If you rotate your iPhone in landscape mode and hit the home button to launch the app switcher, you will notice that apps in the switcher keep their portrait mode orientation. A new jailbreak app called App Switcher Rotator will fix that for you.

App Switcher Rotator rotates the app switcher icons to the current orientation. That’s all it does…

The developper notes that this tweak probably won’t be compatible with Five Icon Switcher. With a price tag of $1.49, I would have expected App Switcher Rotator to be compatible with most app switcher mods! Oh well.

Let us know what you think of this mod if you choose to install it.

  • Jason masters

    First!!! Lol!!

    • Burge

      To go first you’ve got to say something about the post. Not just put first…. Roflmao

      • Jason masters

        Lmao! First and I don’t like the app cuz it’s too much change for one jailbreaker

      • Burge

        It’s not that good isit. I mean how often do you neen to use the switcher in landscape mode ? I know I’ve never needed to … Ok you got in first ..lmao 

  • Zero

    Now if they could only make one for Multiflow. Don’t really use SBRotator much anyways though

    • Eric

      It’s got nothing to do with sbrotator. It’s if you’re using any app in landscape mode.

  • Zero

    By the way Seb, have you heard anything bout the release date of ‘FolderEnhancer’?

    • No news from FolderEnhancer

      • Rahul

        dude check out the foll website.. http://www.podzombie.com/
        it looks like a clone of ur website.. just to let u know..

      • Yes this guy is indeed pretty much stealing content from my site. Oh well, there is not much I can do. Just don’t read his blog 😉

  • Zero

    Wait a sec… Just realized that’s not tweaked landscape. I’m a moron, need sleep!

    • Burge

      It does work with five icon switcher . Only the names of apps go over the apps below.

  • tasha

    i thought the app was pretty cool because i always like to use my phone in landscape mode/position

  • D WADE

    Wow they’re charging for EVERYTHING:/

  • T-Mizzle

    Sebastien, I’m staying faithful to YOUR site. You’ve helped sooooo much. Bleep out the link that Raul posted lol

  • Z

    If it doesn’t work with 5 icon switcher, one of the most popular jb app, why the poop charge for it then? Sorry, but if I am to choose between this and 5 icon switcher – I choose 5 icon.

  • Z

    App review:
    1. Works great with Five Icon Switcher on 3GS iOS 4.0.1 (I don’t have icon titles so using 6 icons is no problem, no overlapping observed)
    2. I’m not that big fan of the turning animation, so an option to disable it would be nice. This way, when bringing up the switcher, icons are already oriented correctly.
    3. The tweak is dependent on the currently running app. Would be nice if it was to orient the icons in the switcher according to how you hold your phone. However, this has motivated me to see how it works with SB rotator.
    4. It works fine with SwitcherMod and SwitcherPlus.

    Conclusion: keeping it =)

    Thanks Sebastien!

    • Embelisheddotcom

      @ Z
      How did you get rid of your icon titles?

      • Z

        No Undocked Icon Labels theme in winterboard should do it 😉