This is not the complete title I wanted to use for this post. I wanted to say something like “Sn0wBreeze is Out – Who Cares?” but I thought it would have been insulting to iH8Sn0w who probably spent hours working on this new jailbreak.

I’ve never been a big fan of non-official jailbreaks (and by this I mean not endorsed by the Dev Team) because they come with tons of restrictions, and in the end very few people can actually use the jailbreak. So what’s up with Sn0wBreeze?

Basically Sn0wBreeze is PwnageTool for Windows, except it’s not as stable. Just like PwnageTool it allows you to create custom boot logos, set a root partition size and hacktivate your iPhone. The best thing about Sn0wBreeze is that it will update your iPhone iOS while preserving the baseband, which is a good thing if you want to unlock. That’s for the good side of Sn0wBreeze.

Now for the downside… Sn0wBreeze will only jailbreak these specific models and requirements:

  • iPhone 2G
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS old bootrom previously jailbroken with Spirit or JailbreakMe
  • iPhone 3GS new bootrom on iOS 31.2
  • no support for iPhone 4

So how many people can actually use Sn0wBreeze? Not many, but hey we always appreciate the good and hard work of iH8Sn0w. He’s definitely a big player in the jailbreak community.

If you want to give it a shot, you can download Sn0wBreeze from here and see this old tutorial for step by step instructions. Let us know how it goes.

  • Francesco Suarez

    U forgot
    iPod touch 1G(3.1.2/3.1.3)
    iPod touch 2G(MB/MC) ( 8GB MC models tethered4life) (but still pwned for life)
    iPod touch 3G( 3.1.2 blogs) needed

    • And to add question to Sebastien…

      Are you sure about that ? => iPhone 3GS new bootrom on iOS 3.1.2

      Because iH8Sn0w site speak only about 3Gs old bootrom…

  • Douglas

    Oh boy, for a little while I was happy for my iPhone 4. I got one at the release day here in Brazil but it already had the 4.0.2 installed. It looks like I’ll have to wait a little more.

    • Francesco Suarez

      Vc e brasilero cara???? Como as coisas estão aí ??? Eu vivo nos estados unidos 🙂 🙂

      • Douglas

        Cara, tudo tranquilo 🙂 Esta aí há muito tempo?

  • i cant get it to work… updated my 3g to 4.1 when it was released, and even with iReb it wont let me jailbreak. guess i am waiting for the official one.

    • Shadow

      Redsnow should work for you.

  • jayminho

    sim sim..
    os iphones no brasil tao vindo com 4.0.2
    que merda.. tem gente no mercadolivre vendendo o 4.0.1

    yep yep..
    iphones in brazil are coming at 4.0.2.. it sucks
    some people at mercadolivre(an ebay lookalike), selling 4.0.1 for almos 1k USD.. haha

    you see, thats the good thing about the scarcity of jailbreaking..
    your old firmware now worths gold..

  • pigsy101

    Finally got my iPhone 4 yesterday which I purchased outright from Apple as I wanted it unlocked … I’m in Australia. It came with iOS 4.02 too. Decided to upgrade to 4.1 because I wanted the new features so I’ll patiently wait for the 4.1 jailbreak. It’s only been a day and I MISS my JB tweaks. 🙁

  • Tried to jailbreak with my 3G with 4.1 Epic fail. Oh well. Wait for the better jailbreak.

  • raf

    this jailbreak was a complete waste of time. really messed up my iphone 3g. had to downgrade with tiny umbrella. thank god i saved all my shsh.

  • Saz

    I think I’ll be waiting too.

  • Burge

    I take it that this is a tertheard jailbreak ? Cause I can go back to 3.1.2 but not if it’s tertheard.

  • FJ

    Pls help me at i m using iphone 3gs with its current os is 3.01.
    I was told i cant upgrade using i tunes version 9. Pls help

    • Burge

      Go get your ipsw from web site – felixburns – download 4.0.1 ipsw save it to your desktop. when you save it at the end of the file name put this .ipsw now save. .Open iTunes ( this is for a pc ) connect iPhone . Close window telling you there is a update for 4.1 . Hold down shift and click update . Go and find your file you downloaded ( the ipsw ) and selet the file . Now let iTunes update your iPhone to 4.0.1. That’s it. You are now on 4.0.1 . Now on your iPhone open sarfai and go to jailbreakme . Slide the slider and let the magic begin. .ps sync your iPhone first with iTunes.
      If you go to this site on a pc you will find a more detail explanation of what I’ve put.

    • Burge

      Ps you do need to update iTunes to iTunes 10. There is no probes with this at all

  • Lucas

    Bad thing again i buy a 3gs on 4.0.1 not long ago… cant downgrade to 3.1.2 hope a real greenpois0n jb will see the daylight

  • Tbui123

    Sebastian, I am a big fan of you & your website, but this posting irritates me, you said you wanted to put in the title: “… who cares?”, but you didn’t do it because not wanting to insult the designer of the jailbreak. Well, you insulted him anyway by put that in the first paragraph of your article. Granted the Dev Team has done tremendous wonder for the jailbreak community, but who dies and made them the official (you made it sound like they are THE ONLY or THE ONE. They are not, we all including myself appreciate the Dev Team, but there were other jailbreaks before them, nit all jailbreaks are perfect, but in this community, all helps each other to discover ways to get the most out of the iDevices. So don’t disrespect iH8Sn0w (this article did). Pwnage Tool was out there way before Jailbreakme ever came along, just because Dev Team came out w a better app, it doesn’t take credit away from the effort of other developers. And I am sure that you (and I) don’t need or will not need to use this jailbreak, others will, not only a few people, but thousands will. Congrat. To Snowbreeze Apps, and will respectfully say the same thing when Dev Team comes out with some thing new. For now, they have not (or not yet share with the public). I am a great fan, just share my opinion.

    • Nice one

      I was gonna say the same thing!
      Oxymoron – cruel kindness

  • Ghettocowboy

    Sn0wbreeze 2.0.1 came out to fix error 37 on iOS 4.1

  • Vik071

    Respect for the succesful jailbreak! Plus the hacker is Canadian!

  • sp

    I did the JB on my 3G running a jailbroken ios 4.01. Except for getting the 1604 error, and using iREB to fix that problem, the JB to ios 4.1 worked fine.

    • Andy

      How did you do it? have been trying for hours now with this f**king Sn0wbreeze. Did you go from 3.1.2 JB? any special repo packages?

      • sp

        I was already jailbroken and unlocked on 3.1.?, and then on 4.0.2. I just followed the directions using sb 2.0.1 and jailbroke it. I dont know if it was unlocked after the 4.1 jb, but I ran ultasn0w and it is unlocked now. It is an ATT 3g.

        And to the poster who said you cant unlock under 4.1….I dont think that is true…..unless your baseband has been changed with the Apple 4.1 upgrade. sb 2.0 keeps your previous baseband so you can unlock it.

      • Burge

        When you use SB it makes a custom firmware with a baseband that is unlockable. You are only fucked if you use Apples firmware for your update

  • griff

    how do you know your 3GS’S bootroom is old or new?

    • Burge

      Go to settings – general – about and look for model , if it’s got a MC at the start that’s new bootrom . If it’s got MB at the start old bootrom

      • Ivan

        My 3GS has MC at the beginning of the model number but it is old bootrom.

  • Redpizzi

    Well i was shock to read this article because i got my first ever iphone this afternoon. Updated it to 4.1 like an idiot. then after a few little fiddle with Snowbreeze i jailbroke the phone.
    The first jailbreak i have every done and the program is slagged off…

    For me top marks to Snowbreeze and to iH8Sn0w

    Top Marks

  • Redpizzi

    Can someone please point me in the right direction to get the 4.1 FW unlocked for Vodaphone please??

    • Burge

      You can not unlock 4.1 yet. When you updated you also updated your baseband, and that baseband does nit have a unlock yet.
      Q if you just got your iPhone y didn’t you get it for voda. Then you don’t need unlock

  • Redpizzi

    It was my brothers old phone, he got the iPhone 4. So I thought I would borrow it and have a play to see if I’m gonna get the iPhone 4 or stick with the new HTC Desire HD

  • Redpizzi

    05 14 02 is the de I have at the minute. So I will wait. Do you have to unlock the phone separate to jailbreaking it?

    • Burge

      Jailbreak means you can run apps that apple dont wont you to have you can also mod your iPhone and have tweaks on it.
      Unlock is done after you jailbreak. Thay are too different thing

  • Redpizzi

    What I did was update my phone though iTunes which gave it a clean 4.1 fw. And then I downloaded the 4.1 fw and used snowbreeze to create a Jpsw file. Then put the phone into ireb using snowbreeze. And then loaded iTunes and did a manual file upload and that was it.

    • Burge

      Just to let you know you can not downgrade your baseband.

  • Redpizzi

    Thank you Burge – I hate been a noob at something, but i will catch up with everything in a few days, or weeks depends on how deep i have to go, lol

    • Burge

      Go to this site on a pc/ mac and look for jailbreaking and unlock info, there is all the help there you need

    • Burge

      Just reread what you put. You updated with iTunes and apple firmware. You have just learnt the hard way. You shouldn’t of done that. You should of made you IPSW file first and used that fir your update. You would of kept you old baseband which could of been unlocked .
      First rule of iPhone club is , if your not sure ask
      You will find most people on here will help.. 

  • Eugenius

    I have an iPhone 3GS new bootrom but on 4.0, jailbroken with… Will this work?

    • Burge

      If you can go back to 3.1.2 then you can. This will only work from this firmware

  • Redpizzi

    The reason i updated was because i jailbroke the phone and then did a full format and i crashed and would not boot, so had to install itunes update. now i know….

  • AB

    do push notifications work fine after this JB?

  • Dave

    It does not work on my 3G

  • akash

    i my iphone 3g is jailbreak with sn0wbreeze 2.0.1,now it ask to connect to itunes and activate sim..
    my baseband is still 5.11
    i dont have any at&t sim to activate
    how to active??

  • Redpizzi

    I had the same problem Akash –
    I had to go buy a cheap O2 pay as you go sim for 99p and activate it that way…only way i could do it…

  • Salvador

    Is the 4.1 upgrade speed up the iphone 3g?

  • Redpizzi

    when i used it, yes it did speed the phone up a bit, but i can not give a proper account cause i only used a old 3,?.? FW and that was slow as crap, this one is faster than the one i did have.

  • baller

    Yes 4.1 does speed up the 3G. It did for mine. There is also a glitch in it that drains your battery MUCH faster. But you can fix that by turning ON Airplane Mode, then turning ON WiFi after that.

    Also when jailbreaking I got an Error 40. I had to put in DFU mode, start iREB and let it run till about half way finished, quit iREB before it finished, then shift-click and Restore with custom IPSW. Not sure why, but worked for me.

  • FiPU

    i agree with tbui123 like wat he said “”So you don’t disrespect iH8Sn0w (this article did).”” i have jailbroken 3 iphone3g yesterday and 4 iphone3g today w/out any issues, every unit was working properly after i jailbrake it all w/ snowbreeze.. you just need to follow properly their instruction’s very easy and simple to those people who knows how to follow instruction’s..

  • Hien Lam

    Please notify me when jailbreak iphone4 4.1 is available? Thankyou

  • Oscar

    I have a 3GS on 4.0 with baseband 5.13.04. OLD BOOT ROM. Unlocked. I would like to update to 4.1 and keep my unlock. I was told that sn0wbreeze will do the job. Anyone tried with that setup and was it successfull?. Thank you for any information.
    I began using it but I stopped cause it emphasized that I had to be on 3.1.3. Is that true.

  • Dave

    My iphone is 3g version 4.1 modem 05.14.02 i havent been trying to unlock iphone i just would like to jailbreak ive tried limera and latest snowbreeze many failed attempts , i can get to the part were snowbreeze puts the snowflake on iphone then my itunes 10 says restore and from this part the ipsw files always fail to restore . Ive tried changing the ipsw files with no progress .
    I am using windows 7 . For now it seems i remain jailed ! Unless anybody knows how to get around these problems with same version iphone thank’s

  • Joey Johari

    Hi Dave I have the same model of Iphone like yours…. try to jailbreak with LimeRa1n and Greenpoison but to no avail…..I jailbreak with Snowbreeze….works well…I had the same problem at first but when I go through the jailbreaking i miss using the….before U restore U must open/click on this software and follow the instruction first then U restore…….It really works u know……