I thought when Apple announced they were loosening up their restrictions as far as the App Store was concerned, that life things would snap in the other direction as far as the relationship with Adobe went. Turns out wounds don’t heal at the drop of a few guidelines.

While it is certainly better, 9 to 5 Mac reports that an Adobe CEO calls the effect that Apple’s new stance has had is “muted”. It didn’t stop there though. The entire conversation has Shantanu Narayen talking about anything except the iPhone or Apple as a whole…

Not that I think the CEO was purposely trying to talk down to Apple but I do think that intentionally making it seem like being allowed into Apple’s world isn’t that big of a deal to them. If that’s the case then the man succeeded.

What do you think? Where do you see the relationship between Apple and Adobe going? Give us your predictions in the comments below.

  • Jason masters

    I predict an apple/flash hybrid phone called a frapple !

    • LMAO

      • Harry

        Uhhh…that’d be flapple, duh

  • Ghettocowboy

    Apple needs flash more than Flash needs Apple even Adobe is the one been crying about apple restrictions on App. iPhone 4 struggle with HTML5 big time thus Flash will help


  • Kingz

    Adobe flash is kinda useless on a iphone. Im happy i dont see all those website ads that use flash.

    • Santa

      Yeh right, and Porche is obsolete, Ferrari it’s slow…..intel sux :))……etc.

  • Danny413

    All hail HTML 5!!!! Flash is dying out anyways 😉

    • Santa

      Dream on , Dream on

  • Lobbydog

    Flash rules the net, while full HTML is still just an idea that maybe will come true sometime around 2016. This is the hard facts. After some time I think the poor iSlaves is getting tired of always asking for permissions to do what they want, and finally they will stand up against their Master.

  • Carol

    Approx. 5000 (and increasing) new Flash-websites are hitting the net everyday. Flash will survive us all !

  • akasha

    It’s a feckin joke…it’s about time Apple stopped being such an ass
    The only ones hurting by this are the consumers at the end of the day