Last month we introduced you to CallTell, a jailbreak application that tells you who’s calling before the phone starts ringing. Well, there’s a new app available in Cydia that does just this, and a little more.

iCallAnnounce will announce in a human voice the name of the caller you’re receiving a call from. Even better, it can also announce the full SMS details (Sender & Text) of an incoming SMS message in real time. How cool is that?

Note that iCallAnnounce only works with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The volume must be set separately as it uses the volume from your iPod music.

Just like CallTell, iCallAnnounce is priced at $1.99 but gives you more features for your money. Might not be a bad investment. What do you think?

  • Kev

    SMS feature is good as it’s impossible at the moment to set different tones for different people. I like setting different ringtones for different people for phone calls rather than an announcement.

  • Burge

    I will let you know when someone rings me or i get a txt. I hope on this one that the txt part does work because on calltell it didn’t 

  • Danny413

    When I first had calltell it read my SMS but now tht feature has dissapeared hopefully this app works better

  • GT

    CallTell doesn’t read the texts out loud if u use BiteSMS, does this one work with BiteSMS?

    • Danny413

      Ooooooooo now I understand y it didn’t read my texts anymore

  • Rip

    Yes, CallTell reads my texts fine. I don’t use BiteSMS.

  • Will

    Who uses te regular SMS app these days ? Bite SMS is so much more covinient

  • rainrose

    Yes this app works with biteSMS. 🙂

  • GT

    Anyone else confirm bite SMS works with this? Thank you.

  • Kentaurus

    I have tried both of them and they both don’t work with bitesms.

    Why does the article say icallannounce has more features. That’s not true! The only difference is that icallannounce can loop the callers name but therefore you can easily modify the caller announcement in calltell. Which was important for me to change it into German language.

  • OS X User

    when the iPhone is in Silent Mode ill it start reading stuff ? I dont want to be in a meeting and have my iPhone read a message from my girlfriend if its in silent mode.

  • brintph

    This app will work with BiteSMS provided you configure BiteSMS correctly.

    1. Go to BiteSMS settings
    2. Scroll down to Features
    3. Tap Lock Screen Mode
    3. Select “Show Apple Alert” in the Incoming SMS Messages
    4. Under privacy, turn on “Show Name” to announce SMS sender
    5. Turn on “Show Text” to allow it to read the message.