The forums and blogs are filling up quickly with the most common question out in the iPhone world, “Where is the 4.1 Jailbreak?’. The jailbreak was revealed when a widely known hacker, pod2g, posted the iBSS decryption keys for the iPhone 4.

The exploit used was codenamed SHAtter, and it is in the bootrom and can not be fixed due to the fact it resides in the hardware…

The initial finder of the exploit was Geohot and was later independently found by p0sixninja. This is one of the golden exploits in the iPhone dev community because it allows full access to launch unsigned code. SHAtter is the gift that so far has kept giving, it has been found to work on the iPod Touch 4G, and the new Apple TV.

The exploit will make its debut when then Greenpois0n jailbreak utility is released. As of now there is no indication of whether the iOS 4.1 Jailbreak will be tethered or untethered but we know it’s coming. When it does come you know iDB will be on top of it with links and guides to help you out!

Anything else you want to know about the iPhone 4.1 jailbreak, feel free to ask.

  • You can jailbreak 4.1. Using
    Sn0wbreeze. Complicated and sketchy tho. Did it to my frens 3gen itouch. Ima wait for SHAtter

    • Eric

      Greenpoison is for ALL devices. Not old models.

    • SRUm1sh

      sn0wbreeze can jailbreak 4.1 if you are upgrading from 4.0.2 or lower. For those who have updated to 4.1 and have not saved their SHSH on previous firmware, have to wait for greenpois0n.

  • *This message has an updated link for my name*

  • Duetschpire

    It’s semi tethered bro, no need to restart the phone, but u need to connect it to the computer. That was tweeter yesterday by pod2g.

  • Jon Garrett

    Im not even thinking of upgrading to 4.1 until ALL of my favorite jailbreak apps are updated to work on 4.1

    • Z

      I’ve been getting shit loads of updates lately and most of them are added support for 4.1
      by the time the jailbreak is out, most of them will be updated. Don’t worry.

      And you could also be better off by waiting a while. Bugs will get fixed as well…

  • micckwong

    We’ve been waiting……FOR THE JAILBREAKS OUT, comin to iPod/iPhone. We’ve been waiting as FOR A GOOD JAILBREAK to make us feel ALIVE~ IOS4.1 JAILBREAKS, that’s what we are waiting for. XD

  • theComer

    If it’s true that we need to connect it to the computer everytime we reboot the iphone…means it’s bad πŸ™
    unless if it is the only way to jailbreak it and have no shsh file for the previous updates πŸ™

  • I am kinda tired of waiting for this Jailbreak.. it been nearly a month.. keep listening “it’s coming”.. but never showed up!

    • SRUm1sh

      it’s free, so be patient.

      • Z

        Nothing is free my friend

  • Joe milman

    I just buy the iPhone4 by AT&T it comes with the latest 4.1 it’s new so it never got jailbracket for the shsh so I like the know a way the downgrade it remember it’s a iPhone4 not 3GS

    • Z

      What you need is English 101… =)

      • Michael Honez

        Hey Z, www stands for WORLDwide web, not American wide web.

    • Burge

      @ Joe milman
      No downgrade for a i4 with out SHSH, just like a 3GS ( new bootrom ) and like @Z put clear english would help

    • luis

      rooooooooofl im so sad it havent ever been jailbracket

  • Bob

    This is where we’re at: no new info. Thanks that was worthwhile reading. Not.

    • Z

      I don’t know where you’re at, but I’m at home =) waiting for the JB to come out next weekend…
      Wanna come over? I’ll give you some new info…

      • Tom

        I would come over but every time I fuck your mum, she wants it in the bum.

      • Z

        @Tom Ew, gross man. I didn’t wanna know you were into OLDER women… much older!

        Some majorly psychologically damaged sick ammatures read this blog huh?

        @Tom has your peepee even grown yet, did your balls drop? Puberty is a tough process, just know that not everyone hates you. Seems like it’s just YOUR mom that doesn’t like you that much, judging by your intelligence and a sexual preference. According to Froyd, you should be into your OWN mom, and not mine. Go play some Tom Cat, @Tom, this blog is a little too advanced for you boy.

  • SRUm1sh

    check-out redmondpie dot com for latest updates. greenpois0n is worth waiting for!

  • Taimur

    Will it jailbreak i4 baseband 02.10.04 ???

    • Burge

      Jailbreak is not a unlock

      • Z

        I just avoid the question. What’s the point? They don’t wanna learn, all they want is free games lol

      • Burge

        I know what you mean… These noobs just don’t know what there doing and would like it all now now now … Stupid noobs… 

      • Z

        This just made me think of it. @Sebastien should look into sticky post, and write an article on “all you need to know about JB”. I know he has it written already, explaining the differences between jb and unlock. But the inconvenience of having to look it up keeps the number of hmmmm (cant think of a way to call them without being offensive/disrespectfull) questions relatively high. A tutorial on jailbreaking available right there once you load iDB could be a good idea for noobs

      • Burge

        Now that sounds like a good idea ξ€Ž

  • Vince

    “When” is the only question, i know we keep saying we’re tired of waiting, but please what are u guys waiting for? Make Us happy now as in now the whole world! Tnks!

  • Z

    WHO CARES if the JB is out today or tomorrow. What would you rather have? A rushed release of a buggy, glitchy JB, that hopefully doesn’t make you restore your iPhone a few times before you learn the lesson, or a stable jailbreak-for-all that will keep your dicks hard and panties wet? The lesson is: DON’T RUSH THE DEV TEAM!

    The guest author could have made a bit more research on the topic to make it more informative, but that’s why it’s the Guest Author.

    We are where we were yesterday, in regards the jailbreak. Hopefully SHAtter has gotten dev team somewhere…

  • Hey sebas, can you do an article on ” is mobile me worth it ” or MobileMe vs google ?

  • Jasmeet

    Well the jailbreak as we hear is on the way what about the carrier unlock is that gonna come with it or after cause till the time their is no unlock it’s no point upgrading to 4.1 with only the jailbreak available

  • sid

    Anyone know how to put a phone in DFU mode without those sleep and home buttons ? :/

    • Z

      Why? You have an iPhone without home and sleep buttons?

      Best way I know is to put your iPhone in the microwave for 1minute at 100% power. Your phone will be DFU, and your microwave as well.

      DFU – Destroyed Fully. Unrecoverable.

      For kids: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME lol

      • Burge

        Bit harsh… Lmfao

      • sid

        No. They are damaged and does not work.

        How useless you were though, I give you credit for the joke. Good one mate.

    • Z

      Damn dude, and that thing still works? Maybe you really should stick to my method and get a new iPhone =) I guarantee no umbrella or iRecovery will get that thing out of THAT DFU mode lol

      You just made it into #1 jailbreak dependant reader of iDB. Sorry your phone in such condition.

      On the other hand, any suggestions on putting the phone into DFU without using home+sleep buttons? Can umbrella do that? Or any other soft? Help a handicap out here lol

    • burge

      How to Put iPhone in DFU Mode without Power Buttons

      It is seen while trying to enter DFU modes using buttons, either of the buttons may break, if pressed too hard. To avoid such a case, one needs to know how to put iPhone in DFU mode without buttons. The following tutorials will discuss how to put iPhone in DFU mode without buttons in simple steps:

      Step 1
      You need to first download from the Internet, for entering the iPhone in DFU mode without buttons.

      Step 2
      After downloading, you need to extract the archive to the root folder in the hard drive of the computer, that is, C:/DFU/.

      Step 3
      Connect the iPhone with your computer. Do not enter iTunes, simply ignore it.

      Step 4
      You need to go to Start, on your computer, and type in “c:/dfu/dfu iBSS.m68ap.RELEASE.dfu” in Run.

      Step 5
      Once you type the above words in Run in your Start program, you need to wait for a ‘white screen’ to appear on your iPhone.

      Step 6
      Once this is seen, you can carry out downgrading your firmware.

      You can try the above tutorial at your own risk, only if you are confident of carrying out the process successfully.

      i found this, i hope it helps , i have not tried this

  • Lucasxmad

    Think a few people have got a bit obsessed with the whole “jailbreak” thing, yes it’s great when you have it but it’s not as if the mobile doesn’t work without it!
    Final Thought: Good things come to those who WAIT!!

    • Z

      thumbs up

    • micckwong


  • Topi

    You guys sucks, stop asking or do it yourself !

  • Snappie

    Hi i’m om 4.0.2 At THE moment. Is it ok to upgrade to 4.1 all THE way?

    • No, wait

    • Ahmad

      Yes it’s ok mate. The jailbreak is coming for all FW anyway.
      If you care about the unlock, update whilst on tiny umbrella, google how to do so.

  • lee

    the dev team just chat shit !!! asusual

  • its great info

  • Max

    Caunt wait!

  • Max

    Sorry about the other max that is me I was typing me email address when I went wrong and acsedently hit go

  • Cojendo

    For those wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade to 4.1 on the iPhone 4 I’ll give you what I’ve experienced.

    I was jailbroken on 4.0.1 and it was great of course (don’t forget to tip your developers when you do also). The problem though was with the phone and the proximity sensor hanging up my calls and muting them. When 4.1 came out I waited to hear the reviews and found that the sensor issue was fixed along with the added HDR photo option. I love sbsettings, bitesms, 3G Unrestrictor and many others but I needed tge phone to work. I opted to upgrade.

    I haven’t had a single sensor since the update and HDR is my new favorite stock camera option. While I miss my jailbreak and will do so as soon as it is rereleased I have no regrets since upgrading.

    Just my two cents for those with the upgrade dilemma.

  • c0ntr0l

    Does anyone know if is a legit site

  • c0ntr0l

    It says the jailbreak will be out next week

  • c0ntr0l

    Thanks sebas

  • Levi Kalmbach

    All I wanna do is jailbreak my 3GS 4.1 phone. How hard is that? There has yet to be a device we can’t hack. Why is this one taking so long? πŸ™

    • Burge

      If it was easy to create software to jailbreak we all be doing it… Sorry to say it’s not…. It will be out when it’s out. When you have been jailbreaking for a few years you will know that there is no point in rushing the dev team cause it will not get the jailbreak software out any quicker ……best to relax and be happy that they are working on it….

  • Chris galdames

    Is this legitimate?: They claim a jailbreak for the iphone 4.

  • Levi Kalmbach

    It’s beyond hilarious reading all these. The best comeback is something about fucking your mom? Really guys? It’s not even original. Fail