There’s been a bunch of new jailbreak apps popping up in Cydia within the last 24 hours. The thing is, they’re not all that great so instead of giving them full coverage, I thought I’d put them all in one short and convenient list.

So check them out, maybe give them a try and let us know what you think of them…

HDR / GameCenter Enabler – Enables HDR images in the camera app for the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3Gs and GameCenter for the iPhone 3G via WinterBoard (free).

Here It Is – This application can share your position info via SMS to any contact ($2.99).

MultiCleaner – With MultiCleaner you can quit apps with just an Activator shortcut and customize the multitask bar however you like (free).

Multitasking Time – A Mobile Substrate plugin that adds the time and battery icon to the multitasking bar (free).

Pass Gen – Easily generate passwords of any size and combination of characters (free).

Silent Charge All – This tweak removes the charge sound when you plug your iPhone in (free).

Silent Photo – This tweak removes the camera shutter noise when taking a picture (free).

GroupSMS – Easily create groups you can send SMS to ($1.99).

  • Jlowry

    Saw multicleaner last night. Might have to give that a try.

  • appletiser

    tried to install multicleaner but couldn’t due to a ‘Size Mismatch’ error, HDR enabler only available to those unlucky enough to have upgraded to 4.1 😛

  • cidia

    sebastien I would like to ask, in my phone, cydia page show that my device have IOS, 4.0, 4.01,4.02 SHSH saved.. how can I recall that for restore my firmware? I dun have 4.01 and 4.01 listed on umbrella.. hope to see your answer thx~~

  • Robert

    Is it even possible to jailbreak if you dont have a <4.02 shsh?

  • luis

    id like to have hdr on my 4.02 iphone 4

    • Marcus


  • Ace

    Can I use the groupSMS app on 3.1.3

    • No, I think it’s iOS 4+

    • Embelisheddotcom

      Try and app in the AppStore called grouptext (one word) powered by textplus (one word). It’s by gogii Inc. I like it. It allows everyone you text to see each others response, sort of like instant messaging via text message. My friends like it because everyone can follow the conversation.

  • Frank

    I would like to have HDR photos on my iPhone 3G with 3.1.3
    Will the HDR tweak work for my phone?

  • Tested “HDR / GameCenter Enabler” in my iPhone 3G and I think it doesn’t work. Too bad. =(

  • Kentaurus

    Here it is is a waste of money as it crashes all the time on my 3GS and 4 both on 4.01.

  • Dan

    Cannot install multicleaner… got message “size mismatch.” Any suggestions? Thanks…

  • GroupSMS is the truth! Thanks

    • tasha

      i thought the iphone came with the ability to send a text to more than one person?


      refreash cydia and then download it again there may have been an update went though it with gv+ good luck

  • slim902

    Tried to download Multicleaner earlier and got the “size mismatch” error mentioned above. just tried again and now your have to purchase it.. Only .99 but still

  • Jlowry

    Got multicleaner after it wa fixed. Very nice add-on. I did notice it has an issue with SwitcherMod (blue dot icon were getting covered up by the remove icon). Dev has stated he’d probably allow the user to choose where they’d like this to show in a future update.

    • tasha

      hi i am thinkin of purchasing the multicleaner app and i wanted to know if I am able to decide which apps i want to always appear in the multi-task area and if so, do they (icons) show up in the order that they are being used?

      • Jlowry

        You can set what apps show and which ones don’t (as well as as have them quit on exit). I have not found a way for them to show in a particular order yet.

      • Z

        @Tasha Try SwitcherPlus

      • Embelisheddotcom

        I have swather plus. The only thing is that it does not show the icons on the order that the apps are being used.

      • Embelisheddotcom

        @jlowery and “z”. Multi cleaner does appear to show the apps in the order that they are used, which is great! However the apps move slow but that is probably due to the app i installed that rotates the icons to thposition the phone is in.

  • BonJ

    I am new to this jailbreak thing, I ave the 3GS with 4.1(8B117) and firmware 05.14.02 this phone has never been JB, my grandson says he has not the time all I want is some different looking backgrounds behind the icons(not wallpaper) any help out there?


    • Embelisheddotcom

      I would love to help but I’m confused. Is your phone jailbroken? And I thought backgrounds and wallpapers were the same thing.

      • BonJ

        no my phone has never been jail broken, my grandson did his ipod and now he can change way everything looks on his screen, I am tired of the solid black behind the icons, make sense??

      • Embelisheddotcom

        @Bonnie. I do not believe you can change your app icons without jailbreaking your phone. Now when you say” the solid black behind the icons” do you mean the wallpaper/background? You can change the backgrounds on 4.1. Do you know how to change the background/wallpaper?

  • Embelisheddotcom

    Thanks! It seems like this app is the same as using backgrounder, switherplus remove recents and Switchermod. Sounds cool though.

    • Jlowry

      You are correct. One thing I have not found in backgrounder is to just have the badge only show in the multitasking window. It also has the closed apps transparent (similar to SwitcherMod).

      • Embelisheddotcom

        @jlowry do you mean that while the app is displayed on your homescreen you don’t want to see a badge but when it’s in the multi-task area you would like to see it? If so have you considered hiding the app and removing it from your homescreen? It will still show up in the multi-task area.

      • Jlowry

        Correct, but I’d rather not hide the app from my homescreen. This works perfectly for what I need.

      • Embelisheddotcom

        @jlowery or anyone else!
        Using multicleaner, how do you decide which apps will always show in the multi-task area. Even once you turn your phone off and on?

  • jlowry

    I don’t think that is currently an option in MultiCleaner. Even once the phone is turned off and on again the apps that are shown are closed.