t find it. Maybe they did take it down.

      • Hey I can see it , but I am on 4.02, didnot make the leap yet.

  • Genti Peja

    I’m in Switzerland and doesn’t exist eather 🙁

  • six4seven

    Yeah, I’m Canadian, eh.

    I don’t see it. SUX bahls.

  • it’s only available in the U.S. at this time. You should be able to access it at the following URL: