I just knew it. I knew it wouldn’t be long until the latest Verizon iPhone rumor hit the web waves and I’d be writing about it shortly thereafter. I did not think it would be as concrete as this appears to be.

An analyst with Susquehanna Financial Group mentioned in a note to suppliers that Apple is preparing to build 3 million CDMA capable iPhones by December. This is to keep on track with an apparent early 2011 release. Are you getting a headache yet?

Apple Insider has the full report that includes some predictions and speculations as far as sales are concerned. I don’t feel the need to share every sales prediction because to most people they are meaningless. That being said, I am surprised at the nonchalantness of the report. 3 million CDMA iPhones would certainly indicate a Verizon device.

What do you think? What purpose would Apple have for making that many CDMA iPhones other than a Verizon release? Give us your stories in the comment box below.

  • can’t wait!

  • Burge

    Iam get excited aswell… And I live in the UK because It means that you don’t have to put post on here again about a Verizon iPhone ever again… I hope you do get it and it’s not aload of bullshit again…

  • whatEVER!!! 🙂

  • tom

    would be nice if they would just go on and flipping do it already so that 23% of AT&T users that said they’d switch would go on and leave AT&T so that the rest of us that are satisfied with our service can use the bandwidth the complainers vacate.
    go clog up big reds network.

    Or in a more southern redneck US way of putting the whole thing . . . . . . Apple and Verizon, be sure youre listening up now . . . . . . .
    Its time you 2 piss or get of the pot for gawd sakes. Own up and say youre doing it or not so we can all move on with our lives.