That’s an interesting tweet that pod2g, the hacker would found out the SHAtter exploit, sent out a couple hours ago in reply to someone asking when we should expect to see GreenPois0n released. According to him, the long awaited GreenPois0n jailbreak for iOS 4.1 will be released in days.

A few days ago the Dev Team demoed a perfectly working PwnageTool jailbreak that took advantage of the SHAtter exploit and successfully jailbroke an iPod 4G. There is every reason to believe that the Chronic Dev Team is near completion here…

Let’s just cross our fingers and wait patiently.

Do you think GreenPois0n will be available in the next few days? More importantly, will you be using GreenPois0n or and updated version of PwnageTool?

  • Duetschpire

    Isn’t PwnageTool off already?
    I can’t remember I’ve used since 3.1.2!
    I can’t wait to get my baby “virgin” iphone 4 naughty just like it’s older bros.

  • vik071

    The easier one… I always found that with PwangeTool errors may happen even though it gives more freedom. I wonder how big will the OS partotion be with GreenP0ison?

  • Goofygreek

    I hope it comes out in a few days. I want to update my phone to 4.1, but I don’t want to loose the jailbreak

    • Z

      I’ll jump on it as soon as someone screams. Scream loud, I’m all the way in SoCal!!! =)

      @Sebastien Gotta pop a bottle of cognac to celebrate the release once you post an article about it 😉

  • Jason Madison

    Days can mean 120 of them, lol.

  • DYsun

    I JUST want to jailbreak my phone !! ARHHHH

  • Mandingo

    I’m holding off of buying an iPhone 4 until this jailbreak is released (I can’t live without SBSettings, My4G and MyWi). Let’s hope this upcoming jailbreak actually works with new iPhone 4 :crossing_fingers:

    • Jeff

      By the time you wait for the jailbreak to come out and buy an iPhone it’ll have the 4.2 firmware on it and you’ll be outta luck

    • Zuzi Jo

      Yup that’s what happened to me!!

    • Steve

      Or a new chip; say A5? Get it now before your friend Steve Jobs replaces the hardware.

  • Nate

    Tethered or untethered that is the question.

    • Samir

      Yes this is the most important matter

  • Nate

    Guys it’s a bootrom exploit which means u can jailbreak it no matter what the firmware. Right? Correct Me if im wrong please! I’d buy ur phone now cause who knows apple may be changing all the bootroms on the phones now that the exploit was revealed.

  • I am still waitinh for SHAtter, hope when it will be ready, it will be untethered

  • ratking

    yeah it will come down to tethered or untethered

  • Burge

    4.1 here I come .. Greenpoison baby…. Oohh yer ..

  • carlos

    will it also unlock 4.1 as well as jailbreak

    • Burge

      No unlock it’s a jailbreak.. But thay ( dev team ) might have one

  • MikeLo

    I just don’t want to loose my unlock.

  • c0ntr0l

    My iPhone came with 4.1 I just bought last I am so excited to here this

  • JAK

    These things take time…February would be nice, that’s when my contract comes up for new iPhone pricing!! 🙂

  • TCP

    Yes, if you buy an iphone4 now it will come with 4.2 and you can’t downgrade..I am excited for greenpois0n, Ty for all the hard work dev team again =) I just upgraded to 4.1 checked out hdr photos, now downgraded back to 4.0.1 after an hour lol..waiting for jb :p

    • Burge

      Don’t you mean 4.1

  • Saz

    I won’t update to 4.1 and jailbreak if it’s not untethered!

    • Common_resident

      What’s the difference between tethered and untethered? And how does it affect your phone?

      • ian

        tethered means that ur iphone will have to be connected to a computer if you want to restart it.

        this means that if you power it off without a com, u can power it on again.

  • Burge

    I’ve got a feeling that it’s untethered…

  • Turbo

    Been waiting for jailbreak since I got my iPhone 4 w/4.0.2. Hope it’s with a PC also. Keep up the good work dev team.

  • Will

    I’m still on the 4.0.1 = )

  • Renier

    Do you think I will loose my unlock if they finaly release the “poison” and I do update my iphone 4 to 4.1?

    • Steve

      No. Upgrade to OS 4.1 and still preserve your old baseband at 1.59. Read up on the Tinyumbrella before doing anything.

  • Burge


  • Dekel ohana

    When will we see the unlock???

    • Burge

      Your guess is as good as mine 

  • Robson

    Can’t wait, not having a jailbroken iPhone sux, it’s just SO BORING!!!

  • Beavis

    Is it worth saving 4.1 blobs????
    My replacement iphone4 came with it :0/

  • BigD

    would this tool be able to unlock an iphone 3gs without a AT&T sim card?

    • JUde

      Sadly no. 🙁
      They will work on the unlock after this jailbreak.
      “To those asking about unlock: at this time, only jailbreak is being worked on as it requires the team’s full attention” This was tweeted by Cronic Dev team a few days ago. So People that need an unlock stay away form this jailbreak till they release the new ultrasn0w

  • iPhoneDownloadBlogReader

    Sticking with OS 4.0 and for now… love unteathered jailbreak!!!


    Can anyone tell me how to get the internet on my iphone 3G 4.01? It’s unlocked on “Simple sim”

  • Biscoito

    the site of dev-team is in maintenance

  • downgrade

    I provide a very useful information here, “FOR those who UPGRADE to 4.1”. Please copy out your photo and video or anything else before you upgrade to 4.1… else u won’t able to restore your data using itunes if you downgrade your FW to 4.0/4.01/4.02… this is what happened to me last week when I downgrade from 4.1 to 4.01..

  • c0ntr0l

    I get the maintenance message to and then check later and it’s still the same

  • FAQ -Fuc* you

    The only bad part is that the shsh blobs can only be saved if you are jailbroken and can not be saved adter you upgraded from the computer via cable !!!

    • JP

      Try tinyumbrella. I THINK it Will save your shsh without jailbreak and can also preserve your baseband on a 4.1 upgrade on iPhone 4 only

  • iiyama

    Tinyumbrella worked for me, I have my 4.0.2 and 4.1 SHSH files saved.

    I’ve yet to test and see if it downgrades but it says it’s all backed up so…

    I also preserved my baseband when I updated to 4.1 just incase I needed it at a later date.

    I wouldn’t update to 4.1 if you were on 4.0.2 as I expect the 4.1 Jailbreak is just around the corner but it won’t hurt to backup your SHSH files imo.

  • Tan

    I Dnt see the problem I have already jailbroken 4.1 with snowbreeze bout 2 weeks ago guess u guys have new bootroms

  • RanKer

    Did anyone tryed this?
    i get Unable to recognize specified IPSW in redsn0w.
    any idea how to fix this?

  • c0ntr0l

    If it’s not a iPhone 3G redsnow won’t work for you redsnow is pretty easy to use if you follow the directions

  • ism

    Got a iphone 4 32GB , iOS 4.1, baseband 02.10.04 just today

    waiting for the jailbreak information now

  • lucasxmad

    i managed to Jailbreak my iPhone 3G running 4.1 with redsn0w but was unable to recieve any network and had to use WiFi which was a nightmare when i left my house so i restored my iPhone back to 4.1 firmware. hope i haven’t prevented myself from getting JailBroken when the Greenpois0n is released but hey, we will see in good time!? Keep up good work DevTeam!

  • Year of the pois0n!

    @Sebastian In the UK O2 still does unlimited data. Also I miss my old iPhone i got a new 3GS after the old one broke so now blobbys are gone… >:(

  • Angel

    I want this Jailbreak so bad!! i have 2 3Gs… sitting in the draw to be jailbroken :((

  • how many days?! that’s the pb. 365days is still days tho’.lol. But all JB iphoners always appreciate so much on what you’re working on pod2g.