That didn’t take long. A few days after demoing there iPod Touch 4G jailbreak, the Dev Team has now given us proof of a jailbreak for the new Apple TV that came out a couple days ago. It had been confirmed that the Apple TV could be jailbroken, but to be honest with you, I didn’t expect it to come so quickly.

This Apple TV jailbreak takes advantage of the same SHAtter exploit used on the iPod 4G by restoring it to a custom IPSW using PwnageTool. Brilliant…

From the Dev Team blog:

It’s confirmed…SHAtter can trick Apple’s new AppleTV 2G into restoring to a pre-jailbroken IPSW from PwnageTool too!   Literally the only UI application on the ATV is, but now the window is open for jailbroken apps of all varieties.  (Just like the early iPhone days, the only apps you’ll see on the AppleTV will be jailbroken ones).  In the meantime, here’s a video showing root access (via ssh) into Apple’s new product.

This is just in its infancy and we have absolutely no idea when it will be released to the public but I believe it’s now just a matter of days. In the meantime, we’re still waiting for GreenPois0n.

Do you have an Apple TV? If so, will you jailbreak it? What kind of apps would you like to install on a jailbroken Apple TV?

  • mike

    xbmc on this thing would be cool

  • Z

    Don’t have an apple tv, and let’s not diverse. It’s iphonedownloadblog, not idevicedownloadblog. Started out from iPhone, then iPad was included, now apple tv.

    Sucks we are seeing a couple of days old devices jailbroken already, 4.2 is around the corner, and I’m still on 4.0.1

    Where is the logic?

  • Maglor

    I would love to stream HD MKV videos from wherever I wanted… Bypassing iTunes.

    • Jeff

      I agree…I have an Apple TV, and while it has potential, that potential will not be realized without jailbreaking. Simple as that. It can’t come fast enough for me. Right now the device is underwhelming at best, but I suppose that will change a bit when 4.2 is officially released. The beta version as is is very gimped when it comes to AirPlay integration, and things of that nature.

  • honestly i dont know what type of applications i will be installing