Glowing App iCons is a new application available in the App Store that will let you make your iPhone apps icons glow on your springboard. This free application doesn’t require a jailbreak because it’s not actually tweaking the app icons, it’s simply adding glowing frames on your wallpaper.

Does that sound confusing? Then check out the video below and you’ll understand how it works…

Glowing App iCons is free to download in the App Store. It will most likely cater to those who’ve wanted to customize the look of their iPhone without taking the risk of jailbreaking. At this price you can’t really go wrong.

Let us know what you think about this application.

  • akag9

    Only for 4.1? Really? I hate when idiot developers do this for something Definitely not requiring 4.1. Does it need HDR to work? Game center? Dumb.

    • Eric

      It’s not for 4.1. It just doesn’t work on iPhone 3G cause there’s no wallpaper for home screen cause of lack of ram. But for 3GS or iPhone 4 you could be on any firmware. Don’t know where you got this 4.1 stuff

      • Eric

        I’m talking about the video. No where on the app store does it say 4.1. No where.

      • akag9

        I just tried to download on iPhone 4. 4.0.1. Jailbroken. Got a popup that the app needs 4.1. That’s where.

  • iponder

    Just tried to d/l it & it does say for 4.1 ONLY!!

  • akag9

    Eric, try downloading it on a non 4.1 ios device. I’ve seen this before, a medical info text based app requiring 3.1.2 etc…

  • appletiser

    4.1 only?? lol f**king lol !!

  • R3alRom3

    App store making it hard for a app to take off  who ever heard of that?

  • c0ntr0l

    Its kinda stupid I looks like crap if you fill in the whole page with apps

  • c0ntr0l

    October 4, 2010 – 11:39 am Reply
    Its kinda stupid It looks like crap if you don’t fill in the whole page with apps

  • David

    Yep, Seb: Requires 4.1

  • Z

    Not just this app, actually, but a lot are requiring ios4.1 nowadays. There should be a tweak in Cydia to make apps think you’re on4.1

    Anyone know which one?

  • kism


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  • Big C

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  • Ross

    Can you tell me how to make my iPod jailbroken