Do you sometimes feel like 32GB of memory on your iPhone is not enough? You wish there was a way to add some additional GB to it? If so then rejoice because Air Stash will do that just for you.

Air Stash is some sort of USB stick mixed up with a SD card reader which communicates with your iPhone over wifi, allowing to share documents between the iPhone and the SD card. Check out this video to see it in action…

At about $100, Air Stash isn’t cheap though. Could you see yourself using it?

  • Yboy403

    This looks good. What’s the battery life like, though, and can you only charge it through USB?

    • The battery is good for five hours of continuous use. You can charge it from a powered USB port or from a USB charger such as the Apple iPhone charger.

      • DarkReaper

        Then, I think I’d rather get a NAS. With 1TB of space.

  • akag9

    Looks very interesting…
    From their FAQ:
    What is the battery life of the AirStash?
    AirStash provides up to five hours of continuous streaming.

    How do I charge the AirStash battery?
    The built-in lithium-polymer battery in the AirStash charges when you plug it into a computer. Simply plug the AirStash into a free port on your computer or a powered USB hub (built in to many LCD monitors) to charge the AirStash and drag files to your SD/SDHC card. You can use the included USB extension cable if you’re unable to plug the AirStash in directly.

  • Burge

    I seen this about five months ago and forgot it’s name… Been looking eveywhere for this ,thanks for bringing it up

  • Charles S

    I have a hard time understanding how one could possibly use up all 32 Gigs. Even with all the HD vids and pics and tons and tons of Apps, I have yet to even break 20 Gigs.

    • Jon Garrett

      …..easily, mine is loaded with games, music and videos.

    • akag9

      My music folder is 80 gigs… Photo folder 38, movies 60… medical imaging data 100+. No games. Not even counting books or apps. So, yes, I could use it. Even better would be one that will accept several SD cards 🙂

      • Tbui123

        My 6 years old loaded his 32 gb iPad with Mickey mouse, backyardigans, Dora, tinker bell movies, etc. In two days, easily. I have to convince him to erase some of the one he has watched to make rooms for new games and movies (just for him).

  • Jason masters

    I have 1.1 gb left from my 32 gb lol

  • Could you also use this to bump up an iPod Touch? Seems like it to me.

    • akag9

      From their site: “Additional storage for the iPhone, iPod touch & iPad”. So, yes.

  • Jimmy

    I have a ton of video, but I used the app Air Video to watch my movies direct from my home pc. That why I didn’t store any video on my 32gb IP4. Even I shared my video to my friends, they can watch all my moves direct from my pc. You guys may try that app.

    • akag9

      That’s great if you are at home. It’s the potability of extra memory that appeals to me. And immediate availability. Should be much faster then streaming over the home server using remote access…
      Anyone here actually used it? They claim 5 h streaming time. Standby? And can you charge it from the wall or you DO need usb port on a computer?

      • Yes, you can charge it from a wall charger including the Apple iPhone charger and other similar USB chargers.

        When the AirStash is powered on, the battery lasts for 5 hours whether you are streaming it or not. When it is not powered on, the battery will last for a long time.

        — The AirStash Team

  • R3alRom3

    Very interesting I can see this beening a handy little accessory.

  • Burge

    Your iPhone links with the device direct no wifi router needed the device has wifi router built in so this can be used anywhere where there is no wifi

  • Zenin

    the more important question is if the airstash app plays avi’s

    -nothing beats oplayer 🙂

    • Burge

      Have you tried Downloads , that’s very good as well I use that more than oplayer

    • No, it does not currently play AVIs. We recommend transcoding other formats to H.264 on the desktop. H.264 uses the built in hardware decoders in your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, which means that it will use the least amount of your device’s battery to play and provide the best performance.

  • brent

    This is pretty cool, but that’s a misleading title. It does not “add memory to your iPhone”. This is using your iPhone to access data on another device. That’s like saying using an external hard drive adds memory to your computer.

  • Jeff

    I think this is cool, but it is yet another device that you have to tote around with you at all times… And if you are so worried about the extra space, then likely you’re also concerned about battery life as well and you have one of those extra battery packs around too. That’s THREE things you have to carry around… Starting to add up. Cool idea though, no doubt.

  • The iPhone is a boat, it’s huge!
    Why would anyone want to add another boat in their pocket?

  • futurama_8b

    Must Have + Air Stash = Mustache

  • fbernardo

    Please don’t call it memory, call it storage or hard drive storage.

    • Yeah I know right. It gets people confused with ram.

  • Jared

    Oh yes!! I can finally put all my games back on!

  • Mark

    Maybe they could make a case that would hold the AirStash and the iPhone. Then, you would only have to carry one thing.

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