With the release of iOS 4.1 came Game Center, Apple’s mobile and social gaming platform. Unfortunately for iPhone 3G owners, Apple decided not to include Game Center on the iPhone 3G. Why did they do that? Probably to prepare iPhone 3G users to the fact that they won’t get support from Apple anymore when the next iPhone comes out in 2011.

This being said, I was tipped about Game Center running on an iPhone 3G, and while the results are kinda mixed, it works for sure. Proof is a YouTube video made by Taimur showing Game Center running (a little slow) on a 3G. So how do you get Game Center on an iPhone 3G?

For legal reasons I cannot tell you how to do that because it requires playing with copyright protected files. However what I can do is point you to the right direction. A simple Google search (click here!) should get you to the right place 😉

Try it and let us know how it goes!

By the way, I’m SebastienPage on Game Center… Add me!

  • IOS

    Thanks for the tip! Now I can make use of the old 3G I had.

  • Spaz33

    was this becuase of my tip i sent you earlier? lol cheers dude

    • Yeah that’s you! Thanks mate 🙂

      • Ghettocowboy

        sn0wbreeze 2.0.1 released to fix error 37 on iOS 4.1

  • Ghettocowboy

    Enjoy playing games at 15 fps 😉

  • Spaz33

    No probs i was desperate to get it myself, just trying to get it right, cause i must be doing something wrong lol

  • MikeLo

    Ha I have a iPhone 4 unlocked I cany upgrade & get gamecenter any other way by cydia?

  • No Service

  • Fman52

    Thanx seb for accepting me

  • Spaz33

    I have finally got it installed, but no games are sowing up in it!!! iv got games that are only for game center but still there not showing up!! anyone know a fix to this? would be great if you could share. thanks

  • Lucky

    i have iOS4.1 on my iphone3GS. i cant find game in game center.!! where/how to get games in game center??

  • n808

    So I installed it, but there are no games, and I have no friends 🙁 I tried to add SebastienPage, but it says “Could not be completed. Name not recognized”.

  • M101

    ou telecharger game center pour mon iphone ????!