If you bought an iPhone 4 between its launch date and September 30th, you are entitled to receiving a free iPhone case from Apple. The company had decided to give away case to iPhone 4 owners after complaints started erupting about the iPhone 4 antenna issue.

Last month though, Apple released a statement and confirmed that the “iPhone 4 Case program” would end on September 30th. So if you bought an iPhone 4 and haven’t claimed your free case, then hurry up. Here is what you need to do…

Step 1: Download the iPhone Case Program app from the App Store.

Step 2: Launch the app and login with your iTunes credentials.

Step 3: Select the case of your choice.

Step 4: Wait 3-4 weeks to receive your case.

Have you claimed your free iPhone 4 case yet? If so, have you received it? Satisfied?

  • Sucre187

    Does it apply in other countries other than the States Seb? I’m in Singapore btw.

    • It should apply to every country where the iPhone 4 is sold.

  • brent

    I got the bumber and I can’t recommend it. 3rd party connectors don’t fit with the bumper on. I ended up modifying my cheap synch/charging cable to fit through the hole in the bumber, BUT then I figure out that NONE of my headphone (3) or aux (1 in the car) cable plugs fit through the hole in the top. I’m very disappointed that Apple failed with this design. I can’t speak for the other cases, but I definitely should have put more time in researching the other options.

    • Kingz

      Apple designed it for only apple compatible products. Lol u should have know that.

      • brent


      • brent

        but I think you mean apple “branded” products. My cable is compatible with iPhone but not with the friggin’ bumper.

  • theComer

    i am not sure yet, but someone claimed that apple has modified the antenna problem for the new recently manufactured iphones, but they didn’t announce that so that nobody will return the already sold ones. so they covered that by making updates rapidly telling that these updates will solve the problem.

    Is that ture?

  • There are definitely better cases out there. If you go to all the trouble, and cost, to acquire an iPhone 4, I’d invest in a good case too!

    Kick Butt

  • Monkey

    hahahaha, this is sad

  • iiyama

    I got the SPECK PIXELSKIN HD and like it alot. I think it makes the size of the iphone 4 better as I kinda think it’s to small otherwise, also it gives it more protection and makes it easier to handle imo.

    Also I think the scheme is for the first month of purchase, but it will end like you say on the Sep 30th.

  • Migger

    I Got my free Griffin case the other week. I really didn’t expect much, so I was very positively surprised by the great build and fit. I use it every day when at work etc.

  • Genti Peja

    I recieved my Iphone 4 last Friday, and I confirm that my Iphone doesn’t have antenna issue :), maybe Apple fixed the problem?

    • Smoke

      Naw give it a while, that’s what I thought when I got mine after I heard about the issue. I held it with the “death grip” and nothing changed. But then later I found out It was just like the others 🙁

  • Tbui123

    The free bumper case from apple is uuuuugly. On this website, (look up and to your right on this page, there’s an ad for 1 cents iPhone case, of course the shipping cost is probably how they make money back selling the 1 cent case. I got 2 iPhone 4 cases and 2 iPhone 3GS cases, total 4 cents plus $15 shipping. So that’s about $3.75 each and I actually likes these cases, they are simple and snguggly fit. Nothing fancy, just clean line looking case, no gimmick, I got an email confirmation after the order, it was shipped right away and I received them within a week. You should try it instead of the $25 to $40 cases out there.

  • Shiv

    I tried to get a case and it says my phone is not elgible for case and I bought my phone on june 29th.do u know why I can’t get one?

  • Naomi

    I ordered Griffin Motif Diamonds case as a free case about a month ago and still waiting. The waiting time is ridiculous.

  • Harscelle

    I live in India but I purchased my iPhone from UK. Am I eligible for the free case ??

  • Lucas K.

    Still haven’t received mine. Good ol’ USPS has “forwarded it” on August 19th and still not made it. It was forwarded to the same city where I just moved 2 miles away. Pretty stupid. Apple won’t do anything about it even though I’ve waited for a month and a half.

  • Mike Rees

    Does anyone else have the problem with their iPhone 4 of it doing all kinds of random things while your on a call? Like making an unintended second call; hanging up; engaging the speaker phone; going to some other mode on the phone you did not select. I have heard of others having this problem but don’t see it on any of the blogs.

    • raymond

      your cheek is touching one of those buttons on the screen

  • iiyama

    Maybe your still on 4.0.1 firmware if your Jailbroken, the proximity fix is in 4.1 firmware so called.

    The problems your suggesting sounds like the proximity bug, I’ve never had these issues so…

    Maybe update to 4.1 if you “don’t” require a Jailbreak else wait for Shattered iphone 4 Jailbreak to be released and maybe that will fix your problems.

  • auds

    i got my pixelskin HD last week and i love it! it is a nice fit i love the design. the only thing i don’t like is that it collects dirt around the edges

  • Mike Rees

    Please excuse my ignorance but what does “jailbreak” mean?

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