It doesn’t seem all that long ago when the iPhone community was up in arms about the delayed release of the white iPhone 4. Time has passed and overall I don’t hear much complaining across the front lines.

iPhone FAQ has a story that highlights an inventory leak from Canadian iPhone carrier, Rogers. The report shows a screenshot that lists the white iPhone 4 underneath the black version. It’s noted that once a product is listed in Rogers Sales Central it emerges shortly thereafter…

After various rumors as to why the white model of the Apple handheld was being delayed, the explanations seemed to dissipate as the calendar went on. Now as Rogers hints at the device’s arrival, US department store Wal-Mart is reported to have placed labels in some of their stores that would indicate the arrival of the white iPhone 4.

The holiday season seems to be the obvious guess as to when we will finally see the white iPhone 4. A release of this magnitude seems like it would be just as difficult to conceal as any product would be.

When do you think the device will surface? Give us your dates in the comments below.

  • Leo

    Hopefully in the early of November / December …can’t wait for the white one !

  • Ghettocowboy

    I dont think people care about this anymore after so many delays.

  • LappyGirl

    My 3G & 3GS were both white, so of course I wanted a white iP4. I have very little patience and couldn’t hold out, however, and had a black one on launch day.

    I’m really curious as to how many people who intended to buy a white one on launch day are still waiting. Is there a survey somewhere, I wonder?

    • Lily

      I’m still waiting… ha. I tried to wait and wait so I wouldn’t have a black one right before the white came out, but I finally gave in and switched to AT&T for the black one. Now watch, the white one will be out probably right by Christmas and I’ll be SOL haha. I think that goes for all of us too =/

  • Burge

    It’s being done now so when the iPhone 5 comes out you carnt upgrade because you’ve not been in contract long enough. It’s one way to control demand for the next iPhone

  • I really don’t care what the colour is (or color for my American friends), but my wife is pretty keen about getting a white iPhone. For those of us that use a cover on our iPhone’s maybe we should be thinking more about those than the device itself?

    KIck Butt

  • my girlfriend has a white iphone 3g and insists on having the white iphone 4. my black iphone 3g works fine for the time being so there is no reason for me to upgrade until the white one is available.

    • Jose Enrique

      You obviously haven’t used an iPhone 4, the 4 it’s lightyears of speed ahead the 3G.

      • i have played around on the 4 but it’s not worth the dropped calls and proximity sensor issues. i’ll wait.

  • blockhead

    I only hope that the white iPhone 4 resolves the antenna and proximity issues.

  • Still waiting initial wait made me mad
    Then reception issues made me glad I kept 3GS
    After jailbreak opt and 4.0 ios I’m glad I waited
    Lastly white just is different and I have built up enormous patience and
    Virtue because of it .. I sold my iPad because it dint meet my demands even in a jailbroken stance .. Still waiting
    Possible fear iPhone 5 forget verizon evo is a monster in my pocket and android is whack so is apple stock .. Jailbreak is the way to go
    3GS for sale very soon

  • VnABC

    It’s kindda late to buy white iPhone 4 this Xmas because it will be 6 months away from iPhone 4G or iPhone 5 release!

  • Tbui123

    What’s funny is that I think probably about 30% of the iPhone owners belong to the category of Jaibreakers and/or iPhone nerds like us who always look for the ways to maximize the potential use and ability of the iPhone. The rest of the iPhone owners fall in two categories, one are those who likes to use the phone because it’s so user friendly, the others are owning iPhones because everyone else have one, it’s like a trendy thing, most of those just keep buying them because it’s the newest model, it’s cool, it’s like the feeding frenzy when a new model comes out or a new color comes out. Apple has been capitized on this for years. However, not to discredit the fact that iDevices are awesome. But you can’t deny that people gets suck into these trends and buzz… If the Iphone 5 comes out tomorrow, it doesn’t matter if the iPhone 4 only been out for less than a year, 50% of the iPhone 4 owners will go buy an iPhone 5, contract or no contract. That’s how Apple gets rich. Sebastian is smart to have Apple stocks. He he…

  • I have a suspicion that we won’t be seeing the white edition until next year when a new one is announced anyway

  • P

    Still waiting for the iPhone 4 in white, had a htc desire for a while got sick of it and sold it now have a temp phone. I had the white 3GS and intend on waiting for the white iPhone 4 it looks gorgeous!! Can’t wait 🙂

  • Calitox

    My wife wanted the white one but two weeks ago we both bought the Black Iphone 4 in Spain and she says that loves her new phone so i guess that she will forgot about getting a new White Iphone for a while, i still think it’s beautiful but hey it doesn’t matter what color it is the iphone 4 is awesome, sorry i had to say that because i changed my old iphone 3G and the new one way better and faster.

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  • igeeek3452

    I have been waiting for the arrival of the white iphone 4 ever since my last one broke. If apple is smart enough, they will release it mid-november just in time for christmas gifts to be bought

  • Christopher Stone

    I ffel foolish but, yes, I’m still standing and waiting for Whitey 4.

    Knowing Apple, Whitey will debut on Black Friday, the day after American Thanksgiving Day.

  • Christopher Stone

    I feel foolish, too.

  • sK

    white iPhone december 😀
    White christmas maybe? 😛