I know when Apple announced that they would be handing out free bumpers to anyone who bought an iPhone 4 that the masses would be up in arms over the possibility of Apple deciding to discontinue the case. It wouldn’t shock this bruised up author a bit if it came out someday that the cases were made strictly as a bandaid to be given out for the antenna issue.

9 to 5 Mac is reporting that the beloved protective measure is currently being sold at Apple stores. Apple just recently stopped their free case giveaway on September 30th as planned and now plans to turn a profit off of all those pesky freebies…

The one worthy part of this is those who *gasp* ever thought of putting a different color than black on their phone should be able to purchase the variety of colors Apple is offering. I can say that my $3 knockoff bumper off eBay protected well against a dreaded phone drop, so the $29 Apple is still charging is worth it, right?

How many of these things will Apple sell? I do think they are one of the sleekest cases out for the iPhone 4. But are there people really assuming the case as a necessary accessory to avoid antenna issues? Let us know if you plan to buy a colorful bumper.

  • Z

    They had to stop at some point. This free bumper business was to stop the antenna problem.

    And wow, I can’t believe I beat Burge with a reply =)

    • Burge

      Ok you beat me…. Thing is though I don’t have a i4… Gasp horror… I know I know.. but I don’t like the black one , Iam waiting for the White one . So no point in posting here untill I have my White i4 …. When that will be… god knows…

      • Stink

        I still only have the i1

      • Z

        I don’t have one either. Not yet. Debating whether I should wait for the next year device or wait till the exclusivity is done with AT&T.

      • Fman52

        @Burge i am pretty sure u comment on other i4 related stuff

      • Burge

        The stuff I can comment on about the i4 are the things that apply to the 3GS 3G and iPhone. There are a few things I can comment about the i4, because I’ve got a few friends with them and thay come to me about all sorts of probs that thay have with them. But as for cases …no comment… I carnt use a i4 case

  • Michael

    It’s an ideal case for me as I pretty much like my iPhone as it is, so put a screen protector on the front and back and use the bumper to protect the sides. Minimalism at it’s best, besides why put a case on the world’s thinnest smartphone thicker?

  • Eric

    For the last time. There is no antenna issue. And you can still get a free bumper by callin calling apple care. I took my free number off. Doesn’t work with my car charger or Richard solo back up batter. Zagg invisishield FTW

    • Andrew

      Well, there is in actuality an antenna issue…where have you been??

      • Rob

        There Really Isn’t, Just Some People Complaining, My iP4 Works Fine, No “Anntenagate” Rubbish Here

      • Andrew

        I guess we will find out come June/July next year. If the design changes (no exposed antenna) then obviously there was a design flaw and if it stays the same, you were right! 🙂

  • Rpasil27

    I personally love the bumpers… I love cases but I hate that alot of them cover the apple logo so with the bumpers I get the beat of both worlds I can make my iPhone colorful and still show off te apple logo. I just wish the price wasnt so high!

  • I think some iPhone users would just prefer to purchase their own dumper instead of waiting for their turn to be given a free dumper. I heard that it takes time before you can receive your dumper from Apple.

    • Z

      The comment of the article so far. Go DUMPERS! =)

  • UltimateGun

    I own an i4 and travel a lot. there is
    antennaGAY problem in low signal places, had to use BT hands free to avoid call drop. but in the same place can’t make omnia2 calls. so good antenna but don’t touch it.. need bumper

  • Adan

    “It wouldn’t shock this bruised up author a bit if it came out someday that the cases were made strictly as a bandaid to be given out for the antenna issue.”

    I am ABSOLUTELY convinced about this. Shame on you Apple, for pretending until the press made noise about it.