Ever wondered how popular the iPhone really is? What kind of market share does it have? How are sales compared to other smartphones?

This nice infographics by BillShrink will show you some interesting stats about the iPhone and its competitors. Hit the jump for the full size image…

Any comments?

[BillShrink via JAiB]

  • zaba

    i was in eatern europe few months ago and everybody had nokia…

  • Phosphorus

    Still room for growth.
    I like the iPhone for taking the smartphone industry out of the dark ages. A rapid growth has happened in the past 3 years it all started with the iPhone. Even if you hate Apple, without their efforts you wouldn’t have such high-end android or blackberry phones without having to wait 5+ years..

  • Jeb Lawrence

    68% = 83%? weird. informative tho!

  • Very interesting stats – I love stats! In the great big picture (you know, the one that counts) Apple really has a small market share. But check out the stats of possible future sales, especially of current BB and other smartphone owners. Even if only 10% of non-iPhone smartphone owners converted to an iPhone next time, that would be a huge growth for Apple – and that’s a very conservative number I’ve stated.

    Looking at the stats of apps downloaded – Apple wins big time there.

    Lastly, and most importantly, check out the profits. Apple makes about one third of smartphone sales, and takes about two thirds of smartphone profits. That means that Apple is not only still growing at a phenomenal rate, but they do it more efficiently that all the others.

    Regardless of what smartphone I choose next, I know which smartphone company I’d invest money in! The one that Kicks Butt: Apple!

  • Calitox

    I was on París 3 weeks ago everyone had an iPhone of any model then i was on Spain and it was al mixed up just few people had an iPhone i guess it depends of the country , personally i love my iPhone i simple can’t live without it and the last iPhone is awesome

  • Austin

    Nokia is so popular in Europe. I was in Germany and nokia ads were everywhere

  • Nokia is also very strong in India… a small market 😉

  • Frank

    Interesting stats. Like the little drawing of Steve Jobbs in all of them. Hehe!!

  • Mariano Gomez Bidondo

    I was in Europe and every one has a smart phone.
    In London, a lot’s of iPhone and Blackberry.
    In Madrid, a big mix.
    In Paris a lot of mix (because the mix of tourist from every where, i think)
    In Marrakes (Moroco), every one has a Mobile (not smart phone’s, of course).

    In Buenos Aires, where i live, every one want a iPhone, but it’s to much expensive and you can see a lot of Nokia’s.