We love our iPhones. We love them so much that we find ways to incorporate them even more in our every day life.

In this post we will show you 10 unusual iPhone accessories that funny, creative and original. You thought you’d seen them all? Then think again!

The iPhone Skateboard


The iPhone Cutting Board


The iPhone Playing Cards


The iPhone Soap


The iPhone Cufflinks


The iPhone Fridge Magnet


The iChocolates


The iPhone Coffee Table


The iPhone Coasters


So, which one is your favorite?

  • Derrick

    The fridge magnets are by far the best and most useful

  • Burge

    Just might have to get the cufflinks

    • Burge

      Forget them ones I’ve just found better ones on eBay and iPod ones

  • Armando

    Fridge magnets all the way.

  • Imad

    The chocolate …hmmmmmmm if it’s burger would be grrrrrrrrrreat 🙂

  • Man, the chocolates id love to get, a nerd sort of gift between me and my woman. Both of us have Iphones. Damn to it being a french site. Will be googling to find em for sale, in Engrish

  • This is so great…I want a table 🙂

  • Fridge magnets all the way, open a store sebas …..lol

  • Bob

    Did you just cut and paste that article from Podzombie?

  • fridge magnets, they´re so awsome!
    Just a shame they can´t use the exact same icons used in ios :/

  • Frank

    Fridge magnets & playing cards.
    I wonder if there is a snowboard with the iPhone design?