If the Hummer was an iPhone case, it would probably be the Abee Aluminium Jacket for iPhone. This is definitely not going to cater to everybody’s needs but I’m sure there is a market for this case, maybe in the army?

Japanese company Abee came out with an aluminum case called the Type 01 that reminds us of the Vapor case, just a bit more rough looking…

This 3mm aluminum jacket comes equipped with a soft texture seat cushion that will absorb shocks and vibrations. The Type 01 is available in 6 different colors that will give to your iPhone 4 a badass look.

Do you like it or do you hate it? I wouldn’t put this around my iPhone but it sure has an interesting look. What do you think?

[Abee via Hype Beast via Remote Tenor]

  • Eric

    Looks pretty hefty, i would not buy it for me as it looks like it makes the iphone about an 1/2″ – 1″ wider than it already its and i dont like the way the cutout is for the volume and mute button. And it probably costs 70 Dollars or more. But hey to each there own.

  • With one of these on my iPhone it would certainly make me a little more likely to let me wife use the phone… She drops everything…

  • DarkReaper

    If you ask me, I think it looks like a shelf.

  • iPhoNerd

    Wow, pretty UGLY case! I would never torture my phone with that case! lol

  • Tazah

    Looks badass!! Like a tank!!

  • Alex

    Sebastien, do you know how to purchase?

    • Check the link to Abee’s website. It’s all in Japanese though…

      • Jon Garrett

        google translate.

    • chen

      Alex, you can buy them on

  • DC

    Heavy duty for sure but lacks any sort of moisture resistance. Looks as if a strategically placed neoprene bumper and a few poly inserts (a la Otterbox Defender) could have remedied that. Then, IMO, the case MIGHT be worth the $70 I’m sure they’re asking for it.

  • Sam

    Woah! that looks like a samsonite briefcase :S!

  • c0ntr0l

    That is an ugly case

  • T-Mizzle

    Comparing it to a hummer is an excellent analogy! It’s not bad if you’re the military type or if you drive a hummer.

  • theComer

    it looks like a jail or handcuffs for the poor iphone 🙁

    but we might be able to re-modify it a little bit and make it as a camcorder base ;P

  • NickCFU

    I would like to know how hold the Iphone from the bottom and top side.

  • Iconic

    This will make the signal problems worse, just like the vapor. You can’t defy the laws of physics and expect to wrap metal around metal and not degrade signal

  • David T

    Lol sorry to tellyou but aluminum will not effect the signal. Different metals different properties. I like this case… I’m still going baseless because I haven’t found a desecent looking one yet. Would pay more then $20 for a case.

  • Petey Gummz

    The best case i found is the body glove case.
    Its a semi wrap style and comfortable to handle.

  • Pittlife

    Its actually about $95. I personally think the case isn’t bad looking but definitely wouldn’t spend that much unless I really needed that kind of durability.

  • There is an app…for that case! you can aim using acelerometer agumented reality and kill birds, cats, dogs and even terrorists

  • cynosureabu

    actually it will board US soon @
    I think it will be around 50$