I can say from first hand experience that there are thousands of tech related stories that come across the wire each day. Sifting through them all to bring you relevant stories for the iPhone allows me to see just how much of a daily media buzz surrounds the Apple world.

The news surrounding Apple is mostly positive and is the most plentiful according to Mashable. Their report shows a study done by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism that has Apple leading the news race with just over 15% of all tech stories including Cupertino as the main topic…

The study was made up of 52 different newspapers, websites and broadcast outlets and showed that Apple’s dominance of tech news coverage leads Google and Microsoft. Google is responsible for 11% while the world’s biggest software producer, Microsoft, held just 3% from June 2009-June 2010. Why?

If you ask me it comes down to a perfect combination of the pinnacle of engineering combined with impeccable marketing. Maintaining their sealed-lip approach as it concerns upcoming products plays a big part in this. Somehow Apple creates an anticipation for their products that has matched and surpassed the hysteria that once surrounded concert tickets.

What do you think? Why is that Apple, with just a fraction of the total production in the IT world seems to dominate the news coverage? Give us your analysis in the comments below.

  • travisgamedev

    They are customer centric. You are either an Apple fan or will come around at some point. It’s hard to hate someone who looks out for you and builds you the best products imaginable. It’s like being mad at your Mom. Most people can’t sustain hate for someone who helps them over and over again.

  • Nelson

    Apple never fails to surprise with every new product !

  • Jason masters

    It’s simple they have the worlds best kick ass marketing team!

  • Logan.fr

    @travisgamedev : quite cartesian way to sum it up. As well as experience-based, it seems. And I agree : Apple is focused on their Customers’ experience, for they’ve learned that loyalty is the key of success, thus growth, long before the NPS metric showed up (or did Steve Jobs inspire it ?)
    Cheers from France (and from an Apple’s product newbie)