I rarely if ever write about iPhone apps updates but today I felt compelled to do it for 2 reasons. One, Angry Birds is freaking awesome. Two, this game is a good example of what every iPhone developer should do.

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few months, you most likely have heard of Angry Birds, a game where you have to throw birds at evil pigs. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? It is however as addictive as heroin, so play with care…

This new update includes the following:


While I couldn’t care less about the new Japanese localization feature, I am really excited at the Retina Display support and most importantly, the 15 new levels. And this is part of what makes this app successful.

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, updates the app on a regular basis, offering new levels and more features to the players. Unlike many apps in the App Store, you do get more out of it as time goes. It is a smart move from Rovio as they are almost guaranteed to get news coverage every time they update their application.

So, if you don’t have Angry Birds yet, go get it now! It’s only $0.99. Oh, and because bigger is better, it’s even more fun on the iPad.

  • c0ntr0l

    Thanks for the news looks good with retina display I like angry birds anyway

  • Eric

    yeah but i did those 15 levels in about 30 minutes so now the game is done for me again.

  • Kel

    The new levels are actually pretty challenging. I’ve got three stars on every level but I can see this taking a while. Looks great, btw.

  • Fman52

    Looks beast!

  • pn2bade

    I’m still waiting for that eagle, lol!

    Pretty nice update though. I love the retina display.

  • Samir

    Did any one found the golden egg
    Can you tell me where it is?

    • Richard

      Last level, zoom out, and bottom left is an egg in a gap in the wall. Use the last boomerang bird, shooting it out left and low, then tap the screen at the right time so it comes back right and hits the egg. Takes a few tries.

      • Richard

        Oh, and finish these last 15 levels with all 3 stars and you get a second golden egg.

  • Vincent

    Very displeased with this update. I noticed the update said memory use has been optimized – maybe for the newer devices!! On my iPod Touch 2G, the game now lags significantly the the sound stutters/lags/repeats like a broken record! Hoping that the old IPA is still in my trash so I can downgrade, because at this point the 15 levels/new eggs aren’t worth having a practically unplayable game.

    • BroDude

      It’s 2010, get a new phone.

  • Romar

    Beat the game today!!

  • Ponycrest

    I love this game !!

  • Z

    I guess I’m the only one surprised to have read this:
    “It is however as addictive as heroin…”
    Sebastien, wanna have an AA meeting? Seems like there is more to you than just angry birds 😉

  • Chris

    Have 16 eggs now and working on the cool new sound board

  • Jeremy Macias

    I figured out the new soundboard!! It’s way easier than you think.

    • Lee

      What do you do on the new soundboard ? Page 2 on golden eggs ?

      • Jeremy

        The first instinct is to select all the the pigs in all three rows. But that doesnt work so we randomly try a bunch of different patterns. So finally we dont know what else to do anymore and we result to just selecting all the pigs again. And it works!! All you have to do is select all the pigs and start the sequence by touching the red bird, then touch him again to stop, then touch again to start again. Oh and Im not sure if this is necessary but I had the speed turned all the way up by dragging the red bird all the way to the right. Your welcome in advance.

  • Richard

    Many thanks. Not sure you need to stop and start, as simply dragging the red bird to the right with all birds selected, then tapping the red bird to play, did it for me. Oh, Cut The Rope is excellent and occupying my time in between Angry Bird updates………

  • bob

    how do you beat the final golden egg after beating all level packs?